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  1. Bryan's said if you've already locked in then your pledge cannot be altered. *head scratch* Although it's possible you could sign up with a different e-mail address and add more stuff on, coming in the latest shipping wave... I'm guessing this is related to the fact that over 1k people haven't yet locked in their orders, so Reaper can't close down the Pledge Manager. ........I could.....get my MOUSLINGS!?! A second numenera set....mashaaf....... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  2. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    This sounds more like a panel discussion to me than a class tbh.
  3. Bryan went around to as many submitters as possible to have them put bones on the post cards so that people could actually tell which ones were bones from those that weren't. It was part of his campaign to promote the bones line that "YES they can be used for competition pieces" and it was honestly hard as hell to tell which weren't without actually picking them up, which most people were very hesitant on doing. Two of my wife's entries were bones if I'm correct. Edit: I saw a lot of cards with Bones written on them so if you check out the gallery..I bet you wouldn't be able to tell =D
  4. The lighting in the display area was reeeeeeallly good...
  5. Good to know you have always had that baby face lol.
  6. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    I don't think this would help for the squatter issues others were having. It might even make squatting a necessity imo. We signed up for several games and only did a handful because by the time we got to the table (5 mins early btw) the table was packed and it's hard to be "those people" that show up "late" even if you are early. Hell we got to your table right on time and thankfully you reserved the last two for us, or at least we were lucky enough to have them available. Btw, Doc Bedlam's lumberjack grabbing my shrieking wife and tossing her into the lumber mill is still a highlight for us.
  7. Mr Melons

    2014 Feedback

    Reaperbucks wont really ever be able to be converted into hard currency like that. The auction items were donated so essentially there is no hard value for them thus it is easier to use the Reaperbucks for them. If you convert them into boneyard ounces it gives them a monetary value and defeats their purpose.
  8. We (mostly Bonwirn cuz he's an awesome caravan leader) drove down and back. It was about a 14 hour trip. We brought DVDs and books, but never really used them. We talked almost the entire way up and back. We covered pretty much everything about ourselves and con talk was excitement. Con talk took up most of the drive back. We left in the afternoon Sunday and got in Monday morning. At one point everyone was asleep while I drove but it was great. If you drive down though I recommend car pooling with other con goers because you will have so much to talk about that it makes the drive much more bearable. Also, I wouldn't recommend a drive like that by yourself....its a beast.
  9. And just because she gives one direction doesn't mean you stop doing the other so we were standing while painting the mini of the person to our right (still holding our mini to the left), rotating around the table, and quacking like a duck. All of that while in the main area for all to see and hear. Oh, and there are hecklers shouting words of "encouragement" at you.
  10. I blame Buglips for Firefly...it's only logical!
  11. "I got 99 problems, but a minion ain't one" -Tiamacrab
  12. TIL that OneBoot is a creeper...a creeper with candy....
  13. TY ....I tried to do some of the cloth color blending that I overheard during my wife's private lesson =D
  14. I was going to write "Gonterzap for President" on my Reapercon badge but I forgot =(
  15. Been working on this for about three hours so far. I need to get a better camera...i hate mine with a passion. Take a look:
  16. But....I was told this was the cool corner...
  17. Wasn't that you next to your wife in Loim's picture? It's about an inch of my knee in that picture lol.
  18. Loim took a bunch of photos and posted them http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54608-reapercon-2014-loims-photos/ So now that the con's over, we non-attendees are curious and want more pictures. I took a whopping 8 photos... https://flic.kr/s/aHsjXGKtS7 Woohoo! I'm finally in a picture!
  19. Cactus Flower, Rattlesnake Leather, and Desert Sky if I'm correct.
  20. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/rc14sb/latest/rc14sb there is a brief description of what is in it on the actual item itself.
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