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  1. The curse of the wet pallet (or at least for me) is that once I close the lid and walk away I come back to puddles. I wonder what's left? Welp, there went my yellow and magenta. What can we do with white, blue, and black? The answer is super easy blue steel. Take some black, mix in some blue, and then add successively more white to create the gradient. I think I just made the Scale75 NMM paint set. Really all you need to do is figure out your ratio of blue to black and you are set. I based the sword with the mix on the far right. See all the decorative work on the blade that is in the render? Yeah, barely raised above the surface. Now to add some shadows/highlights along the blade. And then on the top. Now to wipe that off the pallet and try mixing another color.
  2. Round 2. Same pallet as before, but I'm going to mix more, but use a bit less magenta. And skip ahead, though I used the same process as before. My cheap One Happy Choice brush that I was using as a mixing brush is so cheap that the paint is falling off the handle, hence all the little black flakes. The new basecoat. The cold red in the skin is more appropriate for northern Europe vs. southern. And highlight till I run out. Right after this pic I went to try something else on the face and the realized I didn't have anymore highlights left. She won't have much of a face for the rest of the trial.
  3. Kimera Kolors advertises itself as the paints which can create every color in your mind. This is true... if you are willing to mix your paints. As someone who already does so to an extent I decided to pick their paint up during their kickstarter last year, but I haven't had the time to do much with them. Time to dust them off and paint something! I'm sure I'll go back and forth between too many pictures and not enough, but sometimes you just forget about the camera. My original plan had been to use this 3D print as not only a test piece, but to be a nicely painted test piece. Unfortunately after I printed it I discovered that it is one of those models where some of the details are super shallow. A few coats of paint and there won't be any details left. Disappointed, she was demoted to just a test piece. So this exercise was to be painting an entire model using the bare minimum of paints - the primaries. This is not how you would normally go about it considering how pigments grey out, but if you've never done it before it is good practice to see how paints work. In this case I'm creating a cold pallet. We have white, black, cold yellow, phthalo blue green shade (a cold blue), and magenta (a cold red). (As an aside, if you were to throw in some secondaries you would have a complete pallet, but that is for another time.) One of Kimera's primary selling points is that they are pure pigments, unlike other brands of hobby paints, and proudly stamp their bottles just like the art companies do. In this case my Kimera magenta is PR122, just like my Golden paint. The Kimera paints are matte, but if I need gloss I can pull out a Golden sub. The wet pallet. To start I'm going to mix a Caucasian skin tone. First use yellow + red to make orange. Then desaturate with a touch of blue. And I do mean just a touch. Phthalo = potent. Then add a bunch of white until an intermediate tone is reached. Also, not sure what my camera focused on here. To create highlights add white + a touch of yellow. And repeat. Some of these obviously have a bit too much yellow in them but that is what practice is for. You can do the same thing in the opposite direction but black is also potent so it will get dark quickly. Making the shadows a bit purple will contrast with the yellow in the highlights and add more pop. Here she is basecoated with the initial skintone. It is a bit on the red side. And a few shadows with the first shadow mix. The first highlight mix, though normally this would be closer to my initial coat. Going up in the highlight mixes. And another. By the time I got the paint mixed I was running out of paint time so it was just getting slapped on to see how it looks. And smear the final highlight over everything! OK, that's not how to paint, but it does show off how much contrast there is between the colors when they are side by side. And tone it back down a bit. It's really dry here and my paint started getting a little thick. It might not show up well here but her face is getting overworked by this point. Next, more mixing and hopefully more time for painting.
  4. There was some leftover snow on the ground, it started snowing again overnight, and it is projected to snow all day today.
  5. Back in the day it was definitely pencils, but anymore the only thing I do is paint minis. Back in high school. Nothing since. Yes. Buying minis. I haven't played since before COVID happened, and 3 of the people I played with have moved away, so I'm rather indifferent at this point. I don't watch it, so I don't know the who's who of TV personalities.
  6. I didn't back Bones 6 and haven't been following, so I ended up just stumbling onto this conversation. I made a metal order this month, but since the freebie wasn't metal I just tossed it somewhere without even looking at it. It took a few minutes to figure out where it ended up but once I found it, sure enough it was 3D printed. I can say that the details are crisp and the little voxel waves are almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Whatever they are using is a step above my SM4K, but as I haven't sprung for an 8K yet I can't compare to the top consumer models. His upraised arm is stiff with no give. With enough force it's going to break rather than bend. The arm is thick enough it won't be a problem, but thin weapons are likely another matter. Also, without any info it's impossible to know how well the material will age. Obviously it won't get lead rot, but if I leave him unpainted and unsealed for a decade will he get brittle? 🤔
  7. While I have only backed one Mierce KS years ago, I got everything I ordered. I'm sure there was some type of delay, but not enough to make it memorable.
