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  1. That dragon is pretty damn awesome. One thing though, I can barely see the eyes. I'm not sure if it's the camera or just me, but in the image of the profile of the dragon there is so much going on with the head that it's hard to single out the eye. Took alot of zooming for me to finally see it. Also, that hobbit has had one too many Elevenses lol.
  2. While there's certainly quite a bit of geek cred in using a Kinex arm to move the webcam, we use a camera like this on a tripod. Pan and tilt seems to handle most of the issues. Though with two remote players, there's occasionally a bit of competition for control. The arm let them get in close and move around walls as well as give me a top down view. Plus it let them keep it in place while the five other players went. It was more for pure functionality than for cred.
  3. I like the cut of your jib....
  4. I don't know about you guys, but looking at it closer, it looks more like a hot dog/weiner than a mustache. At least to me it does.
  5. @OneBoot: I was the "dealer" that introduced her to mini's. I was never big on painting them so much as using them in my rp sessions though. One of my best friends was our groups painter. He would lock himself in his room and not emerge until he had 12 figures painted. My wife has taken up that mantle now. I try my best to expose her to the RP aspects while she is showing me more of the craft side of it. By our powers combined we make a great set of melons.
  6. Can't...stop staring...at the level of detail...in the crotch region O_O. I really like the stoic look you gave the face the most though. Good work!
  7. I can totally picture two detectives staring over several bodies as they try to figure out what happened. One of the Con workers is wrapped in a blanket, an empty stare on their face as they mutter the words brass and red to themself. Edit: While hungerfan looms around the darkened corner, grinning mischievously and cackling maniacally.
  8. @ub3r_n3rd: I was the 5th guy in my group. My friends constructed a movable arm out of Kinex pieces that could move around the webcam. It was pretty fun.
  9. Pics or it didn't happen! I get to stare at her "bases" all day long lol. I could send ya pics....for a price. FTFY!
  10. Pics or it didn't happen! I get to stare at her "bases" all day long lol. I could send ya pics....for a price.
  11. @OneBoot: thanks for the welcome @LastKnight: I work 3rd shift so I feel your pain on visitors and life imposing on sleep. @ub3r_n3rd: I remember when I made the switch years ago. Be forewarned that peak times will affect your DL speeds but not nearly as bad as the overall slowness of DSL. Also, I've used alot of different programs to VoIP role-play (ventrillo, vudoo, msn messenger) because I moved from my hometown and still wanted to rp with my friends there. http://roll20.net/ is by far the best thing I've seen for long distance rp. It takes extra work from the GM but it has alot of cool features. Plus it's cloud based like Google docs, requires less bandwidth than video chatting on Skype too, so if you have other players with slower connections it's a plus.
  12. Odd...last night I dreamt that I was hearing random cash register cha-chings. I must have been hearing your dreams babe.
  13. Ya mama!!! (who's a wonderful person) Oh I went to bed alright. I went to bed so hard...wait, that sounded less dirty in my head; I swear.
  14. Did someone mention Runt Skullcrusher? I'd also like to think that it was my idea for us to play a lesbian couple (elf rogue and a half-elf gunslinger) that made it both hilarious and "engaging"....but i could be wrong. It's always fun to make the GM/DM double take when you tell them your backstory.
  15. I'm is one of you's now!!!

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