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  1. This sounds intriguing. I shall be waiting!!!
  2. I could be....for the right price . You know...if you want me to invade your isles and plunder and/or pillage.
  3. SR...that picture made me have Firewall flashbacks from fighting Sartherion in Obsidian Sanctum:
  4. It's true. I once made a halfling rogue that talked dirty to the locks he was picking. You know, things like "Mmm...a little to the left.." and "yeah that's the sweet spot". When he popped the lock he'd pull out a cigarette and would take a drag. It also didn't help that we drew him to look like a 4' tall Clint Eastwood...
  5. Or....ya know...it's cuz she's Canadian..
  6. His eyes are bright red...you can see it in person but no matter what, his dang brow causes a shadow lol. It's both hilarious and maddeningly frustrating at the same time.
  7. One of my best friends laughs exactly like Muttly, which I'm guessing, makes me the Dick....Dastardly. Wiki says her name was Nell Fenwick. The inspector's daughter.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about both of you guys' family members. My condolences and prayers go out to ya.
  9. I took like 14 pictures to try and get the eyes man... I didn't post the one that showed the eyes cause it was almost under his nose. And I didn't want to be known as "the miniature selfie" guy.
  10. I can see it now...."but they said I had to dress up like a cow boy..."
  11. Psh...you're just joshing me... Hehe I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry.
  12. Good! Cause I'm attached to the "Mr." part of me. Also, it's been more than once that I've had have "the chat" with her lol.
  13. Welp, for most of yesterday and some of this morning my wife convinced me to work on the 03468: Barbarian Hero. I went a different direction then some by giving him gray skin and red eyes to look like my Pathfinder Half-Orc Barbarian named Runt Skullcrusher. At first I didn't really like the direction it was going, but then it started to fall into place enough for me to like it. I was hesitant to post anything up since I'm a newb (this is my third miniature I've ever painted) but the wife has reassured me that you guys are nice and such so I figured what the hell, why not. So I figured I'd post it here in the WIP's since I can always fix things. I know my camera sucks to all holy hell and I don't have any fancy light boxes, so I did the best with what I have: It's hard to see the red eyes in this one because his brow is so damn big it casts its own shadow.... Gotta hit that from the back (of course)... Once more...cha-cha real smooth... My phone makes the colors look bleh but I'm happy with it in person. Feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions. P.S. Yelling out newb is also acceptable as I am, in fact, one.
  14. That probably helped avoid the uncomfortable "what is this Hobby-Q that filled the credit card?" discussion. Or not... Haha I've actually been the one to have the "what is this Hobby-Q purchase" discussion....does that make me the wife?
  15. 1999-2000 My first experience with miniatures. I had just started playing 2nd edition and one day one of my friends showed me some figures he had found in his closet that were really old. He spent the next two weeks locked in his room painting furiously. I had to admit that when I first saw them I thought they looked cheesy and they did....the sculpts were really rudimentary and not very detailed. I also visited several FLGS (I lived in Miami, FL at that time and there is a pretty large gaming community there) and saw that the figures were far more detailed and less cheesy then when I originally saw them. 2000-2008 During the next couple of years, I had little to no experience using miniatures while playing D&D and thought that aspect of the hobby was a bit weird. Most of my adventures from 2e up until 3.5e were mostly verbal and relied on my imagination and I figured that I could make a better movie in my head anyways. I was sadly mistaken. 2008-2010 4e is released. My DM decides to purchase a huge topper for his dinning room table and he hash marks a 1" grid into it. He then decided to cut foam rectangles and paints them to resemble dungeon walls. He takes it a step further and designs patches of grass and terrain to use whenever the story dictates. This to me is when I was truly introduced to miniatures. I found that the tactical aspects of being able to plan and have a physicality with the game world rather than the slight disconnection you get when it is purely in your own head (i.e. it is still purely your interpretation rather than the narrator's original vision). The beginning of every play session was always a moment of excitement as we saw him pull out all of the figures for that night, both our PCs and some of the baddies we would encounter that night. 2013-Present I introduce my wife to the world of miniatures. She then takes it to a whole new level that I never did. Now I hope to play the catch-up game after spending so many years only brushing the surface (no pun intended) of this world.
  16. I prefer grated as well.
  17. All I have to say is "dat undead dwarf!". It looks amazing, which isn't to say that the rest aren't awesome. 'Cause they are all well done. We should also have your skeletons go up against Oneboot's ala Battle Royale for team colored shield supremacy...
  18. I like the choice you made on the shadowing of the folds of the apron and the head wrap. Imo it is what kept it really cohesive. Excellent work on the old timey wood panel base. You did a great job making her stand out.
  19. I'll be the banker ONLY if I'm allowed to give unsubsidized loans for miniatures as collateral...
  20. Ah the joys of puberty and the sweet stenches that come with it...
  21. Huh? What did I inadvertently agree to?
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