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  1. If you are asking if they shamelessly promote their own product, then yes. They paint their figures with their paints. I guess how much of an issue this will be depends on if you want recipes to follow as written or if you can extrapolate the colors they are using to your own collection. I would have to reread it to see how the language was, but I don't recall it as broken English.
  2. What is this sick thing you speak of? It sounds like an excuse to stay home and do nothing. I want a sick day! ...oh wait. I just use those as regular vacation days. No stuck sitting on the couch for me.
  3. I like the idea and I like books. I have one of their books, and while I'm not as down on it as Heisler I did think it was somewhat mediocre.
  4. The KS said that you would get a discount code to order direct. So best case would be three weeks left in the campaign + payment processing to get your code (mid to late November), then place your order with Phrozen that lists a 3-4 week timeframe to ship, plus time in the mail...
  5. My $120 Reaper order has arrived. There should be something worth painting in there. On a less positive note, one of my coworkers has been exploring surgery. Picking up part of their workload will mean less painting time. Hooray for the early start.
  6. I have not carved a pumpkin since elementary school and have no plans to do so this year. Not that I recall. I can make a good pumpkin cheesecake. While I like the spices in pumpkin spice individually, I'm not huge on the combo.
  7. I've made a number of orders from Signum as well. There's no problem shipping from Ukraine.
  8. Hmmm... my last super excited project got completed. The only ones I've lost steam on recently have been the less exciting ones. I've never trashed a mini, though I've shelved a few. It's been a few years. No good reason, I just couldn't sleep. Fortunately it was a Saturday and I didn't have to go into work the next day.
  9. I have used both Vallejo and Liquitex inks and have not had problems with either.
  10. She is a normal size figure, about 28mm to the eyes. The decorative piece is about 45mm tall.
  11. Indeed. I've even looked around the store a bit though I haven't decided on anything.
  12. I can't recall. I don't usually make soup during the summer, so it's been a while ago. Also no cooking plans for this week yet. So... we'll see.
  13. I would go with #2, plus advertising for the second round. Forums need a way to grow and pulling in some people from social media already related to Reaper seems the best way to go. Maybe some of them even stick around and become active members. After all, it's not like I was on the forum 10 years ago.
  14. I posted a comparison in the first and last mini thread some time ago, but I did take something like a 20 year break between them. So I'm not sure how useful any advice would have ended up being given It'd probably been long forgotten.
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