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  1. He appeared to be a "salesman" to me. "Salesmen" will whisper honey into your ears so long as you pay. Once the wallet runs dry then the honey vanishes as fast as the salesman. Just my initial impression from talking to him. I've been in retail for over a decade and can tell when I'm getting smoke blown up my skirt.
  2. Dragoncon's bag is pretty much just advertisements, a schedule, and a program with an in depth schedule and tons of info. Oh and in a plastic bag to boot! I haven't ever seen so much thought and love go into a bag than at any other con I've attended, the way that Reaper does theirs. Most cons will also run out of them and when they do it's a shrug and a sorry.
  3. I agree with Cash. I'd like to add that Glamdring's hilt is more gray than silver with a tiny blue gem where the point in the center meets the blade. It would be a nice touch if you wanted to touch it up.
  4. Who insults someone by calling them a "villain".....honestly.
  5. I can remember DM'ing a Star Wars campaign for a friend of mine based on the Old Republic right before SWOTR came out so he could have a better grasp of the time period of the game. Well he had a love interest in the game and quite frankly it's really awkward and difficult to "hit on" your same sex best friend....needless to say I felt like I needed a shower afterwards so I feel for your husband.
  6. Looks like you even got a date out of this whole thing too *wink*. Be careful, the wife is currently suffering from post traumatic con disorder. She turned to me last night and was like...."I miss having everyone around, and the minis, and the hanging out at tables, and the faisco....etc." Besides the swag, you really can't bring the con home. A date? with who. I've got a date? what will i wear? I haven't been on a date in years. Based on my guess of who you are in the photos, I gotta think that's more because of the shyness than any other reason.
  7. I dont know about you....but "busses falling out of the sky" sounds [expletive deleted] scary as [expletive deleted]. O_O
  8. One sci-fi themed hobo coming right up!
  9. We were in the lobby 'till 1 or 2am.....that was our room party.
  10. Ctsteel...in about an hour and a half everyone will be "Gonturzapped"...
  11. Have you tried using orange to highlight the red? I think it would make it pop a bit more.
  12. Ok so unintentional...either way +1 good sir.
  13. Theirs was pretty much balsawood fitted together.
  14. Message us or post to let us know you got home ok.
  15. It really didn't tip over so much as it wobbled and had there been brushes at the top it might have tipped over.
  16. Ask ShadowRaven, Bonwirn, and Corporea...they had to deal with it lol.
  17. We used to do that as we played World of Warcraft.... I am in bed, got a three hour nap in to help reset my sleep schedule back to third shift.
  18. I think everyone is like "greaaaat...another skeleton. Isn't this magical" (said in Fat Bastards voice) and didn't notice the pin poker.
  19. She doesn't actually have wheels LK...you don't have to log that in your spreadsheet.
  20. I stalked Heisler for two days before giving up. He's pretty popular I see so I never got a chance to say hello. :( And HE was looking for you too remember? Or at least someone said he was wanting to meet you.
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