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  1. Six degrees of separation of Francis Bacon?
  2. Your skin tones are a loooot better babe!
  3. Persistence wins the day...sometimes.
  4. Sweaty/Dirty clothes...yes. Ironically though this puts you in the "that smelly guy @ the con" position.
  5. Also, by staff ladies I think she meant hotel staff ladies. I told her that they just identified me as a fellow Latin and were surprised...even though there were two more at the con.
  6. If you have to ask...you can't afford it /wink. Her Zj reference is from the movie Beerfest. Didn't think anyone would take the bait tho =D. What LK said..
  7. I too must return to my slumber. I have work in 4 hours...yay....
  8. Slendertroll...you can't even say that statement without reading it in a Scottish accent...
  9. After the age of 20 it's a pretty steady decline back to childhood...
  10. So, ladies and gentlemen of the forum, I give you written statement that Flamehawke is the culprit! Ub3r's version of "SHE'S A WITCH!!! BURN HER!!!" from Holy Grail.
  11. Yes....yes it is. Btw..when you make Cash post memes then you know something is wrong O.O
  12. Mostly in off-topic...although I do feel bad about doing it to that guys zombie show off. I did the right thing though and brought it back
  13. Anyways, sorry...just thought some color to the palette would give both the lifeless and supernatural appearance.
  14. *queue Lion King opening theme song*
  15. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAIDFTFY Sorry...sometimes I forget how big they get
  16. You forgot his first name =D Edit: lol I almost forgot about the Leaky Pickle!!!!
  17. White Walkers eyes freak me out a bit...
  18. I'm pretty sure it was you smashing your chair into the desk that did it Madame Melons.
  19. I decided to make this my WIPs thread... I even renamed it in honor of the decision.
  20. Lol I heard "so you're the numenera girl" a surprising amount of times at the con...
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