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  1. Paint terrain with no fiddly bits. It's working great for me this week. Seriously though, I have a very minor issue with this. Some basic bracing and creating a repeatable stroke solves most problems. If I'm stressed there is probably something going on, and I'm unlikely to be painting anyway.
  2. I only saw one Mr Hobby item. It was almost all VMC and Testors enamel. I have a Vallejo tube putty (not sure if they have more than one type) but it reactivates if it gets wet again. I can handle a bit of shrinking if the Testors otherwise behaves.
  3. I had the day off so I made the trip to Hobby Lobby to stock up on a few items. The initial plan had been to pick up a tamiya clear to try out, but all the local store stocked were the gundam colors. So bust there. I did pick up a few other things though. Krylon rattle cans - primer, gloss, and matte for the terrain I'm working on. Craft paints - three shade of terracotta for upcoming D&L tile roof painting. Testors contour putty - to try as I've never used it. Success or failure will depend on how workable it is after drying. Classroom round brush set - I wanted cheap brushes that I could beat up painting terrain. 40% off made them 32¢ each, for an assortment of 6, 8, 10, and 12.
  4. I was looking at this a few minutes ago, and waaaay down there is a resin miniatures set and an STL/pdf set. I have a photo quality Canon printer, but I haven't used it in ages. After paying for color ink it feels like I should have just gone for the physical product.
  5. Back when all I had was physical minis I did a pretty good job of keeping a spreadsheet. Patreon has thrown so many files at me that I've lost track.
  6. Good...ish? That drop in the value of the pound is going to be offset to a degree by the generally higher cost of shipping anything anywhere these days. Still gonna be a bit spendy due to international shipping, but depending on what you want it might just be the difference between "definitely out of my range" and "Let me check my budget and check the couch for spare change"... As of the time I posted this post, the US dollar and the pound were almost equal (1 pound = 1.08 US dollars, according to www.xe.com currency calculator), whereas in the recent past the pound was about equal to 1.5 US dollars. According to the currency calculator I used, the pound is currently equal to 1.47 Canadian dollars. Yes. While listed currency conversions are technically what the big banks get and not you (most, but not all, charge a small fee for currency conversion), the better the exchange rate the further your money goes. Conversely it makes it more expensive for the other guy to import stuff, so the cost of Reaper minis in England will go up. To use Jack's numbers, if you were to load up your cart with £100 worth of minis (generally enough to get free shipping) it would currently cost $108. Pre Brexit the same £100 would have cost $150.
  7. FYI for shoppers: the markets reacted poorly to the latest UK tax policy, dropping the pound to a 37 year low against the dollar. If there's something you've been waiting to pull the trigger on...
  8. I plan to 3D print some... 3D printed. I've tried it. It was ok I guess. They can let you quickly try out color combos you might not have otherwise thought of, but I still prefer to see it in hand.
  9. Warbands of the Cold North- Goblins Not seeing this one posted yet.
  10. I've seen some takes on it, and what it comes down to is how high the magic is and how tough the beasties are. i.e. Dragons that bullets bounce off of and are capable of smacking a fighter jet out of the sky are more trouble than those that can't. Same with wizard that can drop a meteor on a military base, etc.
  11. Eh, I'll just do one big post this time. I got delayed a bit by the loss of internet earlier this week. Daybreak has a group of Minotaurs. They have quite the teeth: Great Grimoire is all about the dark arts: Dragon Trappers Lodge has oozes and mimics: Hell Creator has Tifa and some other guys: 3D Art Guy is back to Sci-Fi. An Alien, a space cop, and a few others: Lord of the Print is into deforestation this month. RNE has three small sets this month: Village Hope is back to Japan. Here is the first set: Gracewind is winding down towards the end. This month is everything you need for the ol' farmstead: NomNom. I don't see the original character idea for September, but they did pretty good with the one earlier this year. OXO3D STL will protect the forest from LotP: Cobramode has some creatures/bases/terrain as usual: Print Minis has a crane as part of this month's set. Pasikels is fighting aliens: Signum has tentacles: Creature Armory has a female predator bust: Kraken's Vault has a samurai statue this month: For his final month FantiZe has two figures: Clay Cyanide heads into the fiery depths: Mini Monster Mayhem has another round of dinos. IIRC the sketches were posted here already, but these are the final renders: Rubim's GK this month is a character I'm not familiar with: Ronin Arts Workshop has some moth people? and a pin up: Ritual Casting has the second figure in the set. Nutshell is working on a magician. Not sure if there will be a rabbit.
  12. I painted these over the recent holiday weekend. I didn't want boring grey stone, so I decided to make the poor coverage of cheap craft paints work for me. First I stippled everything with browns and red oxide and then went over it with my grey paint. The original colors still show through, though somewhat muted, which helps it look like veins of minerals still in the stone. Most importantly it was sloppy and quick.
  13. I haven't been painting anything exciting recently, just some useful terrain. This little hut is from one of Lovecraft's kickstarters, though I can't remember which one. It was small enough that I hollowed it and printed it in resin. I'm not familiar with this type of roof. Maybe those should be 2x4s going across, but there was soooo much wood that I made them steel bands for variety. It is just big enough that a few figures can fit inside.
  14. Sure. I don't collect paint, so I buy what I need. I am willing to upgrade when something better comes along. Short of a new formulation coming out that is impervious to damage I don't plan to buy more paint this year. I don't collect terrain either, so as I check things I need off of my list I don't feel the urge to buy more. Minis... well I have at least reached the point where I am more selective in what I purchase. I.e I might buy one really interesting goblin, but there's no reason to buy a pack of them.
  15. Man, no internet since Sunday... There is an orchard down the road with really good apple cider. Other than that nothing much will change until it gets cold. The high monday is 90F, so yeah, still summer food.
  16. No, it is still too early. Sunday will be our first cool day, but then the next ten days is the same weather we've had for the last month.
  17. While I admittedly did not dig too deeply, the headline I saw this morning was that they had decided to switch from managing their security internally (the 5 people they fired) to outsourcing it. Bad news for the former employees, but it doesn't mean hackers are posting my payment information all over the world either.
  18. I do not. New game, new character. The few swag bags that I have are sitting in my closet, though useful collectibles (like minis) have been removed.
  19. It was uneventful. I got some painting done on D&L terrain. I woke up early this morning, so I look forward to a full night of sleep.
  20. The lower power consumption and longer life will certainly appeal to a segment of users. I won't be worrying about it until my current printers die, which is hopefully a ways off.
  21. I have used pre-made and made my own. One problem with many of the commercial screens have is that the player facing side is just cool art. In a lot of systems there are charts and tables that are useful to the players as well, so functionally having something on their side is useful. Unless you play at a really big table, or the players have bad eyesight.
  22. This month's Loot and the new 3 month loyalty reward. There is a flumph and tiny flumph planet for @Pezler the Polychromatic :
  23. Same as always. I was going to visit with the family, but it sounds like my brother/sister-in-law got everyone sick with covid this week. So that's not happening Above, but it is a little late to change plans today and go to texas.
  24. If you got one of the existing video tutorials they went out as a "newsletter." Depending on how your email is set up it may not arrive in your primary tab/folder.
  25. That would be these (not mine pictured). They are more or less as old as I am.
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