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  1. I make my own terrain out of Alumilite, which is a two part liquid casting plastic. Alumilite is really strong, however the paint might chip off of it if the pieces are dropped on a concrete floor. If you want to take a look at my stuff on my facebook page then please Google Dungeon Creations, it should come up within the first five entries. I do sell my stuff in a store and everything that I do is completely hand made.
  2. Dungeon Creations | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dungeon-Creations/584587404923818 Dungeon Creations is a product line of hand sculpted and painted 3 dimensional objects and game tiles to be used with your favorite role playing games.
  3. Okay, I have read your posts about purchasing the Cave Tile Set, and this is what I will do. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a tile set please PM me a message in this forums site, then I will provide you my email address with the price of the product. I will also require your contact information, so that I can reach you. Since each tile set is hand crafted, it takes roughly about a week and a half to resin cast and paint everything; therefore, payment will not be due until your tile set has been completed. I will contact you when your tile set has been completed and will ship it out when I have received payment. Color options for the severed hands: Zombie green Flesh tone Oxide blue with blood Color option for water feature: Kelly green Blue green Brown
  4. Right now, Gamers Haven will be selling painted sets. I hope to get the Warzone to sell the unpainted set in the near future.
  5. Hello, here is a product that I made out of casting plastic that could be used with your reaper miniatures. The product is call the cave tile set and it will be sold in gaming shops in the Cleveland area.
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