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  1. No. I'm not even sure that I've stood in line for half an hour to see a movie.
  2. It's been pretty quiet here. Do you have enough participants for this to work or do we need to have someone like @Reaper_Jon page the discord?
  3. If I said "Infinity" would that mean anything to you?
  4. Ursalox, Wyrm-Hunter One of those $1 stl KS that pop up from time to time. Even if you have no need for an ursalox now, it's only $1.
  5. My Sweet Manticore, A big Cat STL to 3D Print I'm to the point where I'm looking to fill gaps in my stl collection. A manticore mount would be one.
  6. Painting Pack: Kolinsky Sable & Wolf Bristle Brushes I've never tried wolf bristle.
  7. I haven't seen a western cartoon in so long that I don't remember any openings. I haven't watched anime in years either, but when I did I would watch the intro/outro sequence once and then skip it for the rest of the series.
  8. No. In order to keep us at 40 hours we get a scheduled day off (SDO) during the week. The good thing is that SDOs are always Monday/Friday so if we work one weekend we get a three day weekend on the other end. That equation changes if staffing drops. Then SDOs start to go away and it becomes extended workweeks with overtime.
  9. I regularly do nothing, but this does not require extensive planning.
  10. Not really, though as fall has arrived this week nature is decorating. Can't think of any.
  11. Sunrise happens while I'm at work and I don't normally see the sunset, so I can't claim to have a preference.
  12. I looked around a little earlier than usual, which means some creators are still lacking previews. I'll try and remember to check back on them later. RNEStudio keeps doing multiple themes. I would prefer one larger one, like most creators do. Hellcreator has three characters this month. Lord of the print has an evil looking army. Maybe they are just misunderstood. NomNom looks to have some original characters for October. Ritual Casting doesn't seem to like Patreon. Dragon Trappers is keeping the monthly theme. OXO3D Lost Kingdoms is back to their dwarven army. I believe the preview for this was already posted, so here's the group shot. Artisan Guild has some magical characters for you. Rubim is working on this friendly person. RAW has the four horsemen this month and a pinup. Great Grimoire. Bit the Bullet is creating Warforged. 3D Art Guy is on Grimdark month, which is normally a pass for me, but she might be fun to paint. STL has genasi and some terrain. I think I played one in 4E once. DM Stash has undead for October. Gamescape 3D is finishing off last months release. Gracewindale has a spooky house, which looks like a reworked version of a normal house they released months ago. Nutshell is working on a Valkyrie. AVG has more vampires. Cobramode keeps the theme as well. Papsikels Signum, not sure which faction these are in. Kraken's Vault has a statue. Daybreak has rhino people. I can say that is a race I've never used in gaming. Nerikson. LOOT does October.
  13. I don't really use it so it doesn't have much opportunity.
  14. I was going to say no, but then I remembered one. The weather was good and it was short so I suppose I enjoyed it as much as possible.
  15. An Italian shipping notice showed up in my inbox. I assume it must be for in the in-production paints, so those should at least arrive before it gets too cold.
  16. Not really a festival goer, though even if I were I'm not aware of much going on locally.
  17. Everyone once in a great while I'll do something holiday, but no plans for this year.
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