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  1. 2 hours early for boarding.....now we play the waiting game. http://i.imgur.com/iBu4WE9.gif
  2. Did the last two years on my debit card and wasn't ever charged anything until at least 2-3 days after getting home.
  3. What deposit? Cuz the HGI doesn't require one....don't know about the Fairfield though.
  4. Three entries completed, with a possible fourth almost done. Woot! Packingfest begins tonight..
  5. I work Sunday and Monday. Off Tuesday to pack.
  6. Registration will still be open for sign ups on the day of the class. Even if it's first slot Thursday morning, there's always a possibility someone might get in.
  7. Horror is the theme. I think it's so you can't wear three costumes in one day and get credit three times.
  8. Ask in PM's or in person. Best not to rattle any cages. Sadly I remember them giving me a $5 check last year. I also just stayed at an HGI in June for a wedding and they had free breakfast coupons and they charged $5.....
  9. Even if it were 50% that would make it $2.50 for the buffet for a whopping $10/per person for Thursday to Sunday breakfast ($18 if you tip 2 bucks a day)
  10. Make sure you go to @Pegazus. He will have a bingo card that helps people meet other forumites. It's a good bit of fun.
  11. So I'm consolidating all my entry WIPs into one thread so that I can show my progress so far. All of these are subject to change btw. Magmaw (aka Goremaw): Mouseling Ordinance Entry:: The beginings of a new entry I am working on: As always C&C is always welcomed and appreciated.
  12. Yes. If you plan on returning and your schedule is too packed I'd say do it next year. However, be for warned as regret will set in. It took my wife and I two years before we had an opening to go and there was much regret. We plan on going again this year.
  13. There are other vendors that sell non reaper stuff.... Lol good 5th
  14. RCon forum gets really busy a week before up until the day of. Then it gets quiet in the mornings with a bit of chatter at night.
  15. Further translation, a lot of people think that it is pointless to enter the painting competition because "there are so many awesome painters in it and all the competition....what chance do I have?". Or they think "aww man I don't have what it takes to enter anything so I won't". When in actuality, your main competition is yourself and your ability. When those people find this out, regret tends to set in.
  16. Or you could always purchase extras during the Con that way you don't have to haul them around....
  17. I did....I was making it more house procrastius friendly lol
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