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  1. I haven't read any books recently. I've been reading some manhwa, but none of them are something I would consider great. If it's dirty I clean it up but I like a little clutter. By virtue of location I (and my neighbors) would have pretty good chance of surviving round 1 of whatever it is. There is a third strike target about 40 minutes away, but by then the whole northern hemisphere would be radioactive anyway, there are slightly too many houses around to make for a good secret alien invasion location but the population density is low enough that infectious diseases have a harder time spreading, 800 ft above sea level, no fault lines anywhere close, etc.
  2. Drogoroth, the Winged Death It's a dragon! No, wait, wrong wings.
  3. LA BELLA MOUNA Small campaign for a miniature/bust.
  4. City of Lasthaven Another KS offering an stl town.
  5. Incredible Realms: Nulan & Tinjan This one gets its huge 500+ stl count by virtue of counting the building parts individually, but there is still an assortment of figures to go with the terrain.
  6. Gothic Tower STL PWYW campaign for a gothic tower.
  7. Fantasy Forest - A 3D Printable Fantasy City This creator's past campaigns have been PWYW. This is a larger project.
  8. Valhalla II Miniatures The resin pledge is just a reservation, which I find an odd way of doing things.
  9. I just shipped a 14lb package US to Canada yesterday. It was $55 UPS.
  10. Retro Futuristic Set Last one for today. Cheap files if it's your genre.
  11. Dungeon Lab A magnetic dungeon system.
  12. Where Legends Fight Volume 2 A whole lot of scatter for tabletop wargaming.
  13. Join or Die WANTED A collection of western minis.
  14. Succubus Queen Yup, no image here. If you scroll down the pledge options though, there is the option to pick up the entire Dark Gods library on MMF .
  15. Athalia The Winged Sorceress Another project by Printomancer. This time it's a 1:12 scale, 240mm to the top of the wings statue. As usual you can add on any of the old KS campaigns.
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