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  1. Psh....I know she gets jealous of my Mansies (like besties except more manly). Yes, like a damn schoolgirl.
  2. Way to come off as a clingy creeper man.... it's ok though. That's how I likes 'em =D P.S. I have to admit that if you changed your handle to Creeperbryan....id giggle.
  3. CORRECTION: This Banquet is now ALSO sold out. Haha..should have followed it up with "AAANNNNDDD I'm spent", in an Austin Powers accent.
  4. With, she can look like a goblin female even. Where's the fun in that? I need her to become the unattainable. Johnny Depp... something like that. You know, a hot chick! mmmm them unwashed dreads...too damn sexy *bites lip*
  5. I just woke up and can't keep up with all the updates lol.
  6. Did you just asks me out? Lol. I like the way you think Ub3r. <3 Now for the Misters answer. :O Oh yeah he told me yes. called me. We're buds. You can totally trust me, and there is no need to call him for verification, frankly I'm insulted that you would think you needed to and perhaps you owe me an apology! DUDE! He totally said we're buds....hey wait a minute!
  7. Because Canada is totally known for it's inexpensive shipping? Lol...gotta pay them sled dogs man.
  8. Whew good thing the wifey got our tickets. Looks like it's gonna be a packed house.
  9. *infomercial host voice* You mean I can paint my miniatures ANNNNDDD safely eat them too?!!! All for just 20 easy payments of $49.99? Food paste you say? It sounds too good to be true!!!
  10. I can confirm this...I've had to pick dried paint out of her hair several times.
  11. Is adult oriented subject matter close enough?
  12. We're trying to generate more posts from you so we can get you more likes buglips. It's a grassroots/guerilla campaign to get you to 202020 by using buzzwords such as "Goblins" and "self-inflicted BDSM". It'll be viral in no time. You know...kid friendly stuff.
  13. Self-imposed Goblin/Goblinoid BDSM.....that's my fetish. Does the Mrs. know this??? Who do you think introduced me to it?!...
  14. Self-imposed Goblin/Goblinoid BDSM.....that's my fetish.
  15. The wife and I made a deal that she would introduce me more to the painting aspects and i would introduce her to the RP aspects, so I ran the wife (and her melons) through this Pathfinder module in preparation and practice for Rc '14 (also my first time GM'ing a Pathfinder game). She put my barbarian character through the ringer and actually ran through the module backwards but did very well. She was able to clear a module that was meant to be easy for 3-4 people with her Ranger and my Barbarian thanks to the module having healing potions. There was alot of missed attacks but much fun was had. Also, since there were only two characters to split the xp as opposed to 3-4 they both actually leveled so two birds with one stone (and all done to PFS standards). That aside, I was wondering if anyone else is roleplaying in preparation for Rc '14? The wife and I are gonna try to get some game time in during the International Tabletop Day so she can get some more practice time in with other people.
  16. Hopefully! It's supposed to be next Monday... provided I can figure out Highwire's webshop templates... I'm used to coding webpages with HTML and CSS, but their 'simple' Template Editor is really confusing... fingers crossed I get it to work over the next couple of days. The eye is there - but I probably need to brighten it a bit. It's yellow, and I think I'll have to layer some thinned-down white on it... Here's a closer look: cheers, Michael I see what you did. You painted an iris which limited the amount of the sclera which is why it was so difficult for me to pinpoint. Most dragon paint jobs I've seen usually only have a solid sclera. Good on ya.
  17. It will make up for sleeping most of the way to TX considering I will be just getting out of work once you scoop us up.
  18. She only loves me cause I have "Man-Melons"...(they bring all the girls to the yard). I'm cool with either, I got Monday off so I probably won't go in until Tuesday at 10pm.
  19. Wouldn't it be awesome if mechanics had a sense of humor and went "April Fools..it's gonna be $100". Sadly, it's more like they would jack the price up. $300 to fix the engine mounts is a decent price though...especially if you don't wanna drive like the Flintstones all the way to TX.
  20. Dang. I work third shift so I'm usually a night owl. Looks like I'm gonna have to adjust the sleep pattern for a few days.
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