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  1. Let the day off painting....begin!!

  2. Added more to my WIP

  3. Gonna paint some more tonight at the paint and take before work.

    1. Last Knight

      Last Knight

      Paint ALL THE THINGS!

  4. Just awoke from our post CMON sleep. Gonna post up something I was working on at the con....stay tuned!

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    2. Mr Melons

      Mr Melons

      Oh noooo!!! Now you'll have to hand select it and copy/paste. THE HORROR!!!!!! /dies =D

    3. Last Knight

      Last Knight

      Or I could... just go to your thread... there on the forums...

    4. Mr Melons

      Mr Melons

      You could but it would take all the fun out of it =(

  5. Finally finished my long work week. Might actually get some painitng done soon.

  6. Haven't been around much the past few days...between working 8 hour days inbetween a 4 hour D&D session and a 3 hour paint and take while running on like 6 hours of sleep each day.

  7. How ya holdin up sir?

  8. I'm is one of you's now!!!

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