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  1. Except for the metallics, I got one finished today. Second is basecoated. Still on track to complete all painting this week.
  2. This one was on pause for weeks due to a copyright complaint. It was resolved with a couple days left to run.
  3. Time for my monthly round-up of things not already posted. As usual most of these will be a pass for me. Artisan Guild - I do need some warforged, so this one is definitely maybe. LOOT - Do you need a giant turtle castle? Crippled God Foundry - has greenskins. Cobramode - Print Minis - updates every week. To start there is a female gang. Papsikels - all the terminators you will ever need. Lost Kingdom - is expanding their dwarven army. Ritual Casting - has the second figure of the set. Rubim has a couple of figures. A coworker tried to talk me into playing Genshin Impact, but I never got around to it. Ronin Arts Workshop - has a pin-up and seasonal figures. I don't believe I've backed them since they switched formats. Bit The Bullet - is releasing elementals. RNE - is all over the place. STL - has a couple of packs. The vendors are nice, but there are already soooo many undead out there. DMStash - has incorporated plants to things; that makes it fey. OXO3D - continues to release waifus. AVG Fantasy - almost seasonal. Signum - orcs and goblins Nerikson - has two figure. I think he also redid his tiers. Maybe. Great Grimoire Gamescape 3D - I believe their KS is still running. Nutshell - is working on a water sprite I believe. Village Hope - is back after taking a month off. NomNom - has another bonus figure this month to go along with their usual releases. Creature Armory - has released a creature. LotP - here's the group shot. Hellcreator - claims one of these is going to take a lot of resin. Definitely hollow the horse. Mini Monster Mayhem has space hamsters. Clay Cyanide - is doing Lord of the Rings. Dragon Trappers Lodge 3D Art Guy is on Sci-Fi month.
  4. Material is a big one. I have a closet full of Bones and quit buying cheap minis. Not a fan of gore or nurgle. Characters holding severed heads. Advertising stls as 32mm when they won't print at that scale.
  5. It varies from almost none (there is a color scheme to follow, such as an existing character) to what feels like more time spent planning than painting.
  6. My goal is to finish Secret Sophie early. After that I have some mostly painted D&L terrain that needs its finishing touches and sealing.
  7. Some years, when I have the time. I don't go crazy about it like a few of my coworkers though.
  8. These are designed to take LED balls so there is no wiring. They are super cheap (10¢ each), but have a finite life.
  9. Fantasy LEDS - Make your table shine! Volume 1 STLs designed to hold an LED.
  10. I got the email earlier and was trying to decide if I wanted to back or not. One one hand it overlaps pretty hard with what I already own. On the other retail pricing will probably be high enough that they few things I do want will cost more than the whole KS.
  11. I have EPAX nFEP on both my printers and they work pretty well. I can't speak to comparative longevity though as I replaced the factory FEPs.
  12. I already did that once to get my current degree so... If you put it that way I'd get a degree in mini painting and sculpting. If someone is going to send me back to school, they could at least create a degree program for me, right? Plus the homework assignments would help me clean out my closet.
  13. Unlike some of you I've never met any of the Reaper people, so to me Reaper is just a pretty well run company with good customer service. I appreciate them more for this forum than anything they sell.
  14. By my count 1/3 of the warlord SKUs are missing in the store. Some are the big ones you would expect due their price, some were unattractive so I could see why they wouldn't sell well (like the darkspawn archers), and others I recognized as already being in Bones.
  15. While most people I know seem to only ever eat pumpkin in a pie with a premade blend of spices, it is a winter squash. If you like savory recipes using other squash you might like pumpkin minus the "pumpkin spice." I made a pumpkin soup a few weeks ago that was similar to butternut squash soup.
  16. Apple, with the caveat that the cook doesn't go crazy with the cinnamon.
  17. This weekend I'll have to see what is gone from the store and pick up what I want elsewhere, while it is still easy to get. While Reaper has to do what makes sense for them financially, I personally have no interest in Bones. I'll give Dark Sword $10 for a metal figure or back a Patreon instead.
  18. I don't mind a little snow or temps in the 20s (F), but I'm not a fan of it getting below 0. Which is to say between 1-3 hours south of where I currently live is ok. Below that they get several rounds of freezing rain every year, which is a whole different kind of bad. At that point you may as well keep moving south and skip winter all together.
  19. Forge of Doom Miniatures: The God of a Thousand Eyes
  20. Thanks for all the replies. Really helps. Auberon I'm curious as to why you think the final product will look lacking. I'm certainly not what I would consider a great painter but I am starting to take strides and want to use "good" tools. What is it about these that would limit me to table top quality in your opinion? That range is just missing some colors/tones that are found in human skin. Aside from the paints I've mentioned you can also do things like mixing some yellow into your highlight or glazing magenta into your shadows. If you look at this gallery you will see some examples of how varied you can get. Arnau Lazaro Actually this might be a better example, just because I know he uses Reaper skin tones and mixes in the paints I mentioned above. David Powell
  21. The Reaper Triads of Fair Skin, Tanned Skin, and Dark Skin make a 9 paint continuum. You can pick your mid-tone and then proceed up or down the scale for highlights and shadows. That said, your final product will look lacking if you are aiming higher than tabletop. You will want a reddish brown to mix into your shadows. Rosy Shadow, Chestnut Brown, and Mahogany Brown are all good choices, depending on how dark your skin is.
  22. While I tend to use the oven more once it gets cold out, I don't really have fall foods.
  23. Now that I have everything I did the cleaning, basing, and the first coat of primer is on. Of course, that reveals all of the imperfections you missed and a second round of prepping begins.
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