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  1. Finish the D&L set that has been almost complete for quite a while My LGSs have not had such a bin. I"d probably take a pass. No. "Local" is a 30+ minute drive and I don't really have a reason to go.
  2. Continuing from last month, finish the D&L terrain set I started.
  3. I have so many potential projects for this year I don't even know where to begin. Inventory my minis - I've actually been making progress on this, albeit a bit slowly. Continue w/ D&L terrain. Paint some scatter terrain. I had started this for Rangers of Shadow Deep and then fell behind. Do another larger figure for the forum contest. For 2022 I believe my only entry was non-Reaper. Use my pure-pigment paints. Or rather my newest ones as some of my Golden and Liquitex would be pure pigment as well.
  4. On Black Friday I took advantage of a 30% off sale to order a bunch of now OOP Warlord figures. With them still listed at their pre-pandemic prices the combo made some metal cheaper than Bones Black/USA. It finally arrived while I was out of town, but I didn't feel like cutting and pasting the order on my phone. 14094 - Tariq, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14226 - Sir Danel, Crusaders Captain - Warlord (x1 fig) 14299 - Saramonde, Crusaders Chronicler - Warlord (x1 fig) 14348 - Sister of the Blade - Female Warrior (x1 fig) 14227 - Herne Lancer, Crusaders Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14258 - Count Lorenth, Overlords Captain - Warlord (x1 fig) 14237 - Senet, Nefsokar Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig) 14250 - Ibrahim, Nefsokar Hero - Warlord (x1 fig) 14233 - IC Light Lancer, Crusaders Grunt - Warlord (x1 fig) 14285 - Taletia, Overlords Mage - Warlord (x1 fig) 14334 - Elf Archer (x1 fig) 14372 - Sister Elena - Battle Nun (x1 fig) 14246 - Ah'Radivh, Nefsokar Captain - Warlord (x1 fig) 14062 - Orba Sinhan, Mercenaries Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig) 14259 - Lorena of the Whip, Overlords Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14144 - Moandain, Necropolis Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig) 14282 - Onyx Zephyr, Overlords Adept - Warlord (x1 fig) 14268 - Marquise, Overlords Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig) 14124 - Kevis, Overlords Mage - Warlord (x1 fig) 14248 - Anwar, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14070 - Nicole, Captain - Warlord (x1 fig) 14111 - Majeda, Crusaders Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14195 - Kiakara, Reven Warlord - Warlord (x1 fig) 14345 - Nicole - Female Bladesister (x1 fig) 14129 - Mi-Sher, Nefsokar Sergeant - Warlord (x1 fig) 14228 - Isarah, Crusaders Cleric - Warlord (x1 fig) 14254 - Khathan, Nefsokar Solo - Warlord (x1 fig) 14387 - Elven Vale Warrior (x1 fig) 14439 - Daerath - Elven Royal Guardsman Srgt. (x1 fig) 14468 - Ellithin Graysteel - Royal Male Elf Hero (x1 fig) 14523 - Crusader Standard Bearer (x1 fig) 14529 - Ragon the Bloodied, Lupine Hero - Wolfen (x1 fig) 14564 - Kosumi, Lupine Alpha Guardian - Wolfen (x1 fig) 14565 - Takhi, Lupine Arctic Shaman - Wolfen (x1 fig) 14617 - Koborlas Shadow Tracker, Female Wolfen (x1 fig)
  5. While I have nothing in mind now, I'm always trying new recipes. Something will come up.
  6. While I do save money and I do take advantage of holiday sales, I've never saved specifically for a big hobby purchase. I have some forum exchange minis sitting on the bookcase.
  7. Not that I can recall. I believe by next Christmas I had moved on to something else.
  8. The snow mostly missed us (2" or so) but the cold did not. It has been -8F (-22.2C) when I got up the last few days, but what I really dislike is the 25-40mph (40-64kph) wind that has been constantly blowing. Of course next week we are forecasted to be unseasonably warm and stay above freezing for several days in a row.
  9. I will be out of town the rest of the month, so no more painting for me. I got Secret Sophie done a couple of weeks ago. I never got back to that particular D&L terrain, but I painted some other terrain instead so it wasn't a complete bust.
