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  1. Yes...but according to the text "The game uses classic fantasy army building with an fresh twist: players use a special Action Wheel to determine whose turn is it to play and what units can do". Sounds like M. Night Shyamalan came up with that twist...
  2. TGP....you can try this: 1) Right click the program's main .exe file 2) Click properties 3) Click the Compatability tab 4) You may have to click the box next to "Run as Administrator" 5) Click the drop down box and pick an older version of Windows This will usually fix the jittering of older programs.
  3. Your persona has one hell of a list of vices O.O
  4. I like your style! I think Agent Coulson from Agents of SHIELD has a sweet ride though. His Lola: I also wouldn't mind a Shelby Mustang GT500 either...
  5. How ya holdin up sir?

  6. Enchantress..what does your husband enjoy doing? What are some of his hobbies? I only ask because sometimes finding a correlation between his hobbies and these hobbies is easy but not always. My wife is crafty and loves painting and art. All it took was correlating that with miniatures and she hooked herself. For me it was using them for my RP games and doing something with the wife that she enjoys.
  7. Don Quixote is your best bet from that list imo. Relatively light reading with very few overwhelming overtones. It's a fun story. I would read the Iliad first before the Odyssey. It is short IIRC and is set chronologically before the Odyssey. If you have seen the movie "Troy" you'll have a basic knowledge of its characters. While the movie takes a lot of liberties with the poem, Brad Pitt is pretty bad a$$ in it so there's that.
  8. If money is no issue why would millage be an issue? Conservationist ideology I can understand sure..but then why not go the full shebang of electric? He also said no life circumstances...one would normally throw pragmatism and sensibility out the window and go for the most ridiculously expensive or fastest or even most luxurious vehicle. I would go with an old school Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (mostly to do stupid things in) but that is pure fantasy.
  9. Sooooo, money is no object and you pick a....RAV4?......*silence*
  10. The wife and I got a good four hour session with Next in today. I have a few thoughts that came to me as we played. Character creation was a bit disorganized in my opinion but that might have just been the character sheets we used. Combat is a looot faster than some of the other additions but I really thinks it's the "two actions" rules instead of the three or four per round that the other systems use. I'm the kind of player that likes to have more options as opposed to less so I'm not too fond of it. I personally miss minions, but that is also just my opinion. I loved wading through the battlefield. It gave me a much more epic feel than fighting two regs and a special mob per room. I like the abilities that classes get and the combat maneuvers as well. However, there is very little about Next that I would say is exactly like D&D x.x because, to me, it seems like a hodgepodge of different concepts from every iteration. Seems like they locked one of the creator's kids that has ADHD in a room with a stack of D&D books, a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, and some paper/pens and told them to get writing. My opinion might change as I get more time in with it, but for now my base opinion is meh.
  11. If you also tease them with some plumber's crack they tend to take you in as family...
  12. What Kharsin said...it's a good community here with great support and insight. Oh and ask as many questions as you can.
  13. Destroy them now, while we still have time. CNET sounds a whole lot like Skynet don't ya think?
  14. Flamehawke, here is a thread with some websites for FLGS's in Omaha. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/657210/flgs-in-omaha-ne-usa Seems like a good starting point for investigating what kinds of inventory they'll have and I would even call ahead to see what the attitudes of the shop owners are like. I personally never witnessed any gender bias from any FLGS owners in the towns I've lived in. Now the patrons, that's a different story. I always used to get a kick out of watching the reactions of the guys that only came in a few times as they would breathe hard when a girl walked in. But, the guys that worked there were usually never phased by it.
  15. Wife, when did I agree to a cruise? Every day I go to sleep I get involuntarily volunteered to do things. I now know how Ricky Ricardo felt. Mees Melons...ju gah some 'splainin to doooooo.
  16. He makes a great pen acquaintance though. Sorry you are deployed LK. Keep in touch with us if you can. If not...then the summer is right around the corner.
  17. I for one know that when I punch out for the day I leave work AT work. Just like when I clock in I leave home stuff there. I wouldn't doubt that it is the same for some of them. Some people like to bring their work home though...
  18. Yes! And your strawberry cheese danish does Mega Damage....to the thighs lol.
  19. All I ever had to remember was the table of contents page. I love Palladium books, Rift especially. Very fun to GM and a great setting. Character creation was always a pain because it took so darn long...
  20. I like your Mage of Light. It makes me want to yell "I ATTACK THE DARKNESS". Two thumbs up!
  21. Sounds like you had full day! I thank you for your generous gift of GoT and give you birthday likes in return. Now go off and enjoy that hibachi bliss for us all!
  22. I remember hearing a news story of a guy getting a ticket for using a flamethrower in public to combat the ice and snow. He told reporters he was just tired of shoveling and tired of winter. I imagine he laughed homicidally and maniacally as he did it.
  23. "First up a TSR thief, then Cutter from Elfquest." he mentioned it in the post. I love the look of the second one. It seems like it was whittled out of wood.
  24. Barbarians..the only class where it is not only accepted but respected to substitute pants for a loincloth lol. Even when wearing full plate armor...
  25. Quite spectacular indeed. The line job on the teeth is great and I love the shine on the main eye. Also, great job on the basing.
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