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  1. You know hawk wargames, the company that makes the dropzone commander terrain you linked, has several of the buildings from that set free to download and print yourself if you want to give papercraft buildings a shot. The worldworks site has been pretty dead for years now, last I checked the link to their forum on their site was even dead....
  2. I'm bringing Sirk's Strikers back from retirement thanks to the kickstarter, even painted up some of the metal figs I've had kicking around for 9 years or so... Even have some pix still kicking around the boards here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/15657-sirks-strikers/?hl=%2Bsirk+%2Bstrikers
  3. ARG!!! no!!!! I have to work all day saturday *sigh* oh well. Maybe I can run a release event at work... hmmmmm...
  4. I feel for you Remy, I'm afraid my wife and I aren't going to be able to make it this year either (first reapercon we've missed =P)- I burned up all of my vacation days I've been saving for the last 3 years on staying home with our baby this year - and we are probably going to have to stay home with her during con time this year rather than joining in the festivities - which is really annoying since we even live here in dallas - maybe if we have the time we can swing by for one day of the con if there are tickets on sale at the door so we can show off our kiddo, but even so there is not going to be much in the way of painting or gaming for us
  5. thanks for all the kind words - it's been pretty hectic here as I'm sure ya'll can imagine, but I wouldn't trade it for the world... unfortunately, we probably won't be able to make reapercon this year - but the trade off is definitely worth it *grin*
  6. behold my latest mini! 9 months in the making... of course I had a lot of help from my wife (mysticeyes42) *grin* - some might even say she did the lion's share of the work - I wouldn't disagree she was born by emergency c-section on saturday the 19th at 8:54am - 19 3/4" 6lbs 3oz (she's tiny, but she was only one day early) her name is Sophie Taryn - and yes, I *was* thinking of the reaper mascot when I first put the name on the list...
  7. does anyone know how it compares to the siege of the citadel mutant chronicles game? I loved playing that, and if blood berets is similar I might have to try tracking down a copy of it somewhere...
  8. now take these recommendations with a grain of salt - I haven't actually USED any of these programs, though when I was doing some research into these kinds of programs a while ago 2 of them caught my (rather frugal) eye the first is screen monkey, which is basically a modified webserver, so you only buy the one program (about $35 I think) and the players can connect in with a web browser (and there's a free trial version you can download to make sure you don't have any problems with your network setup, or even use to run games if you don't need all the features in the full version) http://www.nbos.com/products/screenmonkey/screenmonkey.htm http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=633& the other is openRPG, which is an open source virtual tabletop program - it's not quite as pretty as some of the others, but it can do a lot and it's extendable with a bit of programming (I think it's written in python) and there's a lot of plugins for it around the web if you aren't into that http://www.openrpg.com/ and here's some nice maps that really help upgrade the graphics http://www.enworld.org/CrookedStaffProductions/page17.html
  9. ugh sounds like what was happening where I work a month ago (I do tech support for hpb) our whole company got hit hard by an rbot variant our antivirus didn't catch - try this... if you have a network cable, unplug it from the computer - that prevented our computers from shutting down, which let us clean it out in case it happens to be the same thing we caught, you can look in the task manager for spread.exe or winsystems.exe to confirm it and if it's there, kill the process, clean it out of the registry and off the hard drive, but virus scans won't necessarily find it good luck =)
  10. thanks all - I had a great b-day all the way around, and it was made all the better by seeing the warm wishes here on the boards =)
  11. I really enjoyed it myself, I'm not a huge comic book fan, but I do have a passing familiarity with the series. there were a few specific things i had some problems with, and a couple of spots of what I found to be eye-rollingly bad/predictable writing (not so much the dialogue, or the changes from the comics as the plot contrivances) but it wasn't any worse than some of the writing I've seen in various comics, so definately not a deal breaker for me. all in all it's not a masterpiece by any means, but i definately had fun, as did my wife, and our friends and that's all that really matters
