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  1. This is kinda me lately. I like what's being made on the patreon but I went nearly 6 months of just collecting files while printing less than 10% of them. I'll spend less money if I just wait and get the files I actually on MMF when I'm ready to print it.... While pretending I was going to organize and inventory my files I looked at my Titan Forge "objects shared with me" tab on MMF. Nov 2020 $59.99 April 2021 $100.00 Aug 2021 $150.00 I don't think I got 3 times as much stuff in August as I did in November, so that's some pretty good inflation on their
  2. For my next set I am painting the sewers. I suppose most people would have gone for the normal sewers first and then the toxic magic goo as a follow up. I took the opposite path. If I like the funny one maybe I'll pick up regular water someday. Most of the pieces are still in the box and need removing. This is just a test to see how the plan will work. The wall was primed black and the clear was primed gloss. I hear the Tamiya clear paints work well but I don't have any of those. I do have inks and have had some success with them on clear minis before.
  3. While it doesn't bother me, my Stynelrez has a definite odor. It is stronger when airbrushed but is certainly there on the rare occasion I apply it by brush.
  4. I have not, though I have worked as salary at a union site. My current employer does not like unions but has taken the approach of "people only unionize when they are treated poorly, so if we treat our people well they won't unionize" and done so successfully. I am laboring at home by doing some tidying up, but also some hobby time. There are probably sports on TV today so I'll likely put something on as background noise.
  5. As I recall 09440 Ebony Flesh is slightly darker than Dark Skin Shadow. You could go Black -> Ebony Flesh -> mix in highlights until you are happy. If you plan to finish up with a wash you don't strictly need to stick to "appropriate" colors. I.e. if you use a grey to lighten the Ebony it will look too desaturated on the highlights but a brown wash will fix that.
  6. Nope, not going. The weather has turned for the better so here's to a whole month of that. I usually support half a dozen Patreons or so. Some are just one person. Where I used to live had the "smallest county seat in the state" and where I live now had the "oldest county fair" in the state. I assume they are true statements but I've never checked up on them. I don't know about a personal chef, but someone did cook for me this weekend. I got chicken kabobs on the grill.
  7. I didn't bother taking any pics of the wall painting as it used the same steps as the floor. After all that the final step is the ink wash bring it all together. It will fill in the wood grain and add some saturation back to the highlights. First, the test pieces. It was actually a little stronger than I wanted, but not so bad I'm going to repaint it. I made more with less ink and washed the rest of the floor tiles. One is not quite like the others. The walls pre-wash. Gah, camera flash! I tried watering down the w
  8. I have the floor done for my wooden cabin. Next is the walls. After that it will be time to move on to the sewers.
  9. I did an image search for something awhile back and mixed in with what I was looking for were all these women. Except they didn't look quite right. One WTF later I realized someone had Photoshopped some futanari. Truly hentai inspired, even my forearm could not compete.
  10. Nothing to see here, just some trims. Actually this is probably my last update for a few days as the next step is to paint the walls. Given they have two sides and my dark brown is taking a couple passes for decent coverage it may take a few sessions to get it going.
  11. If you do a search for "Les' Wash Recipe" it will give you an idea of what you can make with ink washes. You will need a few additional supplies - which DakkaDakka allows links to - but you'll never need to buy another pre-made wash.
  12. Since Buttermilk was too much last time I instead went for a mix of Buttermilk and the previous Honey Brown. This mix was a bit more desaturated than I would like so I added in some Cadmium Yellow. The yellow was a bit potent. So is my lighting. This went around the borders and I also hit some of the holes to really enforce the grid. With it being a bit too yellow I then went back to my original mix of Honey Brown/Buttermilk to make a light brown. This did not completely cover the previous edging, just the very outer bits. With the bright lighting my camera is picki
  13. The borders have been hit with Honey Brown and it has been reapplied to the test piece. The rectangular pieces do not have a single board that ends in the middle of the tile. Instead it is just a row of nails. It works ok at less than arms length but I find the effect too subtle 4ft away on the table. For me at least some additional highlighting is need to make it playable.
  14. I believe she is, but Akira Toriyama did the character design for both of them.
  15. They are from the Dragon Quest games. If you like JRPGs Dragon Quest XI is the most recent and worth playing.
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