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  1. Oh my gods! That looks incredible! Just sorry that the Knight of the Black Rose is dead...not undead, but...you get the idea.
  2. Actually, Khisanth or Onyx, was a BLACK dragon breathing acid, not a shadowdragon. Grimwolf was a human who got himself turned into a shadowdragon, though! Raistlin was nearly killed by Khisanth, and his nephew Palin Majere knew Grimwolf. (And, in my own novel, the Black Robe Lundarquarius Eclipse was in reality a shadowdragon trapped in elf form, by the same evil mage (Danvil Felcraft) who trapped Jasryn into a human boy from a silver dragon hatchling.) Now, if ONLY the editors at WoTC would consent to give me a publishing contract...hint, hint!
  3. Can someone PLEASE do some kender minis? (You can call them "sprites" if you're worried about copyrights, but for some reason, I don't think WoTC will mind the free advertising for their novels and such!) Also, I've looked high and low, and can't find TINKER GNOMES! And, I would dearly love to find some (gasp! Out of Stock) farm animals, goats, sheep, chickens, cows, to put on the gaming mat outside the Inn I just purchased!
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