  10. At one time it was whatever I needed for an upcoming game, but now it's pretty much just whatever strikes my fancy. I had a name that used all over the place 20 years ago, but when I started getting into miniatures and joining forums I found it was already taken. So I switched to something from Shakespeare, but that was also taken, then I tried what I remembered being the French spelling of the same name and it went through.
  11. I've done Secret Sophie for a number of years now, but outside of that I rarely make any gifts.
  12. I have not. I have gone a-waffling, a-waddling, and a-wallowing, but never a-wassailing. (If you have ever seen A Claymation Christmas from 1987, you will get all of those references.) That's the closest I've ever come. (I believe my mother still has that show on VHS somewhere.) In the town I live in someone has a full length trailer that they load a band onto and proceed to slowly drive up and down the streets.
  13. I do some years, but I don't recall any this year.
  14. DM Stash and Titan Forge both sent me "Free Trial" Christmas gifts for their Tribes. I wasn't planning to back the former and was still a maybe on the latter, but if it's free...
  15. Digital sculptors adding details to faces that I don't want. Take this lady from a current kickstarter. It looks like they sculpted her eyes, stuck on some eyebrows and added eyelashes. Pass.
  16. I use 0.05 for terrain I'm printing in resin, and 0.02 for everything else. As to the other, I can't think of any reason making every pixel a perfect cube would be useful.
  17. If you are wanting to learn how to mix colors Kimera recently posted a good video on the subject. Just keep in mind that since most hobby paints are mysterious blends of unknown pigments strange things can happen when you mix them. It is best to follow Inarah's suggestion and test your mixes before you start painting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAmS8q5Wcf8
  18. I used Scale75 paints on the figures. I would have to dig them back out to get the names off of the bottles, but they are from the Sky & Ice set. The hair also had white and yellow mixed in to create the highlights, though mostly white to keep it differentiated from the greens in their seaweed clothing parts.
  19. With metal figures disappearing from the store I decided to start making Reaper orders again. 14082 Margara, Dwarf Mage 14093 Finari, Crusaders Hero 14116 Caerwynn, Elven Hero 14165 Selwyn, Elven Captain 14204 Acacia,Crusaders Sergeant 14318 Cleric of Ishnar, Mercenaries Cleric 14338 Okuran, Mercs 14339 Marda of the Blade 14361 Reven Beastman Woodcutter 14368 Ophelia, Daughter of the Whip 14376 Nalada, Sister of the Blade Warrior 14509 Varashia, Vale Archer Sergeant 14544 Ian, Ivy Crown Mage 14581 Oakhearth Warden 14624 Dhalea Duormidhaz, Dark Elf Wizard Then they threw in some promotional figures. 01225 Reaper Christmas Sampler 30105 Jolie, Adventuring Scribe 77488 Skara, Female Skoli 77439 Vonsalay, Half Orc Wizard 01620 Cat Dragon 01640 2019 Cat Dragon in Tree
  20. My Secret Sophie partner is moving, so I needed to get mine done and in the mail ASAP. After spending a decent amount of time on the skin, the rest of it got pushed through fairly quickly. Quickly enough I probably missed something, but that's for my partner to find. The photos of Ollamiel are mostly color accurate, though I don't recall the red cloth looking so vibrant in hand. Taking these pics made me realize I'd missed the bits in her hair. Her clothing was something of an experiment. They didn't quite work as expected, but tropical fish come in all sorts of colors and there wasn't really time to redo them anyway so... If you ever purchase her be aware she is one of those minis with an unfortunate mold line across her face. It cleaned up well enough that she is ok from either side, but when viewed directly you can see the symmetry is a bit off.
  21. It looked interesting until I saw the price tag. Someday, should I ever decide to work through my mountain of Bones, I might consider it. Oh how I hate those mold lines. I generally don't have a problem removing supports though, which makes it harder to justify spending the money. It occurs to me that I am not buying myself any kind of expensive Christmas present this year. Money to burn... 🤔
  22. It looked interesting until I saw the price tag. Someday, should I ever decide to work through my mountain of Bones, I might consider it. Oh how I hate those mold lines. I generally don't have a problem removing supports though, which makes it harder to justify spending the money. One of my dad's friend had to go to the emergency room because he sliced the tip of his finger off with one of those. I've always been careful with mine, so no injuries thus far.
  23. No Work. It's not that I dislike my job, just that there other things I would like to do more.
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