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  1. Guard dags, from what I can tell, come from Crusaders and Halflings faction. the Storm Elemental is also in Halflings as a solo/monster.
  2. This. If you’re running bondslave I just change your casters around a bit. Offensive casters with a meat shield is scary business.
  3. I feel like the fact that I can field 144 bond slaves disgusting. Thank you overlords for your gift. What do mosy folks use them for anyhow? Fodder? Quantity has its own Quality? Cause they're so damn cheap? I get it with some cheap units (couatl, goblins, zealots, zombies) but why these fellas?
  4. Sw WA. Often go to LGS here in Vancouver. Sometimes, go to portland or seattle. Would go further.
  5. Silly rules be damned! If they didnt want us to take from Savage North they shouldn't have tempted us! Scoundrels and pirates we be! We take what's we want! I really dont understand why that interpretation exists though. I've never played a game where taking a Savage North unit has given me any more of an advantage than taking an appropriate selection from the core book.
  6. If Reaper wont support the game anymore, can we atleast have a sticky thread where we find local shops that people can agree to meet at and play? I know people have done such things but not everyone is in the "in crowd" or knows anyone. We are the futre of the game. Is good game.
  7. Wife made a new list cause I learned how to kill all her cats. 998pts, 16 models, 41DT. It's fairly hateful. The idea is that the healers keep up Treebeard(s) and the arcanists fling him into position to trample. Favorably, you would teleport him with Larnach and attempt to Dominate with Niriodil, then trample on. Cats and Centaurs are Skirmishers. Troop 1 (41 pts) Larnach the Grey Familiar Peruhain, Elven Monk Niriodil Centaur Archer x 2 Luck Stone Hunting Cat x 3 Troop 2 (278 pts) Selwyn Lysette Book of Tactics Magic Ranged Weapon Centaur Archer x 2 Hunting Cat x 2 Troop 3 (155 pts) Mossbeard the Treeman Troop 4 (155 pts) Mossbeard the Treeman
  8. Alright, Folks. New list. Easy proxy. Bounty Doctrine Troop 1: Deckard Nightveil 59 10X Veil Swordsmen 13 Leisynn 70 2X Phylactery 10 Troop 2: Mack Hardwick 3X Merc Crossbowmen 27 3X Merc Axemen 16 2X Veil Swordsmen 13 Theda 61 Gars 62 2X Phylactery 10 Troop 3: Dingo 39 3X Merc Crossbowmen 27 3X Merc Axemen 16 Olivia 45 Phylactery 10 Troop 4: Artemis 35 2X Merc Crossbowmen 27 2X Merc Axemen 16 2X Veil Swordsmen 13 1000Pt. Mage shenanigans is the core tactics. 3 of 5 mages are enchanters so AoE stuns mixed with swift attack and rish attacks to mitigate point loss amongst infantry. Crossbowmen are a must. Not only are they effective for the cost, but there presence allows you to set up decent charge lanes. Another list, 999pts, 29 models, 64 DT This list is a similar shtick. The primary hate comes from the Spellcasters supporting everyone else to maximum effect. I personally think this one will work very well. Barrages, Blow-though, and Pierce. Oh my! Also, flying Soul Cannon which has 2x initiative cards. Troop 1 (351 pts) Mack Hardwick -BoT Leisynn, Wizard of Chaos - -Shadow Armor, Phylactery Theda, Priestess of Thezrael-- -Phylactery Mercenary Warrior x 6 Mercenary Spearman x 2 Standard Troop 4 (70 pts) Soul Cannon Troop 2 (233 pts) Dingo Appledimple Gars Necka- Phylactery Mercenary Crossbowman x 4 Mercenary Spearman x 2 Troop 5 (75 Pts) Soul Cannon. Luckstone Troop 3 (212 pts) Artemis Olivia, Priestess of Shadarzaddi-- -Phylactery Mercenary Crossbowman x 4 Mercenary Spearman x 2
  9. My Wife's list. Troop 1: Larnach 127 Nirodel 62 Peruhain, Elven monk 60 10 x Hunting Cats 21ea Troop 2: Meridh 25 8 x Hunting Cats 21ea Troop 3: Meridh 25 8 x Hunting Cats 21ea Troop 4: Meridh 25 6x Hunting Cats 21ea Luck rock 3 999Pt of Savage. Its a fun side list as it is rather chaotic and quick.
