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Reaper first introduced me to miniature painting and ReaperCon 2014 was my very first convention. Attending ReaperCon inspired me to start a personal blog documenting my journey into miniature painting, applying the new knowledge I learned from the convention's classes. I've since attended every ReaperCon since then, taking new classes and challenging myself to improve my skills with each mini I paint! ^_^ The last several years, I've been lucky enough to teach classes at the convention, including Painting Eyes, Multicultural Skin Tones, Blending, and Speed Painting. I also teach at my friendly local game store and I absolutely LOVE meeting new folks and encouraging them to PAINT MORE MINIS ::D:


Work & Blog: www.mochaminis.com

Twitter: @Mocha_Minis | Instagram: @mocha_minis | Facebook: Facebook.com/mochaminis

Twitch: www.Twitch.tv/Mocha_minis Join me LIVE & let's push some paint around! 

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