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  1. Rogue_7

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I haven't even received shipment notice for Bones 3 yet, not that my wallet is ready for Bones 4 either...
  2. Rogue_7

    Santana Ortega

  3. Wyrd has a Mechanical rider as part of it's 1s Ed Malifaux minis...http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Mechanical-Rider-Small-Box.html
  4. Rogue_7

    Transport Case

    They're on backorder at Studio 2, but they found me a cheaper postage solution, just have to wait till Feb for supply now...
  5. Rogue_7

    Transport Case

    they're on back order...
  6. Rogue_7

    Transport Case

    Thanks for the hint Qwyk, postage was $75 though, that's a bit outside my budget
  7. Rogue_7

    Transport Case

    I've been waiting 2 weeks for a responce to the direct email i sent, and figured this way more of the team will have a chance of seeing it...
  8. Rogue_7

    Transport Case

    Is there any intention of re-supplying the trays for the Reaper Transport Case (s2p1001) ? I have the case, but i'm in need of the 4" (s2p1040) and the 1.5" (s2p1015) wouldn't go unwanted either. The other option is to spend $120 on a new case altogether and I'd rather not go that way if it can be avoided.
  9. Rogue_7

    Reaper Cleric

    I have this guy and painted him a few years ago. I can verify the dude is missing a thumb. He doesn't really look like he's really missing it at all :) Great paint job though, love the metals they all pop wonderfully
  10. My packages were at this status for 3 and 6 days respectively until they were reported as having been processed though the sort facility in Australia. After that processing it was 2 working days until I received them. The information that they'd been processed into Australia was the last piece of information that I received before delivery (and the information about being out for delivery etc. wasn't updated until 6-8 hours after they'd been delivered). Mine took 12 days to go from the Chicago Sorting Facility to checking in in Australia, then went trough 3 post offices before delivery 4 days later (in total from landfall)
  11. Mine arrived today, and was shipped on July 28th
  12. Of the 14 Kickstarters I've backed, 2 failed, 4 delivered the rest I'm waiting for, patiently, cause I know they all want us to be happy and are grateful that we helped get their respective productions off the ground. Most don't update each week, or month. I know the Reaper team are working hard to get the Bones out to us, and delivery problems (well shipment pickups) aren't their fault nor in their control.
  13. Rogue_7

    Young Fire Dragon WIP

    The next two pics are here, I haven't done too much more, added some Brown Ink & Grey to the base I'm not sure how to approach the claws, or his horn..