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  1. I want my own "Hello my name is..." name tag! Warning: I don't have an actual watermelon helm...nor do I have the awesome ginger goatee to so easily identify myself.
  2. With the feat though, u don't even need to hit it seems.
  3. Obviously no +5 and it wouldn't be one action to do it basically...a grapple to restrain, next round a push in my opinion. It makes sense considering that it isn't exactly an untrained active response to a situation. Maybe instinctual if you were pinned in a grapple to a wall but still...not an "everyone knows how to do this" kinda thing.
  4. bah...i ALMOST felt special there for a second ub3r. Then ya had ya go mess with my outlier opinion.
  5. Oi, I'm telling you its because i was rolling the dice with the wrong hand! I started actually doing some damage when i rolled with my right hand. You mean the freebie attack the DM gave you?...
  6. My vote goes for blue. The red is far more defined in the blue. The grey may make the darker colors seem darker, but it fades the highlights as well.
  7. You my friend...are about to have you're mind blown! If you go to page 2 of the "Feats" section of your pdf, you'll find a feat called 'Charger'. It basically states that when you charge, you can forgo attacking. If you do, then you get a +5 to your opposed strength check against the target. If you win, you can move him up to 10 feet and you can move with him if you choose to. You're welcome.
  8. Just saw this on yahoo news...a slideshow of the eclipse this morning. http://news.yahoo.com/photos/the-first-total-lunar-eclipse-of-2014-1397556119-slideshow/
  9. I know someone who is just like you...... Anyways, the best way to get rid of that anxiety/fear is to jump in head first in my opinion. Since we all share Reaper in common it tends to be a good ice breaker for conversation too so just use that as an opener if you find yourself having trouble. I used to have social anxiety when I was younger so I understand what it's like. I still have anxiety when in a large group (places in upwards of 500+ people bunched up) though, but having my wife with me makes it easier. Roleplaying is also a great way to shake it off as well, since you get to be whomever you want to be at a table.
  10. The DM that ran the encounter I played with the wife last week, holy crap I've never wanted to punt someone so badly in my life. Dude rolled over 15 every single roll. My Two-handed Great Weapon Fighter was given "tanking" duties because the other two Fighters in our group had no clue what that meant. I took hit after hit after hit. I went unconscious 3 times in one encounter....(I burned through all of our stash of healing pots that one encounter). Then, of course, our druid goes "oh that's right....I have healing spells....". Anyways, it took us having to give the DM's dice to my wife to soil with her "stinkfinger die rolling", as Buglips would say. Only then did he actually start missing.
  11. My wife suffers from this disease as well. What did you do to alleviate him of it?
  12. I just passed 4 years with mine last month so I only get 2 weeks (using some of it for RC'14). I was bringing in carts at around the time of the eclipse, but due to rain, there wasn't anything but clouds in sight.
  13. Hmm have you not played Next for a while? Not that double specialization is part of 4E, but Barbarians & Half-Orcs are in Next. While the HD mechanics have their root inHesling Surges I think it's more accurate to equate Next class features with their 3E counterparts. Next does draw on 4E for things like Cantrips = At-Wills and a few things that function a bit like Encounters, but many of those things are lack the obvious clarity they had in 4E leading some 4E diehards to overlook the relationship. LOL....the parenthesized text is referring to 2e, that's why he wrote "2nd sucks". Also, there is the ability to Mark in the feats that function the way 4e's did. Skills work the much in the same way as they do in 4e. Critical hits are done the same way as they were in 4e as opposed to 3e. Cantrips and Rituals are there from 4e. The Path system is similar to the subclasses from the PH's from 4e. The Fighter gets Second Wind, an obvious nod to 4th, as well as their Combat Maneuvers tend to act like powers. You can point to many other similarities to older editions too. To me it isn't just '3E counterparts', it's a menagerie of a bunch of stuff. And it isn't even fully written so there could be tons more in there that we don't know about. One thing I'm sad to see gone though, is the robustness of the monsters and their abilities from 4e. But c'est la vie.
  14. I see what you mean on my home computer now. The only thing I can think of is that those painted pics have been submitted but have not been approved yet. Or they could be old ones that were never removed. The funny thing is...if you click search with the Bones keyword as your parameter again, it fixes it and only the ones that have actual painted pics up. So i dont know exactly what your original search parameters were...
  15. Umm (at least on my phone's browser) I see two Seltyiel figures on a search. There is a Bones line one and what I'm thinking is a metal one maybe? Either way, the Bones one has no other image, either in preview or otherwise. The other Seltyiel figure has like 2 sets of front/back pics of ppls paint jobs. Basically, I dont see what you're seeing. What browser are you using?
  16. How do you do "seven attacks" in 4e? And how do you average roughly 50 damage per attack?
  17. So, basically....."i feel 'depressed' and 'lazy' sooooooooo I'm not gonna do any more orders and not tell any of you how I'm gonna refund your money. Totes gonna spend it all on booze and hookers." He should have signed it "With Hugs and Kisses, Love Bryan Wade" just to pour salt on it.
  18. Including a youtube video [youtube| GBtYiLFH85A |/youtube] GBtYiLFH85A is the id of the video, you can see it from the url on youtube Google videos [gvideo] 3966673435136338279 [/gvideo] 3966673435136338279 is the id of the video leave out the spaces in between the tags.
  19. It was frustrating...i was trying to watch anime and paint but it was a jap dub with subtitles so I turned it off after I had to rewatch 10 mins of it three times because I had no clue what was going on...
  20. I had to take the pictures in the dark lol...
  21. Got home from work today and I decided to paint this guy and four hours later...sadly, it looks better in hand than it does in these photos. Here ya go: My fourth ever mini, and I'm lookin forward to the next one
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