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  1. And some more work done on my ginormous bust. Spent some time adding whites into the moonlight highlights and refined the firery glow. Hope you like it!!!! Next, after this, I start working on the shoulder guard and the leathers/metals.
  2. I did a little more work (about 3 hours or so) on the "moonlit" side. I depended the shadows with a combination of blue line and corporeal shadow, and thinly glazed some ritterlicht blue over the mids to tint it more towards the blue. I then added some of the spectral glow highlights and noticed that it wasn't high enough. So I added some SC75 white to it and glazed a bit of the ritterlicht blue over it. It was a lot of push and pull with the paint. I also noticed that I could use the natural texture of my fingerprints to help blend the glazes to the levels I wanted. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get more in progress photos, I was a bit in the zone and sorta forgot. The wife says it's starting to come along nicely so I'm happy.
  3. As for an idea for a setting.....why not ReaperCon? I wouldn't doubt that some place makes miniature round tables, or make your own. Put like 2-3 tables, some cups and paints, etc.
  4. They tend to come after tickets go on sale. And they usually don't get posted until closer to the date.
  5. There's also Whataburger, Chipotle, Panera, Chili's, and Starbucks within 2 miles.
  6. The sculptor's name is in the first post. Look him up on Facebook if you want to see his other work. He has some really spectacular busts.
  7. It's ok...you all aren't seeing things. I'm back and I'm trying to start some ReaperCon works so here goes. Last September, my awesome wife, messaged Giorgos Tsougkouzidis (check him out on the Facebook, he has amazing stuff) and got me for my birthday, a bust I was dying to paint. Well, about 5-6 months later, I'm finally ready to paint something lol. Also, this is my 2nd ever thing I have airbrushed so...yeah. So I began by airbrush priming him completely in Stynylrez black. Then I airbrushed some Stynylrez grey primer where my midtones would be. Lastly, I followed it up by using the Stynylrez green primer we were given at ReaperCon last year on the flesh where I thought the highlights would be. I did this with having two different light sources in mind, so some of the highlights look weird if you didn't know that was my plan. Next I began blocking in base colors (mostly green and browns) into the orc's flesh, keeping in mind where I was gonna be putting in midtones/highlights (with the green) and shadows (with the browns). Apologies if the photos aren't great, as I was trying to take step by steps as frequently as I could remember to. Colors used were Reaper Leaf Green, and a Walnut Brown from Scale 75. I then attempted to block in the directions of where my light sources would be, roughly. Colors used were Reaper Clear Orange/SC75 Mars Orange for the warm glow, and Reaper Spectral Glow/Leather White. I then intensified the two light sources a bit more and, for better contrast, intensified the shadows a bit more. Colors for the shadows were SC75 Walnut Brown/SC75 Flat Black. Mostly Browns with a few drops of the flat black to drop the value of it. Total work time was about 2-3 hours of priming (hes a big dude) and about 3-4 hours of work playing with the flesh. Sadly, it's still only in the "getting started" phase, as I want to really put in some details into him. Whenever I get some more free time, I'll try to get some more work in, but for now that's it.
  8. That would definitely make it warmer and give her a more "blood is flowing" look. If you do go that route I would say to mix a small amount of rosy skin (or any reddish skin tone) into the midtone blue to make the highlight gradients.
  9. May I recommend using purples or greens in the shadows once you have the midtone blocked in? Thin glazing purple for a colder tone or green for a warmer tone makes the blue flesh seem more "lifelike". Also mixing in a bit of warm or cold flesh colors with the midtone to make a highlight glaze helps too. Test it on a throw away mini or a piece of paper first though, and see if it helps.
  10. Pretty sure it's been asked before and they usually say that the SWAG points are discontinued.
  11. You would be surprised. They have a raffle where you can only buy tickets with Reaper Bucks and there still aren't that many takers (in comparison to those involved in the auction). It's not uncommon for some to put all their bucks into tickets, and still only get 1,2,3 or none items. And it's still just a drop in the hat to the number of bucks out on the auction floor. Not sure how much a silent auction, plus the raffle, will help honestly.
  12. Also, it's prepainted in China and I couldn't find what material it's gonna be made out of. I'm thinking this is actually more of a toy/action figure kickstarter than a miniatures kickstarter.
  13. There's quite a few portions of that site that are just like this.... My guess, it's a work in progress.
  14. Not necessarily. They may keep the same kind of setup as the PEC. No telling how they will have them setup until it's announced.
  15. It probably won't. Sadly though, out of the last four years, it was the saddest amount of melt I had ever seen. The three years prior, you couldn't see the bottom of the bin after the first day, and didn't see it again (except when people made mini mountains) until the last day. There would be years I would never see pktlnt anywhere other than the table........I saw him paint this year!!!! *Tisk*
  16. So, I highly recommend picking up at least the grey stynylrez primer, and, if you can, the white one too. When you prime in just black it will tend to mute and muddy colors (great if that's it's intended purpose). However, once you prime in black and it's dry, you can then use the grey to add directional lighting by holding the mini, angling it, and spraying from a bit of a distance. Then doing it again for the white but closer. You don't even need to use primer honestly. I've done it with regular reaper paints over black primer. But undercoating it will help with the mudding and it makes it a bit easier to just glaze color over the primer.
  17. From their website.... Houlihan's Houlihans menu features center-cut steaks, wood-grilled flatbreads and artisan salads and sandwiches, along with an interesting, everyday wine and cocktail selection. We offer many dishes in both small and large portions and are dedicated to developing menu options that address ever-evolving consumer lifestyles — be it meatless, organic or whole grain items. Its a bar from what the pictures show, not really a restaurant. Also, since it's a new hotel, it's all new to everyone, so we are all kind of going in blind.
  18. There is only one, and it's called Queenies Steakhouse. It's about 2.6 miles from the hotel. Interesting menu and it looks to be on par if not more expensive than Saltgrass. Not sure if it is better quality though....
  19. So I've been scouting about using Google maps and I've found a few food options near the hotel. There is an In-N-Out, McDonalds, Whataburger, Chipotle, Panera, Chili's, Cracker Barrell, Raising Canes, Chik-fil-a, Starbucks are all just on W University Dr. The Rudy's BBQ is actually about 5+ miles "down the road" and those without a vehicle may have to use a Lyft/Uber.
  20. It's not just a dinner....it's where you can pick up your swag bags early and register. It's also a good time to get to know people while it's still relatively quiet. If you register for early classes on Thursday and skip the Weds M&G, you will have to go down to where it's gonna be held and get in line. When it was at the PEC it wasnt ever really that big of a line, but when I remember it at the HGI it was a pretty gnarly line. Monday doesn't have any days, but I recommend taking that day because there is so much going on the whole week and it's pretty tiring. Having that extra day to recuperate is pretty essential to going back to work.
  21. The daily rate isn't that much more than what the HGI normally charged. Even then, there is always the possibility of room sharing.
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