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  1. I cannot wait until it becomes a regular product. this is amazing.
  2. thanks. HG will always have a place in my heart but considering how much the alpha rules annoy me I think taking a step back and playing CAV for a while will be a nice change. at least until Arkrite finishes their RPG ;) I have always liked CAV's models, and the game play was what battletech wants to be lol. but the last time I played was in 2002 lol
  3. here is my paint scheme and my first model. I didnt like how long the stalks were on the missile packs, and the one on the right shoulder looked off, so I made some simple mods that dont change the way the model interacts with terrain game play wise, but enhanced the asthetics imo :)
  4. ech...visually, HEavy Gear Blitz minis are in the same range as CAV, but there are subtle differences. terrain can be swapped between the two. from what I know, CAV is 1/160th scale and HGB is 1/144th.
  5. Also how do chain fire pods work again?
  6. Cool scoring some longbows. What recon model do you suggest to work with my attack section and fs section? Also my second attack section I want using inexpensive fast attack units. What do you suggest?
  7. I am also thinking of 2x duelists and 2x dictator 60s for the other attack section
  8. Should I add those recon/ecm models to my existing sections (which I think would be good)? As for my harasser section what kind of aircraft?
  9. I am building an independent force for small skirmish play and would like some feed back. My attack section will have two dictator 60s, an Ogre and a Rhino My Support section will have three specters and a sovereign, sultan or mastadon. I would like another section or two but idk what, and I think the other two sections could benefit from some extra models. Any ideas?
  10. That's cool. Hopefully we will get the game going in San Diego soon
  11. Maybe. Idk I was thinking of using the old CAV construction system to stat it out
  12. Ah! Looking forward to it lol. The Nightshade is sexy though. Are its stats available yet? Or is it only going to appear in SO only? I got a buddy who wants to build a force around a few of them. Me...I'm a dictator and rhino fan myself...
  13. Hello! I was wondering where I can find the stats on the nightshade and its faction availability? And where I can find the strike operations book too. I am looking forward to playing this game with my game group :)
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