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  1. Ahem!...she found....yeeeeah we'll stick with that story. Suuuuurrrreeee.
  2. If you aren't happy add more thin layers and blend, blend, blend
  3. HD paaaaaints...mmmmmmmm
  4. Like I said, it's coming along great sir. Show us what you end up going with!
  5. This guy used purple in his shadows if you need a reference: Also, me personally, I would gradient up the highlight some more as he kind of looks like Beast from X-men as opposed to frosty. Just my opinion though. Edit: Oh, and awesome job so far
  6. Happy Birthday from the Melons, Heidi! :bday:
  7. -Mailman hears odd jingling coming from your order's box. -Opens the box. -Sees just a metal leg on ice. -Puts this face on: -Closes and seals box. -Pretends like he didn't take part in a strange black market miniature organ exchange.
  8. If you want the dull look, then add some black to really matte it out. Like this one: I like both and I think you can pull them off nicely.
  9. So I go into work last night at 11pm and talk with some of my buddies from 2nd shift. They ask me where I went on vacation and I replied I went to Texas. Seeing as that is kind of strange of me, they asked what I did there. I said Reapercon under my breath, pretty much thinking they didn't know what I was talking about anyways, and one of them double takes and asks me to repeat myself. I tell him Reapercon in a more confident tone and he smacks me on the shoulder. He then tells me that he's been trying to go to Rcon for a few years now but can never get the chance to go. Turns out he's been collecting miniatures for a long time so I show him some of the figs I've done so far and in his thick southern drawl he says "booooy, you can paint!" He asks me how long I've been doing it and I tell him like 2-3 months. This earned me another smack on the shoulder and more southern drawl "I be'n paintin' fer a few years and I ain't thaaat good". We get to talking more about miniatures and how he even has the old school "pencil" Ral Parthas and a bunch of other stuff. TLDR: I found out I'm not the only person in Atlanta, besides the wifey of course, that likes miniatures and paints (or at least that's how it feels sometimes).
  10. Hehe.....I should have put a [sarcasm] tag on that last one *stares at LK's signature*
  11. Since the tank is probably shiny metal, I would probably put a spot of white so the tank can gradient from red to orange to white along either the bottom or the sides, depending on where you have the light source. Like this:
  12. As long as you don't say that he's right or that you agree with him then you won't pop up on the spreadsheet, Chaoswolf.
  13. As Wren said, considering JeffStray said he had absolutely no idea what it was I'm gonna safely say it was a sock puppet. The penguin still at least looks birdlike. The sock puppet is just all sorts of weird.
  14. Quick...she's gonna float out of her one good boot!
  15. In all honesty....the bard should have had more common sense than to trust a misspelled sign.
  16. It's supposed to be a sock puppet.
  17. The chocolate cake! It's to die for. Welp....IIIII can't see the family resemblance...+1
  18. Welcome! You have a vast and untapped resource here of friendly and helpful people. Ask questions and get feedback as much as you can and I guarantee that your painting fu will level up. Feel free to post any works you might have in the showoff/WIPs section. Also, you can get lots of ideas and tips by scouring through the already posted ones by members of the community.
  19. Tim...I can totally imagine you apologizing to your opponent with every kick, punch, and grapple. =D Cool pic btw
  20. And since next year's theme is sci-fi we can do "Corporea's Crew Members" for those that hang out at our table again.
  21. -wakes up -54 notifications -catches up -gives out likes -rolls back over -goes back to sleep
  22. Yup. And no direct flights. ETA: Nuts to this, I've been doing it the stupid way. I can divide this up if I'm prepared to take a month (and I am, and can). I can make it four flights, starting here with a week in my snugglefluffy's city of residence, then reapercon, then back to snugglefluffy for a week, then home. All for under $1,000. With lots of RCon time plus buffer days and two weeks with the snugglefluffy. And the longest flight duration is only 6 hours then (2 hours from snugglefluffy city to DFW). It also adds buffer between flights, so if something goes awry (delays, cancellations, etc) it's less likely to throw the whole plan. And she could tag along on the weekend as well. I'm frankly terrified of what would happen if she and Pingo got within close proximity. It would be like a runaway art reaction, building quickly to critical mass, until the two of them are speaking in such high level esoteric tongues that all the rest of us can do is stand there and gaze in stupefied awe. I am at the least quite certain that such an explosion of energy would meet the minimum requirements to refire a dead star. You had me at frankly....*stares into your eyes*
  23. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    Alcohol and mold casting...that should end well...
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