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  1. 4 minutes ago, Christine1323 said:

    Awesome so chances are pretty good then. Thanks :)

    It depends.


    If you are looking for someone to split the cost of a room you have booked, yes.


    If you are looking for someone who has booked a room to split with you, more than likely no.

  2. 2 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    Rooms available.


    My room's booked. Wednesday thru Monday. Hope Rika can go this year, especially with the Melon Clan coming. She loves them so  much. They're so cute!

    That would be fun! The wife finds you guys just as adorable. We are currently going to be doing our best to have the little melon taken care of at home. But if we can't, then we would have to take him up with us (hopefully we won't have to as he will be 6 months and we don't want to expose him to too much). 

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  3. I would recommend starting off with the cloud giantess. She has curves and lots of skin to practice on.  Also, it's easier to learn on larger surfaces before moving on to smaller ones imo.


    Also, get lots of practice glazing in non "traditional" colors, like purple/reds/greens/blues. It feels counterintuitive but it makes skin look much more alive.

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  4. This is coming along nicely! I do have a few thoughts though. Wherever you do end up attaching it to the base, make sure that if you put flock or dirt under the cart, that you make the wagon wheel impressions in it. Otherwise, it'll look like you just glued it on there. Also, make sure to add some wear and tear to the paint on the wheels, as just moving it around some would begin stripping it if it were in real life. Even going as far as adding wear and tear to the bottom of the cart where rocks and debris hit it will add a touch of realism.

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  5. I would highly recommend not shackling yourself to just one paint brand. Each brand has it's own properties and consistencies. Scale 75 has an amazing line that has great metallics and some dry very matte. Vallejo has awesome airbrush ready paints in their Air line. P3 has a great all around paint line. And many more, with so many choices out there it can seem a bit overwhelming. But, each can be used to achieve different results.

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  6. Since ideas are being thrown around and keeping newbies in mind, my wife and I were talking and an idea came to fruition. We've been seeing that this year, the gaming has pretty much blown up and had a big draw. I'm sure there was also a big draw of first time/new painters that resulted from this. We were thinking that a paint and take is great but lacks any real input besides whomever is your neighbor at the tables. How about a walk up (not online registration) of a "class" that is like a live Learn to Paint Bones kit (just not the same miniatures that come with it). You pick one of three bones figures, grab instructions, grab three paints and begin painting it. The instructor then comes by and walks a person through the steps, providing feedback or advice throughout the whole miniature. I'm sure it could even be cross promoted with the Learn to Paint Bones kits.

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  7. So here is an idea.  House/Faction games! River Widows vs Bonehenge at a tug of war for points for their faction.  Painting hijinks for faction points, like a speed paint off.  Do it like house points in Harry Potter.  Etc.  But the problem is...how would they allocate the man power?  Volunteers? Reaper peeps? /shrug

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  8. We got two bags and both had last year's con paints. Considering that it was the only thing in the bag that we wanted besides the Sophie's, we paid $100 for stuff we didn't want when we could have just bought the Sophie's for $40 and called it. Gonna have the wife send an email and get a refund. No es bueno.

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  9. On 9/7/2018 at 12:22 AM, Green Eyed Monster said:

    This just stimulated my neurons to the point where the lightbulb is growing dimly.

    There needs to be "A Noobs Guide to ReaperCon".

    Could be a group project for forumites to give input to over the coming year.



    There is a thread on here with that. Most first timers don't ever really read through it cause it's like 40 pages. Also, most first timers don't ever listen to the vets (I was one once too). 

    On 9/8/2018 at 6:25 PM, Doug Sundseth said:


    With a limited edition miniature, you have to amortize the sculpting and mold costs across fewer figures. And since most of these were "given" away in swag bags, that means fewer still to break even. Boutique minis are always more expensive and often much more expensive.

    This. Also since it is limited vs part of the actual line, people will still pay the premium. If not, then there is always Christmas and the chance at getting older Sophie's and exclusives.

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  10. 6 hours ago, spencertheman said:



    I am looking to see if anyone has information on who sponsored the Badger airbrushes for the auction on Sunday. I checked the one I won (Thanks, Reaper!) but it seems to be used (paint and wear on the trigger) and is missing the extra nozzle. Were the airbrushes demos for class, or provided by a sponsor? Just wanting to piece together that puzzle.





    Badger donates them to Reaper for their auction. It was probably a demo or instructor brush. If you go on their site you can just purchase any missing pieces for a few bucks. Not bad for a free airbrush. My wife won one a few years ago, still uses it today.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    Might also help to stagger the start times of some of the games by 15 or 30 minutes so if a game runs over or a class runs late there are still opportunities.

    For the most part GMs decide their start times. 

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