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  1. Read Me First: This got really long. Keep reading if you want a searchable image gallery of all of your minis. It will seem complicated because I took a lot of screenshots, but I learned everything here in 1 day. If you jump to the end there is a summary of everything WPAA+ will let you do. If you are like me you may have started off being able to keep track of all the minis you owned in your head, but it probably didn't take too long before you needed some help. Enter the spreadsheet. This worked for awhile, but after years of retail purchases, Kickstarters, and Patreons, trying to cross reference everything became nearly impossible. Do you have a female dual wielding ranger for the game next week, or don't you? And if you did where did you put her... What I'm about to go through won't help with the boxes in your closet but it will at least give you a visual way to see what you own. Even if you can't find it. The plan is to make things easy and free. Now when you think of a web page you likely think of something that is hosted on a server somewhere. And while this is true, it would be crazy to edit a page live and break it while customers are using it. As such there are offline tools to create, experiment, and learn what you are doing. We will be using one of these to create our inventory. Could you make this live and show the world your collection? After all is said and done you could if you want. So first things first, we need to be able to run our offline page. There are a couple of free options. XAMPP will make you feel like an IT guy. It straight up warns you that it has no security and is only for offline development. Unfortunately it conflicted with my PCs raid software. On to option 2. Local is designed specifically to run offline WP sites and should be straightforward for novice users. It had the same conflict for me, but has a built in workaround. Download and install Local, sign up if you want or not, and run it. You will get a screen that looks like this, minus the tutorial. That was something I made to learn what I was doing. In the lower left corner is a plus to "Add Local Site." Create a new site. Name it whatever you want. I expanded the advanced options, but you don't need to touch those. Accept preferred. Go with whatever you want. Just remember it since you will need it to log into your offline site. And done. You could "Open site" but there won't be much there yet. Instead go for "WP Admin." At some point around here it should automatically install Wordpress. After logging in it will take you to the dashboard. Basic WP is basic. Of course by now, someone has made a plugin to do exactly what we want. The trick locating a free one. Select Plugins and "Add New". Search for "wp photo album plus", install and activate it. There it is. You may need to refresh your screen, but "Photo Album" should appear at the bottom of the list on the lower left hand side as well as above. Now we need to change a few settings. Feel free to play around if you want. I'll be going from left to right on the Basic settings. First, under layout, increase the thumbnail font size. I went with 15, but YMMV. Eventually I'll be using "Photo of the day". I increased the frequency so I get a new photo every time I visit the page. For the thumbnails I find 100 pixels to be a little on the small side. Feel free to do whatever, but I doubled everything. Too small can't see/too big can't see many images at once. Here are the search settings. We can't do much yet since there is nothing to search, but at least make sure "include tags" is ticked. Before we upload any images, we need somewhere to put them. Under Album Admin "Add New." I created "Reaper Miniatures" and can now upload photos to it. You'll have some limits shown on how much you can upload at once. After uploading them you can "Moderate" them. First make sure the image has a proper name. Then this is where the magic happens. Whatever tags you add can be used later to search for them. Add as many as seem useful. In the example below I have an SKU as a tag, but later realized it would be better in the description. At first you will have to type in all your tags, but if you navigate away and come back they will be added to the drop down menu. Afterwords you can just select the old ones, though you'll have to keep adding new ones as they come up. I tagged 12 Reaper Minis I own and then created another album for Dark Sword so we would have two to work with. Now that we have a couple of albums we need somewhere to put them and a way to search them. WP runs on themes, which can be found under "Appearance". It comes with three but there are literally thousands to chose from. Of course, most of them you have to pay for if you want them to actually be useful. For now we will use "Twenty Twenty-One" as our demo since everyone will have it. If it is not active hover over it and select "Activate". Next go to "Pages". You will see two default pages. Feel free to delete them then "Add New". You will see something like this. It needs a name so we can keep track of it. Hit "Publish" twice to active the page. Repeat a few more times and we now have Home, Dark Sword, Reaper, and The Eagle. The WPAA+ search function