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    Reaper Artist Conference 2014: Class Descriptions

    Obviously it's meant to be a class in monochromatic freehand.
  2. Auberon

    Big Darn Heroes

    "And over such a long period as well. Either they're being used and replaced or a lot of long term planning is going into something."
  3. Hey! My first car was a K-car! Built like a tank it was. My brother once backed into a steel post and bent it. The post of course. The car was fine. I don't know about supers, but it will hold five highschoolers. Actually a K-car can hold more, but you have to start stacking the students.
  4. Auberon

    Hasslefighter 2014 or I Got Next!

    I've been looking at that very paint set, but have yet to pull the trigger. I have seen people posting that there is a bit of a learning curve with Scale75 colors as they behave differently, but I don't actually have any good advice for you.
  5. Auberon

    Big Darn Heroes

    "I wouldn't worry Lee. As long as you didn't drink it you should be fine." Aegis paused for a moment as he pondered Cambion's words. "If he was controlling the ambient temperature would there be some way to determine it? I mean, I don't think I have frostbite or anything."
  6. Do not be so eager to drive! You might end up loading a couch into a pickup truck and driving it halfway across the county... on a Sunday... during football...
  7. Auberon

    54mm Saxon Raider

    I never really noticed until you started weathering, but that guy looks like he has tiny ankles.
  8. I had some free time this morning and sat down to put some serious work in on my exchange mini. I'm calling it 99% done at this point and have sat it aside. The remaining 1% are any touch-ups I notice before it gets sealed. Now to get working on the base. While I don't think the total hands-on time will be that bad, I want to try out a few different things that need time to cure.
  9. Since Mace and Cambion were the only two mentioned, how limited is the rest of our character knowledge on antifreeze? I'm not a mechanic, but I do live where it snows so I know its purpose, to double check my car now that its getting cooler, and not to drink it (though I think a lot of it now comes with an additive to cover up the taste of ethylene glycol).
  10. Auberon

    Big Darn Heroes

    "I'm fine, thanks," Aegis replied, though he still sounded somewhat lost in thought. "Hey guys, I remember that ice we got hit with was green. If that wasn't from the dye in the antifreeze I don't know what it was."
  11. Personally, the argument for or against mixing vs. buying (triad or not) comes down to what I am trying to do. For painting one figure, use what you have and mix what you want. For painting a squad/army purchased paints are just so much more convenient. There is also the added benefit of making repairs easier and relatively straightforward when you don't have to try and mix and match the colors again months/years down the road.
  12. Auberon

    My Exchange Minis

    I can't like furry anthropomorphic minis on principle, but the elf and leopard are both nice pieces. With a little luck, the leopard might want a snack during shipping.
  13. Ooohs Nooos, my secret ID didn't even make it though the first page. I'll have to remember to use only the code name in posts... @Ludo - the secondary "just in case we have a murderous GM" character that I rolled up (by hand) was very clustered. The d100 is one I don't use much, so It actually got me wondering if my die was out of balance. Best clustering 33, 33, 39, 36, 77, 77, 91, 76, 49, 78. Keeping in mind "30" is next to "70" so 8 out of 10 rolls were centered around one edge. After that they started spacing out again though.
  14. Auberon

    Department of Acquisitions

    I sat down and inventoried my BoC this evening. For the most part I got bases that I can make use of for fantasy characters and overall the quality was quite good. There were a few that I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with them. OTOH, a couple of the WWI trench pieces were missing boards so I can see why they failed QA. 25mm x 35 30mm x 21 40mm x 22 50mm x7 Cavalry 25x70mm x5 Objective Markers: 40mm Super Secret Terrain: Jersey Barrier (1) Terrain: Metal Drum (4) 28mm Practice Sticks - Object version (3) - I wonder if they are forum members and are trying to tell me something... Kinda sad that I didn't get any of the really big bases, but by my count this haul is $140 off retail so I can't complain too much.
  15. Auberon

    Big Darn Heroes

    Ethan put his hands to his head and attempted to gather his thoughts, but try as he might he felt something eluded him, some detail that was important. After a minute he shook his head and stood, hoping it would come to him later. "MADmen huh. It sound like we need to get to know them... and then get some payback," He made a fist with his right hand and punched the palm of his left for emphasis before moving towards the van.
  16. I almost succumbed to shiny mini syndrome tonight, but managed to resist and work on my exchange mini instead. It actually worked out, since this session got me close enough that I can see the end. I'm +2 to will saves now. If minis came first, I would be done by the weekend, but alas, I still have to go to work tomorrow. Of course, that allows me to buy more minis.
  17. Character wise, is there anything left that you need from me? I have edited my sheet in post 49 since you added it to the first post.
  18. Karma pools are described on pg37 of the book, if you'd like to read about them. My reading of it is that you chip in what you want to start and then anyone can draw out of it for die rolls and building things, but not for advancement. Members can set limits/rules for individual usage. If the pool is disbanded, the karma is split equally and can then be used for advancement.
  19. Right. Anyway, it looks like we'll have enough people in a pool to make the mind link stunt worthwhile so... choice made.
  20. Auberon

    The Unplayable

    I've tended to play in groups which don't use a "standard" campaign setting, which usually means they are pretty flexible with character concepts. That said, we also tend towards rational choices when we create characters. I haven't run into some of those crazy combinations mentioned here.
  21. I don't remember Darkforce coming up much in the comics I read back in the day, but didn't it have something of a sinister vibe? Like you were tapping into the power of a great old one and it might someday notice?
  22. Alas, Reaper got their last bit of money from me for the year when I picked up my exchange mini. No new chronoscope minis for me.
  23. Fair enough. Hmmm, I'll have to think on that one. Since BT-S caps itself by power level I can't really take advantage of some of the exotic materials yet, but a telepathy power stunt is immediately useful... Actually a question to all - Are we doing the Karma pool? If we are, the group telepathic mind link stunt is useful; if we are not the group telepathic mind link stunt is worthless.
  24. While one of my powers states what I can do initially and then lists power stunts to learn, Body Transformation - Self gives a list of the kind of things that you can transform into and then proceeds to list limitations that can be taken to trade flexibility for power. It doesn't break the power up into "here's what you start with and here's what you learn." It does state the power is "similar" to Body Transformation - Other, which has a time limit of an hour but it does not list any stunts either. Of course, the example given for damage in Body Transformation - Self is one where the character stayed transformed for more than an hour. So as our GM, What limitations are you placing on Body Transformation - Self (flexible option) initially? What stunts can be learned for the power?