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  1. Did some more work on this yesterday....feast upon the cheesiness! Still got a bit more to go but it's on the home stretch.
  2. You should wear this to Corporea's color theory class so she can point to a color on the shirt as an example.
  3. The tour, hands down. It really is pretty amazing to see where the magic happens....
  4. I've got two on the verge of done, one that went MIA some how, and one I haven't started yet, but will once I find the other one.
  5. I'd like to think my wife has the most "easy to spot" forum names....
  6. If you had pants on it wasn't a nightmare....
  7. Would you say she is a "smooth blending criminal"?
  8. So....I would like to point out that it would have to be trusted forumites that can take from the box. While I think it's a good idea in theory, greed can set in and a 20 post forumite with no avatar that's only replied to a handful of posts could easily just keep the box and ghost....
  9. Teespring has some of the other ones from last year. I didn't hear many good things about them though....
  10. Zazzle only has the new River Widows shirt...
  11. Yay!!! I'm glad you followed my link on the MAG page. Take a look at the Show-off, Work in progress, and Tips & advice sections. There is a lot of good info there. Also, feel free to ask questions.....the people here are really great!
  12. I'll jump in this time too. Mr Melons/avatar/e'er day
  13. Depends on everything entered into the auction. But you should have enough time (if my memory serves it's done at 4ish).
  14. So......a few days ago I decided to alter this entry a tad bit. I'm not only making it an ordinance entry but also a mouseling entry as well!!!
  15. If you sit him with Rhonda I'm sure she would be delighted to help him with any OSL and eyes questions/instructions he may have/need. She is an amazing teacher and an even cooler person!
  16. More work done on the opposite side. I gotta retouch the original side up a bit. Then work on the top.
  17. The limit was increased this year. There is also built in coding in the classes that prevents the sale of a ticket if you have your limit. It will also prevent the sale of conflicting classes if you choose two classes at the same time slot on the same day. There's a surprising number of open seats still left.
  18. Almost finished with one of the sides. I just need some more blending.
  19. Lovejoy's Airbrushing 101 Basic/Intermediate - Demo Kat Jackson's Intro to the Art of Airbrushing Beginner - Demo + Hands (I'm guessing this one will be hands on with their brush) Caleb Wisenbeck's The Art of Airbrushing : Finishing Techniques Basic/Intermediate - Demo As there is only one that I saw that had hands on, I'm not sure if the instructors will let you hook up your brush, but you can always try contacting them on Facebook and see. Seeing as it's the instructor's equipment and all, I'm not sure if Bryan will have a different answer.
  20. Maybe it's a curve ball and I'm not actually working on it.......or am I?
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