  12. hello, and welcome to the hobby! basing can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. for some minis that are well balanced, just painting, and possibly flocking the attached broccoli base will work fine, but they will tend to be more stable if you glue them to something larger. the bases that reaper sells separately are primarily for use with miniature games like warlord, which means they conform to certain sizes. There are 2 basic types of base they sell - the slotted base, which is designed for those minis that have a little tab at the feet rather than a broccoli base, or a "drop in" base which is made to hold the dark heaven figures. You can really use either, but if you attach a broccoli based mini to a slotted base it's a good idea to put a piece of tape across the slot before trying to landscape it or paint it so it doesn't show up when you are done if you aren't using the minis for a game that has strict guidelines for the size and/or shape of the bases, you can use anything at all that they will fit on - washers as you suggested are a good idea as they have a bit of weight to them. for a really basic base you can just glue the mini down, cover the base with glue and sprinkle some flock on it - for the longest time when i first started I couldn't find actual flock anywhere so I just used a mix of 2 different green "sand art" type sands and eventually added a little lichen i found in the floral section of a craft store and tore up into teeny little pieces. not the best basing, but not bad If you can't get ahold of any colored sand you can always use regular sand and paint it, or pretty much anything else you can get your hands on - dried spices can make some neat foliage (and make your minis smell nice) for some more ideas on basing check out this thread over in the "painting tips and advice" area, which a mod may or may not wind up moving this thread to at some point =) http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2258 as for the differences between the master series and pro paints - that's a pretty long discussion - most of which can be found in the tips and advice area as well - but basically they are a bit thinner out of the bottle, have higher quality pigment, stick to the minis better and come in dropper bottles as for the learn to paint kits, the only one I have is the 3rd one (nmm) and it has a very nice set of tutorials, it's a single legal-ish sized paper with one side devoted to color recipes and the other to the step by step instructions - it's well written, very clear and very well illustrated and manages to pack a lot of info into a small amount of space. While technically the information on it isn't anything that can't be found by searching around online, it's more clearly written than most online tutorials (anne is excellent at explaining painting techniques and making them "click") and makes for a good "one stop" reference for the techniques it covers don't know much about that particular mini however - sorry
  13. man that takes me back - a stinger like that was the first mini i ever bought, specifically because it looked like a veritech from robotech. (the macross style mechs being the entire reason I started playing battletech) And it was eventually the first one i tried to paint too... very good job on it - I really like that camo, very cleanly done and effective
  14. while it's not traditional fantasy, my favorite supporting characters by far both come from jim butcher's dresden files - bob the skull and Murphy - it's a toss up...
  15. I'm Jonathan, I'm about as quiet in person as i am on the boards (been lurking around here for 2 years reading on almost a daily basis and only have about 30 posts...) so chances are you'll see me just sitting somewhere quietly absorbed in painting or reading, listening to what everyone has to say but not adding much myself unless someone happens to strike up a conversation with me in particular. It's not me trying to be rude, I'm just a quiet guy =) Likely I'll be sitting next to my wife (mysticeyes42) who will be conversing with anyone who happens to be in earshot unless she's in a class =) she is definately much more outgoing than I am. I'd like to say whether I'm more of a gamer or a painter, but i don't seem to have as much time for either of them lately - I've been playing wargames for...25 years now (and I'm only a couple of months from turning 30) started off when my dad taught me to play a simplified version of wooden ships and iron men when I was a wee thing because he was (and still is) desperate for opponents and I've been hooked ever since. For most of my life as a gamer I have been playing those board games that come with hex maps and little cardboard squares with lots of numbers on them - hardly the pinnacle of visual excitement. When i saw actual 3d figures in metal for battletech I was amazed, and instantly addicted, but the idea of painting them other than a single color to distinguish them never really crossed my mind until I encountered the rogue trader edition of WH40K - once I got that about 14-15 years ago my mind was blown - minis without a hex map, painted relistically, with miniature terrain to hide behind made out of trash? amazing! I've been painting since then, but you couldn't tell to look at my figs. I'd been pretty much painting in a vaccuum as I never thought to check online for tips until I got a casketworks mentioning the first reapercon and I was directed to this forum for info - since that first con, I've progressed by leaps and bounds thanks to exposure of a wider community of painters - still not as good as I would like, definately not as good as the amount of experience I have might make you think, but I'm getting there...
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