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  1. I have an increased supply of alligator clips to hold things with. The little ones came on a piece of wire, but the larger size did not. I though they would fit on bamboo skewers, but no such luck. They do however fit on One Happy Choice brush handles, so I shall re-purpose a few of those as they wear out.
  2. Today is a special day... but it has nothing to do with Pentecost.
  3. Thanks everyone. It's not been the most exiting day, but at least I have a few new toys to play with.
  4. Well, I've finally gotten to the point where I could use a haircut. Really we've missed the worst of it locally.
  5. Things are quiet in the middle of nowhere. Protests and infections remain in the lands of elsewhere.
  6. IIRC 75 micron is what you got with the original 2k review models.
  7. I continue to halfway pay attention to 3D printing, just in case I decide to pull the trigger in the next few months. Today I saw that the Saturn has received an upgrade to its LCD panel. The previews I had originally seen made me uninterested in the model because they had made it bigger but kept 2k resolution, which was not good for the pixel density. Apparently the reviewers said the same thing so the Saturn will now have a 4k panel, which gets the pixels back to where I might be interested. Of course, the natural extension of this is that for LCD to take the next step up in size, 8k panels will be needed to keep a similar resolution.
  8. Normally take them off, unless I'm doing something that requires multiple trips in and out.
  9. Not much has changed as I still have my normal work schedule.
  10. No, nor do I dance when some one is watching.
  11. None. As has come up in past questionings, I'm not prone to getting songs stuck in my head.
  12. I don't remember what was in bones 5 and haven't looked at the PM, so none.
  13. As a "they call us essential because sacrifice would be too honest" worker, nothing much has changed during the pandemic. I use pick-up more frequently, but that's not really a new skill.
  14. A shocking announcement today: Delayed again! Not actually that surprising considering the state of the global supply chain. Better luck next year.
  15. It depends on what it is, how old it is, and is it worth it.
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