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  1. i changed my mind, ima go w/ this one since optivisors are kinda pricey. i found this at hobbytown usa in tukwila, but i forgot to take a pic on the back side of it.
  2. like this one from officedepot? http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/420099/Realspace-Magnifier-Task-Lamp-17-12/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google-_-Desk_Accessories_Dcor_and_Lighting-_-420099-IQ_PE%20&Channel=Google&mr:trackingCode=0ABF50D5-24E1-DF11-B41F-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=pla_multichannel&mr:ad=36223934756&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=65098682276#firstTab
  3. @flamehawke here is the link for the miniature http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-high-elf-warrior.html
  4. yeah, i go to card kingdom like every friday/saturdays sometimes, but i didnt know about the veteran painters at card kingdom.
  5. finally! back from my vacay i came home got my miniature, but damn, how do u even paint this?!? 1. the size almost 2 inches from bottom to top of the sword. 2. from the outside look of it. 3. here is what im gonna do w/ the paint, if possible that is. this is all reapers paint. any tips and advice will do, ty adv. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- brush- probably gonna get size 5/0 and size 3/0 for standard brush. 1. http://www.rosemaryandco.com/watercolour-brushes/pure-red-sable/triangular-pure-sable
  6. nice painting, it'll be a challenge for me to paint the face. http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-high-elf-warrior.html can anybody tell me what specific brown color is the chest armor/forearm area? the only 2 colors im thinkin is this 1. http://privateerpress.com/content/bloodstone and 2. http://privateerpress.com/content/bloodtracker-brown for some reason 2. doesnt link to the site.
  7. I use Series 33 for most of my work. Though I also got a couple Series 99 red sable for working with metallics because they are suppose to be hard on brushes and dont want to ruin a good brush on them. hard time choosing series 92, 93 or 323. series 92. http://www.rosemaryandco.com/micro-red-sable series 93. http://www.rosemaryandco.com/pure-sable-spotters series 323. http://www.rosemaryandco.com/pure-kolinsky-spotters
  8. I tried out some of the W&N cotman brushes. They were nice, only problem is they do wear out FAST. Seemed like the tip of my brush was already starting to hook after the first time I used it. Still usable for a lot of things, just not for detail work anymore. For quality brushes, I have to recommend Rosemary and Co. I have bought a number of brushes from her and every one seemed to be great. Also they are a lot cheaper then the ones you get from W&N. The series 7 I got was one of the "defective" ones, would split after a short while of painting, but still very useful for base coating, but mostly I just use my R&C brushes now and the S7 just sits in my brush cup. for brushes its either R&C or Raphael 8404 or 8408 and for R&C, i dont know which series im gonna get. if i dont mind asking, which series did you get for brushes for your miniatures?
  9. Since I am painting Bones minis mostly, I have had bad luck with spray primers on it (it never fully dried and was always tacky to the touch) so now I use Vallejo surface primer that I spray through my air brush. To seal, I also use my airbrush and liquitex varnish. First I spray a couple layers of gloss then after a layer of Matte. i see, i probably buy seal sprayer, i dont want to buy air brush yet obviously since im a beginner. if i dont mind asking, how many steps process is it for spray sealer?
  10. i forgot to mention to say, what primer do you guys use before basing your miniatures and spray sealer at the end? if i am correct for spray primer i should use this right? http://www.krylon.com/products/colormaster-primer/ but i dont know, for what kind of spray sealer to use.
  11. i was debating either to buy blue or green colors. now that you mentioned about the blue colors im just gonna get that then. thank you.
  12. @shadow raven - lets say, i only painted the armor chest (base) army green wait until it dried out then i washed it w/ the same color (example P3 ratio 1:1 paint:water), will that color shade work out? this mini. figure for the armor chest http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-high-elf-warrior.html same thing as the blue robe w/ a different base "same" color/wash, keep repeating in a different section after section. ty adv.
  13. Tell me about it. 1) Doesn't matter. I've used many brands and they're all great (GW, P3, Army Painter, Secret Weapon). 2) Yes, but it's not really that important at first considering the end effect isn't too different. 3) Unless you're using a really matte paint they will be shiny from the get go. There are three types of sealer shine: Matte\dull, Gloss and Satin. A lot of us prefer the matte\dull look but those that don't tend to go for Satin as Gloss is really, really shiny. Don't spray any sealer on think, a few seconds spray on each side, let dry and repeat is good enough. If what you used isn't what you liked you can always spray it with a different type of sealer and the shineyness will change. i was wondering, do people put alcohol into thier paint for washing? if so, how does the alcohol helps the paint?
  14. hey all, i gotta say rpg tabletop is hella fun. im planning to buy few things like paint (obviously), master's brush cleaner & preserver, hobby knife and so on. for some reason, i feel overwhelmed w/ painting in shading/washing and other stuff i cant name of top of my head. 1. for washing/shading, is there specific of what kind of brands should i get? 2. any difference between ink wash & paint wash? 3. spray sealers, how many step process is it? i want the shiny/pop look if thats possible. sorry, if the questions are too long. i am open for advice and suggestions this is the stuff im getting after my mini. figure comes in. 1. my miniature figure is coming out in 3days or so. http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-high-elf-warrior.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. P3 paint - a. http://privateerpress.com/content/cygnar-colors b. http://privateerpress.com/content/mercenary-colors c. Vallejo paint - i most likely go for w/ mariners/seahawks colors, since im from the 206 area. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. spray primer - http://www.krylon.com/products/colormaster-primer/
  15. so, i started playing dragon age tabletop rpg for 3 weeks now w/ my friends we all new to it. is there specifics on what kind of paints/coating do i have to use on the material pewter? any help will do, ty adv. this is the miniature that i am going to buy. http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-high-elf-warrior.html
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