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  1. Since most of my new shiny things at this point are .stl files, the initial effort of turning them into physical objects helps with that. Even before printers though, I was still pretty good at just stuffing boxes in the closet. I was one of the 10000000 people that picked up the new Zelda game, so there's that.
  2. I got the ad as well. I'm not in the market for a printer today, but it is nice to know that when I finally upgrade my 35 micron printers I have options.
  3. No, if it is something that important I would measure first. Same as i do on a not rainy day when I don't have any plans. Stay inside. Either white or white zenithal over black. I don't care to paint over really dark primers/brown liner.
  4. Tracking showed my package delivered at 12:30, but when I got home there was nothing. I walked around a bit, filed a missing package report with FedEx, and then started cooking. Around 4:30 a package mysteriously appeared. I assume it was delivered to a neighbor and they brought it by. The good news is that it was well packaged (double boxed) and I see no damage.
  5. I like snacks, but all the snacks I like are the unhealthy kind. So I snack rarely and in limited quantities.
  6. As I understand it "self leveling" creates a map of the printer surface that can compensate for small deviations. On the whole it still needs to be leveled more or less correctly for the feature to work. My FDM printer. Thankfully resin is easy. I purchased a nice computer chair that I use frequently, so I guess that makes it my favorite. Golden. No wifi. Yes, it adjusts the heating time. Not that I can remember. My mother didn't want to do anything so in the end I just called and talked to her for awhile. I'm good. I haven't been the FLGS in years. I believe it moved, but I don't know if it is still in business. When I did go it was for the purpose of getting something specific, so I would leave with an item/book.
  7. I have tracking. I says Saturday, but being FedEx that means Monday to me.
  8. Tenebrae - Nightmares of Ylia A follow up to their prior campaign, with more resin and another paint set.
  9. Sure, you are using it to create shadows. But you can always go back over the highlights with your gold.
  10. I went to work and then ran a few errands, so no. I wore pants. My niece and nephew are having a birthday party in a park Sunday. Temperatures are to be pushing 90F with a chance of scattered thunderstorms. I frequently have one of the traditional sports on as background noise, but if I am doing something I can look up and realize I've missed an entire inning. My hobby plans had been printing terrain, but am low on PLA so my printer gets to rest.
  11. If you are referring to 70.939 Smoke it can be diluted with a bit of water and used as a wash to shade metallic gold paints.
  12. Now that you mention it, no. The zip file has been sitting in my download folder for almost 2 months now.
  13. Looks like LOOT has an Asian theme this month.
  14. No, you are correct. I just had so many emails to go through today that I wasn't reading them too closely.
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