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  1. Thank you everyone. I appreciate the feedback. @Scorpion616- Yep that is my chibi Guts. He is guarding my VMA paint. I need to finish him one of these days. @Vegascat- I will eventually do a base up for him, but right now he is blue tacked to one.
  2. Hello folks. I really don't post here much but i do lurk. I may try to post some of my stuff here more often. I have been working on my kingdom death stuff. Most of this stuff is really really awesome and although I have not played the actual game yet, all the people who are say really good things. I don't like to play games with unpainted mini's so I have been working on assembling the survivors and monsters and I have finished painting the white lion monster. He is the starting monster to fight and hunt down, and way way way later you can fight a legendary golden lion. This influenced how I painted him. This is the only monster I had a lot of gap issues with also. I started by priming him black with stynelrez primer. Then I base coated him army painter white. After that dried I painted him with Warcolours grey blue 3. I then shaded him down with blue grey 4, then 5 for most of his under body. I then went back with blue grey 3. Then I started highlighting with blue grey 2 then 1. After all this was nice and dry I switched from my 105 patriot to the Krome and started hitting the raised areas lightly with warcolours white. I went from an upper direction instead of going straight on. I liked how this was going and made his "skin" look kind of ghosty and whitish without going to a full white. I then sealed everything with a matte varnish. I forgot to take pics of these steps but here was the result: Now I wanted to make his mane a bit different. So here is where the golden lion came in. I used a paint brush here on out. I base coated his mane and tail tip with reapers buckskin pale. I then washed all the parts with GW' seraphim sepia, which to me seems like a reddish brown. I liked where this was going so after that was nice and dry, I then grabbed the buckskin pale and started picking out the strands of hair. After that I picked out more parts of the hairs with Vallejo's model air Radome Tan: I then started working on his "face". I painted his eyes VMA fluorescent red. After I get him sealed I will hit them again. I wasn't sure how to do the mouth. So i waved the magic google fu wand and found pics of actual white lions. Most of them had black lips and pinkish purplish parts in their inner mouths. So i painted his "lips' army painter black, then painted everything in his mouth with Warcolours pink 2 and his nose. Then after that was dried I gave it a wash of GW's Druchi violet. I painted the claws and later the teeth with the first dark brown I seen on my table, VMA Nato Brown. I then painted them mostly VGC Bone white. Then i gave them a wash of GW's aggrax earth shade. Then I grabbed some AP white and just touched the tips and edges: Good enough for gaming: What do you folks think? On to the Screaming Antelope I go....
  3. Thank you very much. It is the sixth Malifaux crew I have painted. I really like the style.
  4. Some folks asked for some close up picks of the dreamer crew So I tried to take better pics all together. I think the green glowy effect shows up better in these pics.
  5. That paint rack is one I built out of a shelf and foam board and a gluegun.
  6. You are right it is miss erry. Hard to keep track of all the different names. I'll see what i can do about individual pics, All my stuff is packed away in boxes right now. I do have a Miss terious that has a light up coffin, but she isn't painted yet.
  7. I am calling "the dreamer" crew done. I am happy with the way they came out plus "Miss Terious" the evil teddy bear I may do some touch ups here and there but I like them. Some playing around with the eyes.
  8. Thanks guys! The only thing i airbrushed was the Silver metallic pieces of his armor. All the rest was brushwork.
  9. Thank you everyone for checking them out.
  10. Well, I finished the roman bust I started forever ago. KB was cracking the whip on me. The wip pics didnt turn out very well so I'm not going to bother. The finished pics aren't too bad though. How's he look?
  11. And better pics of the soulstone miner. C and C welcome.
  12. Thanks! Doing small details now. Almost complete. Also did a soulstone miner. It came out well with a nice just came out of the earth feel. More soon...
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