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  1. I heard recently, that you can do some amazing things with 3-D printers.... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54270-foodini-not-game-related/?hl=printer
  2. I heard a simple technique for figuring out highlights a few days ago. It works best with armor but I think it can be used on anything. Simply take clear water and apply it to the area you wish to paint. Don't be afraid to drench it if need be. Then use the ambient light (or a lamp for forced perspective) to ascertain where the light hits it the most and least. Then simply wipe off the water and do your best to remember/replicate what you saw. I'm just regurgitating what I saw on a YouTube video and by no means do I know what I'm talking about O.O
  3. Had a funny moment last session that I wanted to share. The party is clearing room after room of this huge mansion. One of the players decides to get feisty and kicks one of the doors in. We clear the room and head to the next door. I decided I wanted to have fun with the guy (being one of the only vets besides the DM) and I tell the DM that I grab the guys character by his armor and use him as a battering ram. The other guy starts to chuckle. The DM goes "roll for it". The other player looses his grin and before he can say "hey wait.." I roll a natural 20. The DM tells the player "before you know what's going on, the Dragonborn Fighter grabs you by the collar, the world goes horizontal, and you are thrust into the room". At the next door, I let one of the other players open the door but I still pretended to grab his character again in-game just for fun. So, just fair warning...I may use your character as my "keys to the city" if we play together at Reapercon =D
  4. Not sure if this speaks poorly for men....or highly for the paint.
  5. Nice paint job. It's very gory. The only advice I can give you (being a newb myself)....you sir, have a pretty dusty tv/monitor stand O.O
  6. My wife must have touched their dice Doug....
  7. I have (had?) been paid to travel for 5 weeks to get to Reapercon. Seattle to Miami to Freeport to Fort Lauderdale to Ponta Delgada to Lisbon to Madrid to Miami to Freeport to Fort Lauderdale and then finally on to Dallas late on the 24th. FTFY
  8. 'I NEED A VOLUNTEER!!!!!' haha classic.
  9. Does he too fear rabbits with "big pointy teeth"?!!!!
  10. Read a little bit about it from their wiki and it seems gimmicky to me /shrug. I've seen a lot of d20 stuff and it just seems that one tries to out gimmick the other. "Look at my new system...its just like your old one except we took two things out and put one new thing in"...
  11. Blanket Fort in Shadow's Room!!!
  12. I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet...
  13. I totally think you should have given the zombies purple pants....just saying.
  14. I understand that they have models which use removable straps in stead of glue... How DARE you bring logic into this?!!! Besides...how else would he get his daily pain/pleasure from peeling it off his head? Are YOU gonna give it for him?! NO, I didn't think so...
  15. Because I know that ReaperCon starts in a week and I need to get all the sleep I can now! (Plus, I'm just very good at sleeping. It's one of my skills.) My wife is proficient in sleeping as well...
  16. Because I know that ReaperCon starts in a week and I need to get all the sleep I can now! (Plus, I'm just very good at sleeping. It's one of my skills.) I can sleep because I have given up on my old mantra of "Did you come to game or come to sleep". While I love ReaperCon and I am excited about coming again I have been to so many conventions over the years that getting ready is almost more muscle memory than anything else. I tend to be more involved with behind the scenes stuff and tend to not get the chance to talk to people as much as I would like. At least not until I get to take center stage at the auction and then I'm more talking at you than talking with you, and hopefully amusing folks and making sure people have a good time and some of you walk away with cool stuff (for free I might add). So I actually sleep pretty well at the convention, but I miss late night gaming and socializing because I will have to get up at some ungodly hour in the morning to make sure my stuff is ready for that day. If you are already up at 4am then it's not that big a deal anyways lol.
  17. Yea for Muffins!!!! Were they.....................blueberry muffins? FTFY
  18. I call bs....it's hard to type while also wielding a giant scythe.
  19. You had me at beer and kept me at CAH....
  20. As a fan, I approve of the wind...
  21. I actually answer better to Cash in anything but a family or work situation. Everything is always better with Cash.
  22. Then by all means...release your pre-con steam as much as you wish
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