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  1. So, I tried using the airbrush. This particular one will not work for anything other than priming or base coating. It cost me $8, though, and I bought it for painting something much bigger, but then never used it. In regards to some of people's statements: 1) I bought Harbor Freight's smallest air compressor years ago for another purpose. It's crazy loud and has to recharge frequently. 2) I don't see how the safety or cost arguments apply to me specifically. Everything I already owned for either home improvement projects, or from brush painting. I even owned an o
  2. Ok, ty for the answers. I'm just trying to be cheap while practicing. I have this stuff on hand, whereas the rest means both a trip to the store and spending more money. I was hoping to try it out in the near future, and unfortunately, the nearest craft store or miniature store are 30 minutes away, and nowhere in the direction of work. I think I might try it out, anyways, since I went super cheap on this airbrush kit ($8 after coupons... yeah it's that cheap...) I've also got an organic chemical gas mask, because of a home improvement project I did, so I'll just we
  3. I checked out the stickied link, and it did point me at the "toothpaste tube" type acrylic. I was wondering if I can do the same with the brands I mentioned, which I have on hand (mostly for painting terrain). I want to try painting paper for awhile, since I've literally never done this before. Then I'm going to break out a mini and some reaper paint from the Kickstarters I've been saving. Another question I have is, what's the difference between using acrylic medium and Pledge Floor Finish? (Used to be called Future Floor Finish) It's a glossy clear acrylic. I was taught t
  4. It's Testor's. I think this is the exact bottle... It's been 4 days now and I put them in a warm dry place. Still tacky. Also, it was one coat, no primer. No sealer. The acrylic is bone dry.
  5. While visiting my parents during the holidays, we painted some bones minis I brought for the trip. My father is a model railroader, so we just used what he had on hand. We mostly used acrylics, but used one oil based paint (Testors). Anyplace we used that paint on the minis, it is still tacky. I did some Google searching and some folks said you could use vinegar to help the paint set. Anybody have any experience with this? I'd like to avoid repainting the miniatures if possible. They're also for roleplaying, so I'm OK with putting coats of some kind of finish on them, but am waiting until
  6. Hey, spent about 15 minutes trying to find the answer to this question. I missed the KS and am wondering when these show up at my LFGS?
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