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  1. You mean, that's not a normal Patreon bill? Aside from whether or not Taiwan counts themselves as part of China, in Chrome right click and "save link as." When it complains to you about how it can't be downloaded securely click the carrot and select "keep." It should go ahead and download the firmware package.
  2. If it hasn't been posted yet, the LOOT BF sale ended up being a 34% discount. That would make their old monthly packs about $20.
  3. I didn't mini during the vintage era, so I'll take the new stuff.
  4. I prefer to paint minis with as crisp of detail as possible. Durability is secondary, though if I'm painting something for the tabletop priorities change. Resin 3D printed resin Metal Hard plastic Bones
  5. I did some more checking around now that we're getting towards the end of the month. Here's the rest of 3dartdigital's release. Labyrinth Models is doing "Spider month" Dragon's Lake has a group of dwarves. The detail looks good but I like my dwarves to have a little more bulk. Broken Anvil Monthly has "Fiend of the Undercity" to populate your sewers. Part of Gamescape 3D's offering this month is ruined gothic furniture, which I lack, and they are doing even more next month. I'm thinking hard about this one.
  6. There is a lot of stuff I want on MMF, but not much I need. I'm not sure if I'll buy anything or not. LOOT sent out an email saying they will be having a subscriber only Black Friday sale. No details yet but they say to hold off on buying any old bundles.
  7. We had one of those "high at midnight" days last week that brought in a round of sleet and snow. Considering it had been in the 60s the day before it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Currently we are in a typical late fall weather pattern where it is just below freezing at night and then gets up to around 50 during the day.
  8. I personally have always used the plastic scraper with no issue. YMMV.
  9. I turn it on and then check it after I get back from work, so I give my printer about 10 hours to get going.
  10. The only infill I know of in the free version is under Hollow. Change "Infill Structure" from "none" to "Grid 3D" and then type in the density you want. I assume the paid version has more options, but I don't know.
  11. RVE: I watched some of the videos after the fact. LMC: I have in past years, but I don't recall painting anything this year that qualifies. RCL: No. Box: No. Figure exchanges/Secret Sophie: Yes. I've missed a few, but not many.
  12. I hear good things about Ameralabs TGM-7, but it is expensive. I haven't purchased a bottle myself yet. https://youtu.be/yL-ODtxzJgw https://youtu.be/AwbA7jqU_UE https://youtu.be/b6q_ftRct7w
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adaevycreations/the-yokai-encounter?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-1 Hi everyone! My name is David R. Sainz, a sculptor at Adaevy Creations. Welcome to my second Kickstarter campaign. In this second trip we will delve into Japanese folklore at the hands of the yokai, enigmatic creatures deeply rooted in the Japanese community. A selection of 8 creatures will form the basic set, which can be used for board games. The basic set of this collection consists of: OTOROSHI ONI KAPPA KARAKASA CHOCHIN OBAKE AKAME DOROTABO ASHINAGA & TENAGA Each miniature has its own personalized base. All the miniatures are scaled 32mm and 75 mm with high detail, so you can print it in any scale you want.
  14. Pretty straightforward, a lady with more or less clothes. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/resinproject/misa-a-night-to-remember-miniature-for-3d-printing?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-2 Introducing "Misa, a Night to Remember"! On our store there is already an alternative version of Misa. In this project we decided to make it with more accessories, and through the objects, a different pose and always ... less dressed! She will be available in 75mm as well as 32mm scale, base and fullbody. By pledging you will receive the .STL files (unsupported and pre-supported) once the campaign has ended. So Happy 3D Printing everyone!
  15. They will be as dark as you paint them... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jobhermes/abyss-dwellers?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-3 About the project: In this project, I created a set of 14 dark miniatures of creatures and demons all with it's own base. all of these miniatures are test printed on a resin printer and come Pre-supported and will be delivered as digital .Stl files. (Unsupported, supported and the chitubox project files)
  16. Lots and lots of dragonborn. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/velrockart/velrock-art-miniatures-company-of-dragons?ref=recommendation-projectpage-footer-4 Story: With the release of the most recent D&D book detailing new ways to play dragon-folk characters and even covering dragons themselves in greater detail, I figured people would need some miniatures to compliment their gaming tables! My very first D&D character was a Dragonborn, and I've been a big fan of them ever since, so this is quite a fun project for me to undertake. These miniatures will cover a wide variety of archetypes to suit any class, and if stretch goals are met, even more options will open up! Backers will receive 14 pre-supported miniature STLs (DIGITAL FILES ONLY) at 32mm scale, which will be added to their Myminifactory libraries so that they will always have the file available to download. Backers will also receive the following stretch goal rewards (if they are met) as part of their initial chosen tier!
  17. You can also go to the hardware store and buy a can of denatured alcohol. It works just fine, but they add in a keytone that has a rather strong odor. An individual figure isn't bad, but they do start to add up. I think I'm over 500GB for the year.
  18. I'm checking up on my usual suspects to see who I will throw money at this month. Villages Hope is doing goddesses this month, and not even Asian ones. The first five are up with more to come. RAW has the actual models up for this month now. RNEStudio is doing Soul Fighter... which I could care less about. I could still use a number of them as PCs though. Signum is bringing their new factions to Patreon. Unfortunately I'm not interested in most of these. Kraken's Vault did something different for their statue this time and went pinup style. This witches apprentice needs more practice. I think Glitter posted the preview for this, but here's the full assortment of Lord of the Print. I have no use for them, but like them enough I may go ahead and back anyway. 3dartdigital apparently had an issue with MMF. Last month's upload was corrupted and they're trying to get it figured out. I'm not sure what the plan is for this month (other than monsters) but there's a pretty rockin' phoenix preview. Daybreak Miniatures is doing an avian theme this month. I never use birds so I probably won't back, but I like their style.
  19. Maybe you could put together a travel paint kit? I believe I have what I need to put one together if I desired, but I was going to visit. Plus my nephew has just reached the age where he wants to grab everything, so holding him and painting would be problematic.
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