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  1. Today I will be beginning Golan. I'm picking him up sooner than I had intended in order to work on my lighting and shading, as I assume his larger features will better help me pick out what should be brighter. I'll also be working on my blending and glazing again, as the previous dwarf had some blending issues as well. I've primed him with a grey primer, and now I'll begin the task of picking a color scheme. :) Any quick suggestions?
  2. I've named my Khanjira the World Eater... So I'm going to +1 him over Kaladrax.
  3. thanks for the comments. Would you say that the dark's should be darker or the lights lighter for shading? I'm working on setting up a monitor for light reference images that should help with shading a bit. The yellow was actually shaded some but obviously not enough. I'm going to start a new mini tonight and I'll take the highlights up more.
  4. I suppose this is my first "show off" thread. He's not much to look at but since there are so few bones 2 painted I thought he could at least be inspiration for what not to do. 😊 These are different pics than the WIP thread, I have different lighting at my office, but they're still taken using my phone. Please let me know what you think could be done better, I'm still pretty new to painting.
  5. Aaaand... no more photos before the finish. I've tried to highlight the armor like NMM, but I'm not even sure that's what you would call it. The gold was supposed to be a bronze armor, but I didn't know if I wanted to add a metallic color with the armor. CC welcome. I can probably still touch him up but I'm happy with him for a table top piece. Spiders Next! Maybe I'll create a DND WIP, that way It's not over in one set of posts.
  6. Hair! (and armor) Base coating is finished in this stage. I've gathered an idea of what colors I want to paint him. Purple armor and a blue/ teal coat. Sorry for the fuzzy photos.
  7. Some face painting now, I've also done some poor eyes, they'll stay that way because those are still my best eyes.
  8. Received my Bones 2 shipment last week and updated my old WIP thread only to find out the rules have changed. So, here's my first Bones 2 painted character. No idea what I'll use him for, and I know the colors are not quite... Dwarvin. I've pretty much finished painting him, though I'm sure if I wanted to I could touch up quite a few things. Let's start with Grey Primer and a Solid Blue Base for the cloth items... on a very clean napkin.
  9. Wow, I don't think my work merits singular posts so I guess I'll start a new "seasonal" one for tips and suggestions. Also, Jason, I've been lurking. :)
  10. Ok... now that the thread is formally resurrected here's my first Bones 2 Mini. I'm not sure what colors to paint him, or if I'm even going to stick with the blue... I just happen to like blues and greens. I started the cape last night, I'll begin to reapply the washing techniques etc and hopefully find that I've not lost as much as I fear.
  11. Been a while... almost a year since my last post. I haven't been painting much since then, as my parents (who live in Kenya) came into town for over a month and by the time they left it was almost August... which meant almost Bones 2 right? Sadly that was not the case and I've been out of "the feeling" to paint since then because I kept waiting "until Bones 2 comes in." Well... IT'S FINALLY HERE! Which means I have to relearn a lot of what I learned last spring. So, I'll start where I did leave off. As well as the goblins that never showed back up... and a man that goes by the name.... Tim. He keeps mumbling something about a herring.
  12. Opened my box last night and was so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. I do have several ideas, but most are so complex I want to get back into the swing of things first. Also had the Bowser idea too...
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