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  1. Sorry, been a crazy week!!

    No unfortunately I will not be attending the con.

    However I would be interested in the Area 51 group.

    It's not too far from me and I would love to get games in around denton too!


    I haven't even started buying minis yet but I'm looking at dwarves and reven... Leaning more toward reven at this point... I just want a bunch of goblins. I was thinking of making two mini forces of each so I could sucker a few of my buddy's into playing too.


    When you get your minis and are ready for a game let me know.  I have a lot of non reaper minis, orcs, goblins, elves, chaos (but no dwarves), if you or your buddies want to try different factions. 


    What are possible playing sites in or around Denton?  Area 51 is not a good option for me.

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