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  1. The wife and myself went to a comic/gaming store and I bit the bullet. I bought a GW model..... I know, I know.....it's ok, I'm not sick. But, after looking at what they had, I went with a 40k Razorback. I really wanted an Imperial Knight but they didn't have one and it would have hurt my wallet. I spent about 3-4 hours gluing the thing together (yes I had bones glue finger afterwards). I primed it in light grey with the wife's airbrush. I then base coated it in Carnage Red with the airbrush too. I don't have those pics but I do have these:
  2. So......car rental paid for, airfare paid for, classes and tickets paid for. All that's left is the hotel fee. Got one entry done, just need a few more and I'm set. Is it October yet?!!!!!!
  3. Why not just bring whatever brushes you use normally? They sell brush carriers and when in doubt there are always pencil boxes. Better to use brushes you've tested than brushes you haven't. Take it as advice, I've bought a pack of cheapy creapy synthetics and they were almost immediately hooking. Not even master soap was helping. Thankfully I brought some of my older brushes as backups.
  4. So I did some work today and added some more highlights and painted most of the lava. It wasnt thick enough for me so i added some more (it still needs to cure): reworked highlights: Lava work:
  5. You're going to ReaperCon right? Elizabeth Beckley is one of the best chibi painters I have seen......ask her for some pointers. Or you can always back her and Lovejoy's patreon called Minatures Monthly, you can probably get info from there too.
  6. Maul's black markings are ritual tattoos and not just face make-up. If her hair is silver....wouldn't her eyebrows be silver too?
  7. The chest and mouth pouring has begun and is curing. I am not posting pics just yet as I still need to paint the lava flow (also if I messed it up I don't wanna disappoint)....and if it does come out cool then I want it to be a surprise!
  8. Got just a little bit of work done on my Mag....I mean Goremaw. I added some OSL onto the bottom of it and glued it into place. I am currently working on setting up the water effects so that it looks like lava is pouring out of its mouth and down onto its chest. Lots of pics inc.... I also (while at CMON Expo back in May) started working on an Iron Man bust and kinda abandoned that project for a bit.....but good news everyone!!! I picked it back up while I was waiting for water effects to fully cure. Here it is: Hope you all are liking my Rcon entries journey....
  9. Fair warning as well since I learned this from last year. If you slobber a mini with Bones glue, it will come up as a questionable substance and they will swab your case. If you are running late this will massively set you back too. They will also manhandle your case and be generally obtuse with your precious belongings. As for transporting: Paints - the paint cases inside luggage that is being checked in has been ok for us. Competition pieces - I highly recommend Tablewar Cases. It's pricey at $90.......but it's truly invaluable since it lets you show off your pieces should security need to check it. It's also durable enough to sustain bumps and movement, as long as everything is magnetized or putty'd down.
  10. I have seen "panels" back when RCon was at the host hotel. My wife and I were lucky to sit in Izzy's feminism in fantasy panel. My wife reminded me that there were a few others, like Bryan's how to run a kickstarter and how to sell minis panels. However, I've only ever really seen a small amount of them and they were mostly at the hotel when the con was hosted there. I don't remember seeing one on last years schedule. This really isn't that kind of event (much more low key) and since you can pretty much walk up to people and politely ask them questions, having a Q&A type of event (im guessing) doesn't really draw much of a crowd. I really do recommend walking up to artists/reaperites and striking up conversation.....many are some of the nicest people you could ever want to get to know. I'm sure if they do add any, they will post an update on the schedule.
  11. I would recommend for the purple that you undercoat in a blue (liner pref), it will help to keep the purple looking purple and can be used as a base shadow color. For the yellow, I would recommend an orange basecoat if you want a deep yellow or a flesh/bone that leans towards yellow for a brighter yellow. If you don't basecoat in a higher pigment color, the yellow will take several layers to read.... especially over the liner priming.
  12. Still have to do a water effects pour down the mouth and onto the chest. Once I do that, then it's finish the last few scales and then work the OSL from the lava onto their body.
  13. New update!!!! Worked on the lava on the base: And with my Magmaw on top of it:
  14. I actually used a styrofoam food container. If I used a cup I wouldn't be sure what gravity woul do to it.
  15. Got some new WIP pics to show... And I started to work with some Realistic Water Effects on the base to create a splash effect.... It still needs to cure before I start painting it, but I think it's a good start. I squeezed some in as a base layer, let that cure for a few days. Then I did some splash effects on a styrofoam container so it could cure for a few days. I placed that on the inside of the base and put another layer of effects to kind of bind it all together. I hope you all like it...
  16. That is my plan. The first time we did it, only a handful of people went. Last year, 20+ went so I wasn't really prepared. I will be calling ahead on Friday after I get an accurate head count. I'll also be letting people know that it is an expensive sit down place ahead of time (not sure I did last year or not) so ppl aren't surprised.
  17. It took us three years to finally take the tour. Every year we would want to but scheduling would always conflict with it. Last year we finally decided that we weren't going to miss out on it again. So, we made time for it and it was really cool.
  18. A good amount of ppl would probably go and fire some rounds but there is an amazing steakhouse just a few blocks from the hotel and many of us usually go and do that. It's a bit pricey, but it's some of the best steaks I've had in a long time.
  19. The wife and I will be going to the only Uno's in Texas we found that is 30 mins from the hotel. Due to the wife's lactose intolerance, she has to have her's without cheese, so why not get it from one of the best chicago-style chains out there.
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