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  1. I like the shadows amd highlights on the dudes muscles. Looks great
  2. I won one of these at the con this year, at first I didn't know what I won since I am a noob and all, I thought it was a box of vampire miniatures... but once I figured out what it was and now that I have gone through the box, all I can say is that it is a box full of awesomeness!!!!!!!! Thanks again Reaper for the great give away!
  3. at noon or shortly after. I wont be there this week but I will be there the following week. Hope to see you there!
  4. <I've been 3 or 4 times now and I am a total noob. everyone at paint club is really cool and very welcoming to everyone. you should come to paint club and join in the fun. They have paint you can use, water cups, some pallets. But you will need some brushes I believe. I usually bring everything I can in case there is something I need that is not available. Come join the fun! It's a great way to learn and have fun!
  5. I played games, took classes from some awesome artists, went to the banquet and won a Reaper Bones Vampire Pack, got advice from the pros at their tables, and met some really cool people. But by far the most powerful experience was the awards ceremony, and I didn't even have an entry. I wear my heart on my sleeve so I am easily moved I suppose. But the ceremony was really cool. I loved seeing how excited people got when they won a medal, and especially when they won a medal of a higher level than they won before. Folks were just genuinely excited to be recognized for their work. That feeling I can really appreciate, as it is the kind of feeling that stirs my soul and inspires me to create something uniquely my own to share with others. Being appreciated for that effort is really icing on the cake!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to enter the competition for the first time next year!!!!!!! I hope I am able to improve enough by then to enter a nice model worthy of at least a certificate of merit, but even if I do not, I will be entering no matter what. Everyone was just having too much fun that night and I want to be more of a part of that experience!!!
  6. Anachronite

    2014 Feedback

    this was my first and I had a blast! I did Miss out on some pathfinder gaming because of how the schedule was for the banquet on Saturday with the end of the game that day. Would have liked to see some later evening gaming for the Pathfinder Society. Would have loved to start a game after the banquet and played till late night! The classroom noise was a small issue, but the classes and the instructors were still great! Bring on Reapercon 2015!
  7. look back at the end of page 2 in this thread for the sketch I posted that Jessica drew. It was outlining the way to highlight and accentuate a woman's backside... as you can see from the sketch it also resembles a butt-toothed vampire :) seems I had vampire problems as well as good fortune. Good fortune being that during Saturday night's banquet I won a Reaper Vampire Kickstarter kit. But then when I opened the box and saw it full of 200 miniatures, being the noob I am I was like, "damn that's a lot of vampire miniatures!" lol... when I finally realized what I had won I was floored! Such and awesome prize and an awesome time at my very first ever Reapercon. Good times. Thanks to Reaper, the artists, and everyone of you guys there for making it such a great time!!! Can't wait for next year!
  8. ahh yes the dreaded and feared underbutt butt-toothed vampire... how can we forget? Well just to be sure I saved Jessica's sketch so we won't forget! :) Nice to meet you guys!
  9. do you guys line every figure you paint? or just certains figures and circumstances?
  10. so the you paint up to the lines and try to keep a smooth lined edge at all transitions right?
  11. Never had a response here. Just checking again as I am finally back to working on this. From the thread it looks like folks have been lining first and then doing the skin. The instructions make it look like you do the skin and then line, which seems to be the intent? anyone try flesh first and then lining or have a comment on which works best? although it might not matter much as I have the skin basecoated already. just wondering about lining before I do the highlights
  12. oh wow scary and beautiful!
  13. Well I finally got around to finishing #4. it's been a bust spring. We need more hours in the day! Anyway she's done and your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc... are appreciated. that's how we get better! Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks to Cash for the original recipe.. I ended up tweaking it a bit as noted before. But here is a pic of the finished color. basecoated with the color, washed with black, and highlighted again with the base coat... How's it look? oiled leather - 3 drops linen white - 2 drops sunlight yellow - 2 drops
  15. well I ended up trying my own and mixed in the same amount of yellow as the 50-50 mix, then also added half as much oiled leather as in the original mix.. seems like what I want.. parchment color :) 3 drops oiled leather 2 drops linen white 2 drops sunlight yellow of course I am mildly color blind so who knows what it really looks like lol
  16. I need the parchment color for a base coat, it's to color a spell scroll and page edges in a spell book. I tried a 50-50 mix but that kinda looks like tanned skin more than parchment
  17. Cash I am not sure what you mean. What ratio of oiled leather to linen white?
  18. Anyone know a good mix of colors to get parchment paper color? thanks
  19. loving the contrast! awesome!
  20. loving the contrast! awesome!
  21. very nice! scary lookin! as a tip, a small dot of redish-white on the boils, a whitehead, will make them look really disgusting
  22. yea your right, the white on the right eye is too far down. looks a little on the cheek in the photo but is really in the sculpted eye socket. He just has huge eyes scuplted. In person it looks like I just need to touch the outline around the white. I guess I was focusing on the pupils that I didn't like and missed touching up the eye. I was thinking the the pupil should be bigger but didn't want to flub it at the finish line. Guess I should try now though, because I definitely see your points. I will try to fix that! thank you!
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