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  1. I thought most of us liked to minimize any hazards to our lives. If I did this to my mom she would chase me around the house with a sandal. Sandals in Latin households are lethal, as the mother can wield it with deadly accuracy...
  2. Ty Most of the fellow D&D players' minis are red and black so I wanted to steer clear of them even though they are my favorite colors. Also, he's a soldier so I figured I'd give it a militaristic feel.
  3. Got a base from the wife and a barrel from Bonwirn's Hirst accessories to base my Dragonborn Fighter. Hope you like it. One day I'll actually get a good camera.....one day.
  4. LK....you're now asking too much from my fancy adding machine..
  5. I used new fangled computer techonology... ...to decrypt your photo. I SEE THE REAL YOU!!!!
  6. Bryan, does this voice bring back any memories? The wife used to live on the west coast. That's where she drew inspiration for Miss Melon's office voice.
  7. I work weekends so I can't go but I know the wife is making plans to go at least one day of the con.
  8. Yeah...I realized I have an odd preferential for dudes in plate for some reason.
  9. Barnabus has taken a backseat for a day or so. Anyways, while the wife was out at the local Renaissance Festival, I stayed home and painted =D. I woke up at about noon today and felt the need to prime the Reptus Warlord figure I got for our weekly D&D Next campaign where I run a Dragonborn Fighter. There really aren't many Dragonborn-like minis out there so I was lucky to find one that actually matched my look. I spent the better part of the day on him and got this far:
  10. Haha kinda like Transformers movies right?
  11. ooooooh X-Men marathon...maybe I'll do that while painting tomorrow Because when you get bored from the bad X-men movies you can actually enjoy watching paint dry...
  12. Pingo....for some reason I couldn't help but notice that the pics of the faces kinda seem like they are looking at the person under them....O_O I like the partial mask concept on Svetlana btw.
  13. Shallow dishes are easy to find. Finding one with a bit of soul that thinks about life, that's hard. C'thulhu is one of those things I categorize as "things that amuse other people", so I co-opt as much as I need to to score cheap laughs. My dad was a big Lovecraft fan, but I've always found his stories completely unreadable*. I only know as much as I know about the mythos from "pop culture osmosis". *This is not the same as boring. I read many boring things. Lovecraft's style is just jarring to me, like 40 miles of bad road. Aka Mississippi....am I right? The wife, Bonwirn, and Corporea know what I'm talking about. The drive through it both times nearly gave us whiplash.
  14. =P hope you don't mind YES I DOOOO!!!....nah j/k I love it =D I didn't even think anyone but myself would laugh at it.
  15. I noticed your signature last night Siri....
  16. I'm tired enough to almost say I agree with you...well almost
  17. I just got home from work an hour ago. I would normally agree with you LK but they like to run me ragged.
  18. Just gonna leave this right here for you all... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPX-FX0KStE
  19. -Notice Eye Beast thread. -Think "wow, that second pic looks like a selfy' -See your post -Curse you
  20. Goblin Math......helping husbands get yelled at for being factious since 1999.
  22. Ooooo a fellow Floridian! And from Tampa no less. I'm from Miami, moved to Tampa, then moved to Atlanta.
  23. Jazz hands ain't got nothin' on Spirit Fingers!
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