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  1. The Melon Clan has arrived safely at their boudoir. Thanks go out to the Reaper staff for their amazing service and all-around friendliness. Thanks to the folks who joined us at the Corporea/Bonwirn/Melons corner (you all know who you are). Thanks especially go out to Bonwirn and Corporea for allowing us to tag along on their caravan. You all are the best!
  2. Doc, I would say some people's avatars are misleading and some are not. Mocha's avatar fits her perfectly as it has the same expression she had the entire trip lol...
  3. Dilvish the devourer "Hope you don't mind if I put my sack of salty nuts on the table"... He says this as he swings a grocery bag of salted shelled peanuts onto the table.
  4. I didn't mean that the price point will go up guys. I meant that the $25 price point is for the con and that after it, the price will return to its retail value, which is higher than the exclusive price.
  5. ReaperBryan "I'm a very conservative Amish man named Jedadiah that had the daughter of his wife's lover plant drugs on him. Oh and I died in a hail of gunfire as the ATF storm my farm..." His explanation of what happened to his character during a game of Fiasco.
  6. Just a heads up...the $25 price point is a con exclusive. They will go up.
  7. SHE decided...i was never even asked lol. P.S. Yes we will attempt to attend next year.
  8. He can't hide from security...its only a matter of time till they hear him lol.
  9. Come down to the lobby...your pie is here Tim.
  10. Corporea says "she has pie for you" (her words...not mine)
  11. Bonwirn says to tell him "its ok, we'll take care of it. Thanks for the info. BWAHAHAHA!"
  12. Bonwirn wants you to ask Bryan if he cleared off his desk.
  13. The Bonwirn/Corporea/Melons caravan is in Mississippi with an ETA of about 8:30pm.
  14. You lose points for being in Canada though...you could be fighting bears and mouse as we speak so having a cool wardrobe is required.
  15. Needs more mouths and eyes. Like so: Also...holy phallic symbols Batman!
  16. I mean..it's no Japanese school girl outfit so at least it wont clash with Raven's.
  17. It's glorious... thanks for your input Jabba Raza Naba Doe-ah Gola Wookiee...Nipple Pinchy!
  18. HE REMEMBERED!!!! /swoons or did LK slip you that info from his spreadsheet?
  19. No one can lose you when you're dressed like a girl there...
  20. Remember when our phones were actually just phones and a calculator? Where the only games on it were snake and a demo of tetris. Pepperidge Farm remembers.... Seriously though, I prefer to pay more monthly with an awesome carrier and pay like $40 for a phone than to go less per month and the rest on a phone with a service that drops calls and those other lovely things they do. I'm not a fan of their recent swap to limited/incremental data, but I can understand why they changed it.
  21. I like to think my jokes work on many levels. Or at least two. And even between two levels....
  22. lol my husband looks at me today and says "I know which miniature you can use for our Dnd Next nights" I ask him which one and he points Alistrilee, the elf ranger I have (I broke off the top part of her bow by accident). I frowned and explained that she isn't a half orc and though my dnd next character is in fact human, I have been using Rozmina. I have Imrijka but she isn't finished. (I just don't have the inspiration at the moment to give her a soul yet) My characters back story is that she's having an identity crisis and wishes she was a half orc so she's painted her skin and juts out her jaw a little. Thinking on it, I could probably paint her orc-like. If he can paint a human barbarian to look like an orc, why cant I? :p She was my first metal miniature after all. Why?....
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