  10. Played the list. Did well and most of my destruction ended up comming from the casters and crossbowmen. The Couatl did their job very well though. Half way through the engagement I realised I did not have enough Anti-flying nor did I have enough capability to strike at high-value targets without suffering great casualties. Also, no good against the undead. Fun list...ultimately scrapped.
  11. I could see this functioning well in synergy with the Giant's reach! This would be an intimidating list to play against for sure! If only we could have more giants...
  12. Currently, my nemesis army is Elves. These are no ordinary elves either. They got Saber-toothed cats! And Tree-men! And other such outlandish things! I require solid measure of unit count and control to overcome it. Selwin comes at me with a barrage hit-and-run and the tree men b-line to my most expensive units and trample along the way. so expendable rangers with 2DT damage potential covering the board seemed apt to pair with the cultists and their bloodlust. And ofcourse the old "ressurect the treeman" gag in addition.
  13. 1000 pt game limit. It started as just another snake cult... The idea is to create a screen of virulent snakes to take the brunt of the impact from charging lines. Or to wreak venomous impact upon enemy models. Each couatl model will be set apart by 7/8ths of an inch in checkerboard patterns if defence is required. If not, chaos on the battlefield. Cultists will act as strikers and will imbed with couatl, familiars and wizards who shape the battlefield with walls, blasts, and AOE muckery. Crossbowmen are to focus down elites and troops who are poised for charge a cultist group. Each leader was chosen to accommodate leader loss in order of rank (Deckard, 2xHedessa,) as well to provide inspiration and rally. In the case of Deckard, he is also an additional spellcaster and elite killer. If buffed with dr/2 he may pull off a blade barrier which would be damaging. These leaders are appropriately geared to accomodate maximum hate. I got a stone giant since its sterile and I like the taste. He is an arrow sponge and to be flung into combat by Liesynn or be fed by Liesynn. Troop 1: Deckard Nightveil, Snake Priest.+Book of Tactics+Assassin Blade+Shadow Armor. 99Pts. -Leisynn+Familiar+Shadow Armor 95pts. 10X Couatl 90pts 5X Snake Cultists 90pts Troop 2: Hadesaa+Shadow Armor+Vemous Blade. 51Pts -Olivia, Priestess of the Garder 45pts 4X Couatl 36pts 2X Merc Crossbowmen 54pts 5X Snake Cultists 90 Troop 3: Hadesaa+Shadow Armor+Venomous Blade 51pts 4X Couatl 36pts 2X Merc Crossbowmen 54pts 5X Snake Cultists 90 Troop 4: Stone Giant 88pts Troop 5: 3X Couatl 27pts. Luck Rock 3Pts. 999pts of elegant entropy. 6 Cards. 5 5roop. 48 Models. 3 Casters. 1 Spy.
  14. Okay team gemini! I am new to warlord... and I understand it is not as popular as I would like it to be... thats okay Either way, here is my planned list, if I could get feedback, I would appreciate it. Reven - 999 points Troop 1 Varaug the Great, Bull Orc Ombur Skulltooth, Bull Orc Gaaguk, Bull Orc Berserker Bull Orc Berserker x 7 Armor of Courage Bonesplitter Troop 2 Urga, Beastman Traeg, Beastman Hero Beastman Woodcutter x 6 Armor of Courage Troop 3 Harpy x 6 Troop 4 Nhoolyan, Hunting Beast Troop 5 Luck Stone Troop 1 is all crazy killfest style, get in close, and get angry Ombur is there to support Varaug and Nhoolyan as they will rush togather (Beast being a meat shield/ one hitter quitter. Troop 2 I really wanted to incorperate beastmen as they are well worth while, and Urga is basicaly designed for this exact settup Troop 3 Shock troop.
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