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  1. That's good advice on the shading and edging Pingo! I'll have to try it. I've read a lot lately about trying to paint outside our habit/comfort zones, especially with shading/contrasts, as a way to expand our skills. Thanks for all the suggestions folks! I did take photos from a few angles too so I'll have share them next time! And not a year from now this time!
  2. Thanks Malefactus! Yeah, no joke one of the first times I posted there someone publicly commented pretty bluntly that I wasn't good enough to upload pictures there and to go elsewhere. I thought wow, that takes nerve! Some other folks did offer constructive advice following his comment.
  3. Hi all, after much lurking I've decided to post some of my minis I technically posted once before but I just realized looking at the old post that it was over a year ago! I'm really going to have to pick up my painting rate given that another bones pledge is about to be delivered! So I can definitely tell I like painting the bad guys better than the PC characters, probably due to spending too much time DMing. Anyway, here's some recent ones I painted. As always feedback is appreciated! First a couple beastmen from the Warlord line: How about a golem an
  4. Hi all, first Show-Off post here! Been painting since the first Bones Kickstarter but wasn't satisfied with the results enough for sharing until recently but now I'm diving in. I had a lot of fun painting all the Bones golems together/in succession. It really gave me a chance to differentiate the appearances I wanted as they developed. I gave myself the liberty to experiment a bit and created more than one version of some. For the ice golem I wanted to preserve as much of the translucency as possible as he's already a nice glacial blue, so I kinda went to town on the basing inste
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