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  1. Here is the next plate, which was not quite as perfect as the previous one. The pre-supports were a little heavy on the gun and strap. It still needs the last bit of cleanup, but the figure is printed. All that's left is the base.
  2. They do in their weekly newsletter. Maybe on their facebook page, but I don't do facebook. If you can't find them I can post from the email later.
  3. I did a short (for me) print today of only 3000 layers so I could start, finish, and clean it all in one day. As far as I can tell it is a set of perfect prints; no random layer lines and I didn't break anything on cleanup. This one only has two more plates so I'll start another one before I head into work tomorrow. Normally I might complain about working on a Sunday, but with the size of the Covid bonus I got yesterday there will be no complaints about work for the rest of the month.
  4. You ever have one of those minis you can't seem to win with? For this figure when I first printed the sword I though it had a large number of layer lines. Looking closer however I realized that the sword was offset every time it connected to a support. This had been a loaded build plate so I thought maybe being on the edge had caused a problem so I centered it and printed again. Nope, same problem. You can see it on the left, below. So then I did my own supports (right) and the sword printed straight. Yay! Except when I dropped it into by new dedicated hot water bowl it wedged itself and broke the tip off of the sword. But no more reprinting! The sword is hidden under the hand so I chopped the good tip off of the bad sword and will glue it together later. Also if you look at her right leg there was some kind of issue where it was printing ok, offset in about 0.5mm for 3/4 of an inch, and then returned to normal. I guess I'll try to fix it with a paper thin sheet of green stuff since that would be faster than another print. She also has another issue which has absolutely nothing to do with the print and everything to do with the sculptor. She is looking down! Once she is together and painted the only was to display her will be on a high shelf or you will just be looking at the top of her head! But not too high or else you won't be able to see anything on the tatami mat I printed in an earlier post! Grrr.
  5. Yeah, I need two walls between my bed and the printer or it keeps me up at night.
  6. I got my credit card bill and realized that I have spent almost no money this month. Have I even been eating... Anyway I guess I'll do a Patreon per day for the rest of the month. It looks like I was number 1000 for RNEstudio.
  7. I've only seen a few random episodes of pre-80s TV in reruns, so I have no real opinion.
  8. Huge sized base? Ah, I never showed the other side because it was for the exchange. Now that it's been sent I can show it, so here it is. The Reaper blood imps were obvious not part of the print.
  9. In March or so. I aim to break even so I usually have neither a large refund nor a large payment to make. Thus I am never in any hurry. When an establishment breaks out the karaoke equipment, I leave before they even finish setting up. Were I somehow trapped in a building with such a thing I would be forced to destroy it before anyone can attempt to sing. Thus no one would have to pick a song.
  10. My partner for the Secret Sophie exchange this year was NecroMancer and they requested demons or some other stuff, so I painted the Queen of Hell. About the same time I had ordered a 3D printer and I had found a base that kind of matched an idea I had in my head. The printer was going to ship on time, then it wasn't, then it was, and finally came in just in time to print my display base. It is from the celestial pack by Archvillain Games. It's 100mm plus some overhang. For a bit of additional flair I added some blood imps to the base. One thing about pre-made display bases though is they can be next to impossible to actually use if they are not designed well. This base is an example of that as there is so much rubble that I had to carve away spaces for feet or build up the area with a bit of milliput to give them something to stand on. Since ancient statues were actually painted I decided to go with that and put a simple face on the bit of statue that remained. The Queen was actually painted before my printer arrived and because things hadn't gone crazy at work yet, I actually had time to paint her properly. I went for a stylized NMM on her armor. It was the first time I had tried NMM this way. It worked but I need some more practice to really sell it. I didn't want her to look like some cheap plastic figure (even though she kinda is ) so instead of going red like the blood imps I made her skin mostly human and then put the orange/red/purples in the midtones and shadows. Her wings don't fit in my tiny photo setup so... And with wings. They were not attached for shipping and needed a bit of support, so ignore the paint bottle. Bones are evil. Mold lines suddenly appear everywhere. And for better or for worse, a year from now her wings will sink toward the earth, but they should rotate and touch the base. A few extra pics I took, if anyone wants to look
  11. When is a support failure not a support failure? When it all comes back together in the end. On a happy note, IPA was in stock so I don't need to switch to denatured alcohol. It works just fine, but the odor gets me.
  12. I somewhat lined up my greens and picked what looked good. IIRC it was VGC Green Jade as the basecoat, SC75 Boreal Tree Green and Reaper Forest Green as shadows, and VGC Escorpena Green and VGC Livery Green as highlights. Or in other words I used dark blue-greens for my shadows and bright yellow-greens for my highlights. However, since I finished with a wash of Forest Green to bring it together it really knocked down the yellows in the highlights.
  13. Glad you liked it! It seemed to hit at least some of your wish list and I prefer painting the larger minis.
  14. But I just did... Lost to the sands of time. It was what I was using on metal at the time. Worked fine for that. Back when I painted Bones they were never primed. Wash, dry, paint directly on mini. Highly variable. I saved 'em up and sprayed in batches.
  15. I just received a secret Sophie from someone who I only have a real name for.... 'Twas not me this time, though I have been your partner in the past.
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