says it wants a landing page so that is what the last one is for. Now that you have some pages you can create a menu if you want. The option is found under "Appearances". Unfortunately it appears nice menus is something developers use to get you to upgrade to paid themes. I won't be making use of them. And there it is. By the time I'm done my menu will reach down to the floor. Before we set up any searches let's designate our landing page. "Edit" it. In the upper left hand corner of the WP edit screen is a blue plus. It will open a sidebar with all of your widgets in it. There they are. An an example I have placed a button on the page, though it isn't really necessary. The WPAA+ results will have navigation built in. Look around until you find the "shortcode" widget. It allows for simple commands without the possibility of inserting malicious code. In this case we are just pasting what WPAA+ says should be used to designate it's landing page. Just cut and paste [wppa type="landing"] Now that we have a landing screen we can go back to the WPAA+ options and set it. Once again, make sure tags are searchable. We have made a couple of galleries but they need some place to live. Edit the Reaper tab and go alllll the way down on the widget menu to find "WPAA Gallery" Here are the options I used. If you now "Preview" the page you can see what it looks like. Really narrow, but that is due to the theme. You can see each image displays its name and the SKU I put in the description. The "Delete" option you can make go away back in the WPAA+ options. You will see it's gone later. To our home screen! You can see there is a basic search option, but we don't want to chose that one. We will be using the WPAA one. Here you see the default search bar is still here (don't install) as well as the WPAA search bar. I'll show the options for that in a second, but first add three columns below it. There is a bit of a jump here because GIMP crashed and I lost some screenshots. In the first column I placed the "Pages" widget so I have a list of all my pages (rather than using the menu), in the center I inserted the shortcode for the WPAA Picture of the day - [wppa type="mphoto" photo="#potd" size="0.5" align="center"], and in the left column I inserted the WPAA tagcloud. For both WPAA Search and WPAA tagcloud the first step is to add a WPAA gallery just like we did before. Then you need to select "A search/selection box" as shown below. Then for a search box select "A search box" or for a tagcloud select "A tagcloud box." For search you can set the landing page again, though we have already designated it. Now let's take a look in preview! We have a search, a page list, a tagcloud, and a photo of the day. This theme doesn't look very good though, so let's work on that. Go to Appearance - Themes. Since we're keeping this simple and free let's add "Hello Elementor" to see how that changes things. Go to Appearances and "Add New" theme. (Elementor is a Free/Paid step up from the basic WP editor. Hello is their super basic intro page). Activate it. Now that "Hello" is active we can "Customize" it. In the preview you can see how the page we built looks different with the new theme. It is wider and whiter. Now if you clicked "Home" at any point on one of the albums, you may have noticed you ended up somewhere strange. This is because WP defaults to taking you back to your most recent post. We want to change that. Go to "Homepage Settings." and set the homepage to "Home". Now you will always come back to the page you see below. OK, we've built it and we know we can browse it, so let's try searching it. First search, "Male". This brings up every image that I have tagged as "male". We see their name (you did give your pic a good name didn't you), description (SKU), manufacturer (because that's how I named their album), and what they look like. But I can already do that using the tagcloud. Let's try something more specific, "male monster" Here are all the images I tagged with both male and monster. At this point you have a functional offline website. If you go back to Local, you can now select "Open site" to go directly to your site. And there you have it. We now have the ability to: Use the page list to visually browse by manufacturer. Use the tagcloud to search by a single tag, i.e "archer" or "bugbear" Use search to narrow it down even further using multiple tags. Obviously at this point you can play around to make it look nicer, install different themes, upgrade the editor, hide the page names, etc, but your WPAA+ based organization is underway.
  2. Someone in college had some type of lizard they didn't want to take care of, so they gave it to me. It lasted most of the year before someone let it escape (or it did so itself. I can't remember anymore) No can do. That would spoil the exchange mini surprise.
  3. I had been trying to think up a better way to inventory my many many minis than a simple spreadsheet, and I think I may have hit on a good way using a plugin for wordpress. I got the idea on Thursday, figured out how to do it on Friday, and made my test site this morning. Which is to say it's not hard to do. If there is any interest I could make a tutorial for y'all to try out yourselves. If not, that will save me some typing.
