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  1. I see chitubox pro dropped while I wasn't paying attention. They've priced it higher than I want to pay, but maybe there's enough in there for professionals. For the moment the free version is good enough for me. I can see a future when chitubox sticks a few useful (to me) features behind the paywall, like lychee already does.
  2. DM Stash has a preview up for next month. It looks like they are going to do some type of desert theme.
  3. Village's Hope is doing anime style sea stuff rather than their usual fantasy. I don't recall seeing octopus parasite controlled pirate zombies before, but if I ever need one I now know where to look.
  4. RAW remains out of sync with the Patreon schedule. They have switched from google to my air bridge for delivery and are in the process of creating MMF invites for prior pledges. We're happy to bring you now our month 4 content pack, which includes: Riur the ranger in idle and action pose Kasimeer the wizard in idle and action pose Maurut the necromancer (Riding on his tortured Golem) Horde Mutated Zombies male and female Revenant Undead Warriors Izel The Barbarian Succubus pin up, available at 54mm and 75mm Red 11 pin up sculpt
  5. My 4K LCD is decently bright in use. Here is Phrozen's video: https://youtu.be/cC0EzBajusQ 3D Printing Pro tried to show off the LCD during his review. You can skip to about the 9 minute mark. https://youtu.be/LHSYVJfxpyA If you need it... https://phrozen3d.com/apps/help-center/maintanence/how-do-i-replace-the-mainboard-on-my-phrozen-3d-printer
  6. So are you saying that you run the LCD test and it looks fine, but nothing is printing?
  7. Pliny the Elder described the basilisk as the king of serpents, not more than 12 fingers in length and super poisonous. It was weak to weasels. (Cobra vs mongoose) By the medieval period it had gained more powers and several new versions, one of which was a serpent with 8 chicken legs and the head of a rooster. The latter would appear to be the inspiration for D&D. I found an illustration from 1640 of a basilisk you can throw at your players.
  8. To be clear, everything I was referring to was on the street outside of their office building, thus the lack of escorts hanging around the front door.
  9. I have the summer exchange to work on. I now have four candidate minis cleaned and primed. Painting should at least start this month.
  10. The MMF address on the bottom of the page is 9-12 Long Ln Barbican, London. I see a subway next door. And a sushi bar, and a pizza place. Oh, there's a picture of Christopher Walken. I don't see many escorts though.
  11. I played around in the app a bit to confirm what I expected. The Wooden Cottage does make an acceptable cottage. The Tudor Mansion is really more of a Tudor house with only one set. I supplemented it with a bit of the core set to make a stone first story. The Cursed Cathedral isn't even a parish church with only one set. I got 2.5 buildings out of the roof set. One Street set is enough to make a small square, and I even had a few pieces left over. For a city center with multiple market stalls and a fountain you'll need another.
  12. Every time Phrozen updates their FAQ I get an email, and a recent one was on exactly that topic. https://phrozen3d.com/apps/help-center/getting-started/why-do-i-need-to-shake-the-resin-bottle-before-printing
  13. I did take a look at them earlier, which did help give me a better idea of how much space they cover in the real world. So as I understand the way they have set up Gamefound, once you pay shipping on your current pledge it is locked. However, if you decide you want some more rooms later you could start a new late pledge before the PM closes and get more that way. You would take another hit for shipping though.
  14. I'm a gonna have to decide on what I want at some point. Considering I have almost no terrain to go along with all of my minis, there's not really a bad choice...
  15. I keep forgetting that Signum has a Patreon. Aria was a KS exclusive a couple of years ago, but I guess that's out the window now.
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