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  1. Thank you for the thought 🙂
  2. I haven't even received shipment notice for Bones 3 yet, not that my wallet is ready for Bones 4 either...
  3. Wyrd has a Mechanical rider as part of it's 1s Ed Malifaux minis...http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Mechanical-Rider-Small-Box.html
  4. They're on backorder at Studio 2, but they found me a cheaper postage solution, just have to wait till Feb for supply now...
  5. Thanks for the hint Qwyk, postage was $75 though, that's a bit outside my budget
  6. I've been waiting 2 weeks for a responce to the direct email i sent, and figured this way more of the team will have a chance of seeing it...
  7. Is there any intention of re-supplying the trays for the Reaper Transport Case (s2p1001) ? I have the case, but i'm in need of the 4" (s2p1040) and the 1.5" (s2p1015) wouldn't go unwanted either. The other option is to spend $120 on a new case altogether and I'd rather not go that way if it can be avoided.
  8. I have this guy and painted him a few years ago. I can verify the dude is missing a thumb. He doesn't really look like he's really missing it at all :) Great paint job though, love the metals they all pop wonderfully
  9. My packages were at this status for 3 and 6 days respectively until they were reported as having been processed though the sort facility in Australia. After that processing it was 2 working days until I received them. The information that they'd been processed into Australia was the last piece of information that I received before delivery (and the information about being out for delivery etc. wasn't updated until 6-8 hours after they'd been delivered). Mine took 12 days to go from the Chicago Sorting Facility to checking in in Australia, then went trough 3 post offices before delivery 4 days later (in total from landfall)
  10. Of the 14 Kickstarters I've backed, 2 failed, 4 delivered the rest I'm waiting for, patiently, cause I know they all want us to be happy and are grateful that we helped get their respective productions off the ground. Most don't update each week, or month. I know the Reaper team are working hard to get the Bones out to us, and delivery problems (well shipment pickups) aren't their fault nor in their control.
  11. The next two pics are here, I haven't done too much more, added some Brown Ink & Grey to the base I'm not sure how to approach the claws, or his horn..
  12. I'm just chasing some advice of the White 'colours' as I'm about to start some snow/ice elemental themed miniatures. Is the Factory White or the Ghost White actually tinted blue ? or is that just the colour swab in the store? What colours would be a better option? (if any) I'm planning on going from a Pale Blue to White as needed.
  13. Yeah the D3100 is awesome, and I managed to pick it up from a retailer for less than what it was going for on ebay =D I just couldn't afford the 2nd lens as well :(
  14. Ding ding... Round 2 =D Sorry for the lighting on the second two pics (Loving my new Nikon D3100 though :D ) A wash of Ruby Red & Carnage Red.. Added an Carrottop Red wash Added Polished Bone to the horn, claws & spikes
  15. I haven't recieved notification yet, but I hope that's due to it being eventually shipped with my BonesKS selection...
  16. 0o I think if Viridius ever sat on the table in front of my character in DnD, I'd run away.....
  17. At this point, I'll be happy if it comes out better than my first
  18. After much frustration, I dipped the dragon & shall revert to a more traditional colour set... after 3 days in SG, and even buying a ultrasonic cleaner, my undercoat still hangs on not to mention points of colour between the wings where a toothbrush has trouble getting to. Being Good Friday this week & our DnD session being cancelled for said Friday, I think there might be hope for more work on the dragon
  19. Hopefully the XL isn't too tight for a 46 gut (though I'm trying to lose it) :)
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