  8. Darklands: Brutal Beasts I don't really keep up with Mierce Miniatures anymore, but it looks like they just launched a new KS.
  9. Where Legends Fight Volume 4 Just like the previous campaigns, various sets of scatter terrain.
  10. Fantasy Castle 2 I don't believe I posted Fantasy Designs' prior campaign, though I've posted some earlier ones. They are slowly building a catalogue, one KS at a time.
  11. Pirates Vs Sailors - A Nightmare at Sea This one is doing pretty well, but unfortunately overlaps with a lot of stuff I already have. If you have no pirate terrain, it may be worth it. Still a few EB left.
  12. The Faceless King - Printable STL Miniatures Witchsong has some interesting looking minis, though I've never backed them.
  13. ANIMALS VOL 2 I seem to recall someone on this forum recently wanting animals. Deer were done on a previous set, but it's an add-on.
  14. RPG ESSENTIALS: Acrylic Creature Tokens for TTRPGs One might assume that you the reader are on this forum because you paint minis. If that is not true, or not true for someone you know, maybe this is for you.
  15. Here are a few more, though I may have lost track of what some of you have already posted. LOTP Titan Forge AVG Daybreak Miniatures RAW Great Grimoire Signum
  16. Browsing around. These are all ones I either carried over from last month or won't be backing. 3D Art Guy - Grimdark = pass for me. 3D Art Digital - Back in action after many months, though I don't believe any of them still live in Ukraine STL Minatures - I already have too many skeletons. Hellcreator Print Minis Papsikels Artisans Guild Villages Hope - Evil Wuxia, though not much is up yet. Ghamak - I didn't see a total group shot so there are others as well. Cobramode MMM Rubim - Fran Gamescape 3D Nutshell - Is working on a sword lady with an impractical sword. LOOT DM Stash NomNom Creative Geek
  17. If you plan to hollow it I would go ahead and raise it. The drain holes will help reduce suction.
  18. I'm back to doing a monthly Reaper order, targeting a little over the free shipping threshold. This one just plugged a few holes in my Warlord collection, but at some point I should make a list of the metal minis I want. 14081: Netikerti 14128: Moraia 14131: Elsabeth 14194: Kak'urgh 14360: Overlord Warrior 14381: Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat 14510: Daughter of Sekhmet 14513: Chosen of Sekhmet 14545: Acacia, Ivy Crown Sergeant 14631: Evshyvandra Duskwidow 14645: Bladesinger Sister
  19. Coffee, tea is for later. No. I have several mugs that I can use.
  20. The wood is certainly lighter than the table it is on, but it is pretty much a dead match for my oak bookcase. I'll go with there being an oak forest above the mine. I always prime hard plastic.
  21. The Dungeons and Lasers Dwarven Mine was produced as a room. While I'll admit the set is room sized, mines can run slightly larger than a 6x6 area. So I added on two more sets for three rooms in total. I posted the first room quite a while ago, but I just finished off the other two this afternoon. Bringing in the first set I posted months ago, now I can make a proper mine!
  22. My package arrived today (or at least I picked it up today. It may have arrived yesterday). The mini was well protected and undamaged. I'm in the middle of things now, but I'll see if I can't come back later and upload a photo. Edit: Here we go. We have some paint, some candy, some metal minis and... This ferocious young lady to protect them. She's now off to her place in my exchange collection. Thank you... someone.
  23. One thing I've run into is that there is a tendency to make humanoid combatants male. Some patreon sets are all male, with a female pinup thrown in. Not to say you can't find them, it just sometimes takes a bit of effort. 3D printing really has helped to cover lower selling items. Reconquer Designs has some dynamic casualties.
  24. Collective Studio was unable to reach their 1 year subscriber target, so they are closing down at the end of the month. As patrons will not be able to reach monthly loyalty rewards they are adding them all to the welcome pack for January. If you haven't backed before you would get:
  25. I was an essential employee on a job that can't be done remotely. Covid just made things quieter because management stayed home.
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