  4. I'm not from here originally, but I looked up some trivia: location of the first U.S. military fort in the upper Mississippi region location of the first U.S. military cemetery in the upper Midwest [former] home of the Sheaffer Pen Corporation Famous people you've never heard of: Black Hawk - Sauk leader Keokuk - Sauk leader Orion Clemens - he had a famous brother that used to visit a lot. Dick Klein - Founder of Chicago Bulls Elsa Maxwell - she even got a reference in Superman #1 Jeremy Soule - Some of my coworkers remember him from high school. If you play video games, you've probably heard his music.
  5. My current place is too small to really do so. I'll let you know if I ever get around to upgrading. Varies greatly by size and the quality I'm going for. Hours to 20+ hours. Whenever I do laundry. Or when someone might visit.
  6. Heroes of Might & Magic III The Board Game This has gone up a bajillion dollars since I came across it right before going to bed yesterday.
  7. Dr Baverstock of The Huntress Quartet 75mm & 1:12 Scale STL I like to look for the larger scale models, but she's not quite my style.
  8. Arbiter Miniatures Kickstarter 7: The Dwarven Lords There must be a dwarf KS going at all times.
  9. Saelum, Lordess of the Red Tower - Femme Fatale Issue #02 I feel Patreon has ruined me on the pricing of these campaigns.
  10. Sea Stack Cove 1: The Lighthouse-Digital STL for 3DPrinting He's been teasing this one for awhile now on the patreon.
  11. The good: My Reaper order arrived today. Check for the gift minis The bad: The character I planned to paint is missing a hand and the weapon it was holding. I'll have to contact support. The ugly: I have to work this weekend, so it's not like I was going to get much done anyway.
  12. Considering the vast majority of my purchasing for the last two years has switched to stls, I find this question to be less fair the more time passes. That said, from years past I have enough physical minis to keep me occupied for a long time. At my current employed pace they would last forever, but if I were retired and could paint every day I could chew through them at a pretty good clip.
  13. The pirate ship. Jeanne. I don't recall what scale she was but... 8 qt instantpot for scale: I don't really interact with most of them, so maybe that makes them think I'm odd?
  14. The last few months I haven't pledged that much on patreon. With several months of hobby budget saved up maybe I'll channel my inner whale. RNE - Still with the three small sets. Creature Armory - Looks to have a set of minis rather than a larger scale figure. Clay Cyanide - has a set of Valkyries. 3D Art Guy - back around to fantasy month. Here's the elf king. Dragon Trappers Lodge - journeys through the astral sea. Great Grimoire - only has their first figure posted. They also have a MMF campaign going. Bite the Bullet - also doesn't have a lot posted yet. Eventually there will be more centaurs. White Werewolf Tavern - heads into the woods. MMM - wants to help you practice painting NMM Lord of the Print - Mice, lots of mice. Artisan Guild - has gnomes. I don't have a lot of gnome stls but I'm not sure I'm sold on this style. Signum - has dark elves for their faction. Titan Forge - has a vermin army. DM Stash - has a couple of dragons and dragon kin. STL - has a D&D tribute going on.
  15. Beautiful Display Cabinets for Miniatures and More I'd kind of forgotten about these guys.
  16. Not that I've seen, was using a spreadsheet. It's vastly out of date.... Same. So many stls to add to the list...
  17. And another round. Some slowpokes still haven't posted their monthly offering. Hell Creator Ronin Arts Workshop Papsikels Gamescape 3D Ritual Casting Gracewind Daybreak Lost Kingdoms Print Mini
  18. Domination I like the concept, but it has been a bit since I paid that much for a single mini.
  19. I haven't had a chance to look around much yet, but here are a few to get started. Nerikson - Rubim - NonNom - OXO3D - Nutshell - Cobramode -
  20. I have been to music played outdoors, but nothing big. Both originally aired before my time, but between the spin-offs and syndication I saw plenty of Scooby Doo as a child. Speed Racer I've heard of but I've never seen an episode.
  21. While I do drink coffee every day, I could switch to another source of caffeine. Alternatively I could get a job with a different schedule. When I can sleep in past 7am I don't really need anything.
  22. Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood (2nd Edition) Oathsworn uses 45mm scale, which could make repurposing iffy. You do have the option to skip the minis and save $100.
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