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  1. Not if it's Miss Melons trying to pick up the lumberjack.
  2. An East Coast train caravan sounds like it would be straight out of Harry Potter...
  3. Ha I was telling my wife that the pin doesn't look right unless it is painted. You lose a lot of its character when it's just plain.
  4. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    Fiasco does most of its own advertising too. It's hard to avoid all the laughter and not come over to see what's going on.
  5. The ribbons are a great idea, but I found them to fray far too easily. By the end all had frayed, save one and that's the one I got Saturday night. Also, I remember Bryan was so excited to mention he had hidden ribbons around and told us to go find them. He told us the name and all of us went "oh we have those" and "oh you mean this one?". His great big grin went away and he said "oh" and went to the next group.
  6. In the past year I had two friends from my hometown move to DFW for work.
  7. My browser has been crashy all day. I may have been overexcited with my clicking. Most of us get overexcited when we click too much...
  8. I now feel like a true member of the forums. I received my third like bomb from kay13...I feel accomplished now .
  9. Sweet that gets you three more Reapercons...
  10. Haha I just got an awesome mental picture of Bryan getting to his office and opening up one of his desk drawers and a horse's head is in it as the Godfather theme plays...
  11. I would wear the coat and top hat even if I were in jeans and a t-shirt. The pimpness is strong with this one.
  12. Really? Cuz I hate 'em. Well mostly I hate the base (damn broccoli!). He is screaming to be rebased so when we get a good set of clippers I will.
  13. Btw...pro tip: if it looks like a trap it probably is...if doesn't look like a trap...well it probably is.
  14. Make a thread! We love to hear about people's firsts. There are a lot of knowledgeable people around here should you have questions too.
  15. The lighting was bad in the classrooms due mostly to the curtains. That area was perfect for indoor photos. The main areas had competing light from the outside.
  16. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    Rhonda Bender brought up the point that the paint wasn't drying properly. I took one look outside and noticed it was the time it had finished raining. We surmised that it was most likely due to the increased humidity and precipitation in the air because she only really noticed it on the rainy days. Not sure if it can be helped considering. Maybe see if the staff has any dehumidifiers? I honestly don't know.
  17. Yeah...one ticket from where we are is about $230 per person each way. We would be looking at 13.5 hours on it as well. So almost $900 just to travel via train AND its half a day.....nah no thanks.
  18. I did one after I saw your WIP. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54665-20005-skeleton-archer-boney-melons/
  19. The itemized donkey shirt is...awesome
  20. There wasn't a shortage of that... Lets just say there were beer adult beverage fairies that were hard at work those days.
  21. Cash almost made us late to our How the West was Eaten game describing how much he hated that Cash guy =P
  22. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    Panels would be much more conducive to an intro/explanatory panel for Hirst Arts dungeon building. Samples can probably even be brought in for people to work on some of the tables with.
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