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  1. BTW this is my life hack for the forums. If you didn't know about it, enjoy. If you did know about it well....=P
  2. Because of my sleep schedule I come back to roughly 125-150 notifications every day...I have taken to simply going to the drop down menu where your Forum Name is on the top right, and clicking on the Content/Follow button. It puts everything by thread as opposed to the notification page which shows Randomnessx1000000000000. That way I can keep up with the easier to follow threads while I'm at work and then come back to this thread. Basically saving me time of having to scan the notifications page for stuff that is non-randomness.
  3. It was very textbook obsessive and passive aggressive behavior. I loved how he would praise and immediately snap to violence to protect him. I liked the depth they gave him. On the other hand, he out shadowed the kid that played Harry (can't stand him). I hope the actor learned from Mr. Foxx 'cuz his villainy was bad.
  4. Haven't been around much the past few days...between working 8 hour days inbetween a 4 hour D&D session and a 3 hour paint and take while running on like 6 hours of sleep each day.

  5. I honestly have no clue why people didn't like this movie. To me it's been the closest adaptation of the comics of all the Spidermans so far. My only minor gripe is when Andrew Garfield suffers mild "Shia LeBauf" attacks of fumbling word. Other than that it was pretty close to perfect for me. Also, who knew Jamie Foxx could pull of both pathetic and psychopathic so well. At first I was cringing and later I was just awed.
  6. Positive experience? Psh, the wife has already locked us in for like 3 more Reapercons she liked it so much... (I did too...just don't tell HER that)
  7. Don't be modest...these aren't even half of what you are working on lol.
  8. Her lumpy voice is pretty good...
  9. Depending on the size of the figures and the board's grid squares, you could remove the round bases and reattach the figure to a square base. Once you do that you can paint the bases to mach the grid. Given, as long as the figures' bonding points aren't fragile of course. Otherwise you can just paint the round bases.
  10. My family drives the misses crazy though and are more prone to a National Lampoon style comedyfest than her family is. I can see the post card now though....
  11. The wife tried to get me to watch Birdemic...once. Now I can only watch it via rifftrax. Be forewarned, it is reeeeeaaaaallly bad O.O They have done "great" movies like Predator, Avengers,Iron Man movies, Thor movies, Harry Potters, Indiana Jones movies, etc. All of them don't diminish the movies, instead they enhance them for me.
  12. Painting a cloak is not base coating mister!!!
  13. Yes, Mr Melons. :( Backstory: we have D&D night tomorrow. The wife promised two of the players she would paint their minis. She's base coated them...
  14. Don't you love those surprises? Those surprises are the best. Get to paintin'!!!! *cracks whip*
  15. His eye was so tiny that everyone who has painted an eye on him has enlarged it. I went meh...you get red eyes.
  16. Wednesday/thursday were the only 10pm days. Mostly from the driving. One night we were up till 2am and got up at like 8:30 or 9am. Thankfully the lack of a real walk doesn't strain you out like other cons.
  17. I can see the news intro now.....Howard the anchorman, Miss Melons on weather, Ranjit the foreign correspondent, Poindexter Pickle with financials, Todd Love the sportscaster, Paul the biker as the life and society reporter.
  18. Is there a way to like that more than once?
  19. I would love to see a "News Team" scenario where each character covers an aspect of the news...
  20. Didn't Howard hire Pickle to do his books for the business he started with his severance pay as well...mostly for the promise of new crayons to do them in?
  21. Who Has two thumbs and disagrees with this? Todd Love! THE TODDSTER!!!!
  22. I never told her I hated the system, I told her that if she started out with Numenera, jumping to D&D/Pathfinder would be difficult because there is far more intricacies than in Numenera. Hell I still get the, "roll to hit....ok, that's the die 20 right?" from her....
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