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  1. so ummm i have an idea for your slaad demon.....Any time you give extreme underlighting to something it makes it look evil. Make it look super evil with a red or yello0w light coming from underneath, a mid-range of greens to represent its flesh tone and a heavy amount of shadow on the back. This should make it seem absolutely ominous. Something akin to this:
  2. Won't happen sadly. They've stated that RB will never equal money.
  3. Naw, it's just Heisler, and 2 reaper peeps (one handling the money, the other handling the items). Heisler calls bids, writes on a sticky note the final bid, and passes it to item person. Then he starts the next item. Item person takes it, the final bidder takes the bucks, verifies the amount, and the item gets handed off. If they have trouble with that, I'm not sure they could do what u are suggesting lol.
  4. All of this was communicated through announcements over the PA multiple times. The faction war is announced at least once a day and Ron explains them each time. Every time there was a raffle it was explained too. My experience on the last point is that every year it's explained to you at the Registration desk. Not sure if they didn't with you, but every year that I've attended (and I'm sure others can vouch for it) they do a pretty decent job of drilling what goes where. The good news is that you will now know significantly more than "last year's". They started doing the raffle tickets for reaperbucks last year. It helped the odds for people getting stuff and lowered the bucks in the auctions quite a bit. Four years ago, there was a full on war for a paint set (the only classroom set that year) between one side of the auction and the other. It went for like $80,000RB as sides were pooling, it was nuts. I would say that easily 300 people+ at peak time were sitting, walking, cheering, yelling, waving, etc. Heisler does his best to get everyone's bid. There were also a handful of people helping him see bids across the room. If he doesn't see you, get your table to wave and yell so he can see you. We had to do that. Ummm....all of the calculation and everything you mentioned would be done by like two people who are already over flooded with people, bucks, items, and other things they have to track.....they can only do so much after 5 days of Con.....
  5. I didn't mind that she was there, but it was a bit off putting and did give me that "shut that kid up" urges. Then I realized that I was Gannon.
  6. If i'm correct, they gave out poker chips this year. I think they ran out of the paper and used those as backups at one point.
  7. I prefer to think of it as we are all equally unclean....
  8. They did...you can purchase the raffle tickets with ReaperBucks. They implemented this last year to help those that didn't get much. One person bought a bunch of tickets and won like 3 things. There is also pooling. Get a good group of like minded individuals who want things in the auction, pool your resources, and work from there. Honestly, its a great place to make lasting friendships. Every year we like to work together (its not always the same people too) to help each other. Sometimes its enough and sometimes it isnt. But that's the fun part because you may not win this year but next year you may get even more friends.
  9. we figured it would be good to spread the wealth.....also, when we went on vacation in June, we somehow lost most of our bones 3 stuff and when we won it in the auction it was a pretty good feeling. We went with the "forum name matching what we look like" route lol. Huge tracks of land and all.
  10. I'm guessing emergency exiting would be difficult.
  11. Some would even say you are tainted with thoughts of gnomes in the south of France....
  12. I totally agree with this. I took classes in Dracula and the noise was ok. Other than a few compressor noises from Lovejoy next door, it really wasn't bad. Even in Chucky it wasn't that bad. The one class I took in Mummy was dreadful with a ton of noise and the sound of someone incessantly playing an ocarina the entire 2 hours......the same song over and over.
  13. Pft I totally look like mine!
  14. Y'all know the second brush is just to assist the blend and that you can use ur paint water and a second clean rinse water cup to ensure it's pretty much off the brush. Then just keep cleaning out the 2nd rinse water. I don't like brush lickers but if I can pull those blends off like he does.....well call me a weasel licker.
  15. I've asked a few people who went to both the Fairfield and the HGI and they all said the HGI breakfast beat out the Fairfield by a good margin. Also, for those that left early Monday, they finally brought out the biscuits with gravy.....I commented to a few ppl that it was pretty lazy of them this year to do only pancakes the entire con when previously they would rotate the last item in the buffet.
  16. If I'm correct, this year had more beginner and intermediate classes than last year. I mean the first day alone I see 9 beginning painting and sculpting classes alone. Each with different instructors. Ummm im pretty sure the "experts" you mentioned didn't waste $40 for 200 reaperbucks (when a VIP bag or con bag gives more)....I'm pretty sure they took the class to get something out of it....and from looking at the schedule, a good amount of those beginner classes had open seats so I'm not sure what you mean by them "taking seats away from beginners" So....there are many painting conventions that give instructional courses. Many will probably not charge as much, but they are usually an instructor and 30 students in a demonstration class. Very few classes anywhere else outside of ReaperCon will give you as much time and personal attention as here. If you think your instructor left early to get food or didn't cover enough material, why didn't you tell them at the con?
  17. That is usually taught in the textures class if I'm correct.
  18. Kind of defeats the purpose of something be exclusive if it's available to everyone, don't you think? Some things have limited runs because it's just not cost effective to keep making.
  19. There is a forumite dinner tonight after the auction at the Saltgrass located across the street from the hotel. BE FORE WARNED!!!! It is not an inexpensive restaurant. So, if your con funds have been depleted due to excessive squee'ing, remember that it is for socializing but not like the fire pit. They do have reeeeallly great steaks though.
  20. What happens at ReaperCon stays at ReaperCon!!!
  21. Pretty sure that would be a private matter between Reaper and the HGI. Anything on our end would be merely speculation and probably not best to be discussed on here.
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