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    General painting miniatures and oil painting, photography. Travel (by Motorcycle) to take photos...Reading. Spending time with my wife and little ones...

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  1. nice and clean, well done! The detail work on the face is especially well one
  2. Very cool, i love the idea of it burning from within (mouth and eyes) very unique
  3. great work, I love the dark tones of the skin...really well done
  4. I love everything about it, color choice, smooth blending and the sword brushwork is excellent
  5. Amazing palette and your brushstrokes are very expressive...the limited areas of intensity work really well...
  6. I do not see the image for some reason...I would love to see
  7. Amazing, the skin alone of the dragon looks so regal...almost like satin....the magic effects from the fire deflection is excellent!
  8. Very impressive work on her! The color palette is excellent, very pleasing to the eye...the brushwork, highlighting and color choices...all really well done
  9. Thanks for the compliment Uber and for the information, I did not place the figure in ice afterward, I wonder if I could do the process over without removing the paint that is now present?
  10. very nicely done...I like the chests armor areas the best...well done!
  11. Hello everyone, my first bones figure test on a shade wraith...I did test it out initially without primer but found it to take far longer, so I primed it and went over the cloak as the starting area...the other areas (sword, stone and ground) are basecoat only... Has anyone found a way to get the weapons to stay straight? I placed this one in boiling water then bent the blade back and found that within minutes it went back to its curved shape. This was also my first experience painting with reaper paints and I loved them....Sorry, this a cell phone photo!
  12. I love the tail, amazing...It would be nice to see a little more light on the model....I want to see those skin tones...they look nice.
  13. Great style and great contrast...very bold execution!
  14. Vulture again great work....I would like to talk to you about whatever new sculpting projects your having coming up...I may have some work for you...
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