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  1. The thing is, the plague didn't alter my work schedule at all. I'll hit start, go to work, come back and see how it did. So if a print takes 5 hours or 8 hours its all the same to me. Or to put it another way, if an extra 30 minutes of print time gives me 1% fewer failures I may as well do it.
  2. Is cool. I don't even have a shipping notice yet, much less the printer. I was just looking for some initial settings and I figure yours are likely better than some random person on an internet forum that I've never actually met. ... ... ... Anywho I'm more interested in good prints for painting rather than needing 20 goblins for game night, so I'm willing to be conservative on speed in order to maximize quality.
  3. I followed MMF, but I don't do instagram. I also checked their patreon, but I wasn't really interested in the December theme.
  4. Meh. While I find them amusing from time to time I often find myself shaking my head at peoples attempts.
  5. Continued from last month: work on secret sophie. I got the upper body done last month, but I still need to paint the lower body and figure out a base. New: Learn Chitubox.
  6. I am an equal opportunity slayer. My favorite races are those worth xp, and if it's worth xp...
  7. I've spent enough money on other things this week that KD was an easy pass.
  8. I'd forgotten about my "free" hardcopy of the Pathfinder second edition core book. It showed up yesterday and I started glancing through it today. I'm only 60 pages in (yeah, I have the pdf though it is mostly unread) but I do have a few initial thoughts. Well packaged. If you're going to ship a book, ship it like paizo. Book itself looks well made, with a fairly standard layout. I can't really speak to its longevity yet, but I imagine it will last a long time just sitting on my shelf. Why subtract XP? One of the things Gygax nailed was the way your average person likes to see ever increasing amounts of XP to chart their progress. Some modern video games take it to crazy heights with millions of XP per level, but there's a reason it is so pervasive. Functionally it doesn't really matter as you still level at the same rate, but resetting XP to 0 at every level seems like an easy miss. All ability scores are +/- 2 during character creation. Maybe they hate odd numbers? I realize that a lot of min/maxers tried to avoid odd numbers so they could get that +1 on their sheet, but PF2 really just has a 9 point scale at first level unless you chose to roll the dice. By default anything that provides a +1 ability score boost would be pretty useless until later in the game, but perhaps I'll find that those don't exist anyway. Ancestry feat progression can be a bit limited. For example, both of the 5th level Dwarf ancestry feats have a prereq, so if you didn't pick one of those at character creation you're stuck picking another 1st level feat at 5th level. I would guess this is solved by buying more books. Some of these create a small fluff problem though, as the way some feats are written they really sound like something you'd know to start rather than picking up later. All of those are presentation issues, not math issues, so I've yet to run into anything that would scare me off from playing. Of course, I'm only 10% of the way through the book. As an aside, one DnD 4E thing that I'd always hoped would catch on, but apparently did not, was the way in which they credited the artist. For those that didn't play 4E, in the margin of every page with an illustration was the artist name. I thought it was nicer than just a text block on the first page of "Interior illustrations by..." Paizo just does the text block though.
  9. I almost did that pledge. Mid-Dec, I kinda wish I would have. Printer $330 Resin $30 Shipping $99.99 =$459.99 - $350 after coupon = $109.99 discount. There was a comment that Phrozen would be having a Black Friday sale but not to expect anything quite that good. OTOH there will be a deal on the Mighty.
  10. I received my Sonic Mini 4K coupon code this morning and placed my order. It is slated to ship in mid-December.
  11. Obviously you would need to buy a house for your minis to live in, hold your army of 3D printers, and the servers for all your digital models. Then after spending all that money you would need to go to work so your minis can continue to live well.
  12. The good news is that I got in a couple of painting sessions this weekend. The bad news is that a) I'm experimenting with a different style of painting than I normally use and am not happy with some parts. They will need more work. And b) after what happened last year I said I'd keep it small. That lasted all of one exchange so now I'm back to a big mini. If only I'd stuck to a normal figure I'd probably have it done by now... What can I say, I like big minis.
  13. Indeed. If someone went this route they'd obviously want the table mount, but it is likely more than a hobby accessory level expenditure for some.
  14. /activate enablement mode If you have more money than sculpting time, Ill Gotten Games has the files on MMF for only $15/design. If you have an 8'x10' wall that's 11520 square inches, and if your average mini is 28mm you could fit.. a few. Some people may need to allocate a second wall. /deactivating...
  15. Why go to IKEA when you could 3D print a WALLHALLA and cover an entire wall! Oh, and on topic, good luck Morihalda!
  16. If you search Blick you should be able to find some solutions for vertical storage. Like this, except you would likely find it harder to clamp the brush hanger to a mini. I've also seen spring versions. If you want to reuse the plastic sleeves, just keep in mind that you can actually damage the bristles if you aren't paying attention.
  17. Today work announced that they will be giving out a $300 thank you for not dying from covid* bonus. It makes the Pit Fighter 4K printer bundle quite tempting. *Not exactly how they phrased it.
  18. I don't know about happy or sad, but this music video makes me feel cold... Or maybe that's because the weather finally turned today. https://youtu.be/VEizKmZlUAw
  19. That's pretty much where I ended up at. Watching the videos for the first two books didn't help convince me otherwise.
  20. Some people like to put a little more money in the creator's pocket by not going for the largest discount. I guess it depends on how much you view KS as a way to save yourself money vs. help some get their idea off the ground. A big company using KS as a preorder system OTOH...
  21. I have successfully used their dispute system over a payment, but I did not have to make any attempt to contact an actual person. I just went through their standard automated process.
  22. So I did in fact clean and prime a large mini. However given free time may become an issue in December I sat it aside to start on my Secret Sophie mini. So you can probably guess what my goal for next month is...
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