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  1. I have worked every Black Friday for the past 4 years at Wal-Mart.....
  2. I did attempt to blend and use hard highlights but the look wasn't what I was going for and matted it more than anything. Mostly I liked it but wasn't happy with it.
  3. You should have asked for a nice two tiered effect as well Loim...
  4. Thankfully #800 was a Monty Python quote so you know...it was classy.
  5. Yo Buglips...I heard you like problems, so I put problems in yo problems so you can have problems while you try to fix problems! TLDR: Blame Xzibit...
  6. Really? Weird. They both look like they're about 50x100 pixels each, and clicking the thumbnails doesn't make them any bigger. Fixed
  7. Been working on 80016: IMEF: Nick Stone for the last few days. I was trying to go for a Mass Effect kind of feel with him. Not sure if I want to work on him more or if he's ok for now. I also mixed a gloss varnish into the blood red that went into his armor to give it the "plastic" look of futuristic armor. I also used the wife's camera instead of my sucky one.
  8. Yes I can recommend something good for each if you like?
  9. What kind of meats do you like Uber? Do you like pork, chicken, beef, fish, other seafood?
  10. You don't know what you're missing LK! Ropa Vieja, Vaca Frita, Picadillo, Bistec Empanizado...../drools. It's the one and only thing I miss from Florida. Edit: Uber...if you ever need recommendations for dishes to try feel free to ask. I don't mind living vicariously through your mouth....
  11. Thes would like Cuban food then...onions, garlic, and peppers are our holy trinity. Like the Franks red hot sauce commercial says "we put that *expletive that rhymes with split* on everything".
  12. So THAT'S what TPS reports stand for....Takhisis Project Status Reports. It totally makes sense now. Also, I bet Buglips stole the red stapler!!!
  13. If I could give only one tip to help someone have fun with rp'ing, it would be to play something completely counter intuitive to your own personality. It helps people step out of their comfort zones; especially new people who have a tendency to play "themselves" in their characters. I know I did this with my first character and quickly learned that the best part to rp'ing is that you get to be whoever you want. So, my next character was a halfling rogue that looked like Clint Eastwood (a 4 foot tall version) who chain smoked and interupted/mouthed off to the bad guys every chance he got. I'm currently the only experienced player in my D&D group so I like to think that I am trying to impart that to the other players.
  14. I'm working on my English with secondary cert at the moment. EC is not for me too. I like them more when I can teach them about literature rather than the ABC's and picture books. Ideally I'd love to teach high school level English, but I may try for the Masters to teach at the collegiate level. Also, I chuckled at the "grew up steeped in Hispanic culture" but I won't take it further than that =D
  15. I remember taking diversity in the classroom. It wasn't pointless because of the amount of diversity you get in south Florida, but it was pointless because it is such a norm to have several ethically varied students. So normal in fact, that you develope a cultural sensitivity naturally. I can understand the need for it though in a more homogeneous city/state. Doc, what is you teaching cert in? (if you don't mind me asking)
  16. New Canadian slogan! I shall add it to the "we fight bears and moose" one too.
  17. He can only officiate if he wears the dinosaur which is also wearing a tux costume...
  18. SR I can only imagine what people were giving you as guesses of what you were painting. "Is it a maple leaf? It's a maple leaf isn't it!"
  19. "...Everything is better than Macbeth" Pingo....truer words were never spoken.
  20. Doc......please promise me that if you do get married you do two things for me? 1) you need to wear a lumberjack outfit and hoist her over your shoulder (we can work the logistics of this out at a later time) and 2) you need to have ReaperBryan officiate your wedding dressed in a T-rex costume that is dressed in a tux If you do these things for me, I will squee like a girl. I am man enough to admit that I would and secure enough to stick to that promise.
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