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  1. Thank you all for the help. Great ideas all around.
  2. Does anyone know if the two victim sculpts in the tree of despair set will (or are) ever going to be available separate from the set? I need a couple dozen. Thought about creating my own but id rather spend my money here first if possible. Alternatively is anyone aware of a reaper figure i could use as a substitute? Thank you all for any help.
  3. To the multiple people asking about reaper bones minis bending due to 2 points of contact and heavy upper weight combining with gravity for sad sagginess. my solution: i attatch a small magnet to the middle underside of all of my bases. at least on the problem pieces. i have a magnet strip upside down on my mini shelves. i attatch the problem pcs upside down when im storing them. no more problems. hope this helps some people
  4. i understand. My girl is substantially younger than i am. i had to explain to her what a Betamax was the other day. i started the explination by saying its like a VHS tape. her response was ive seen those i think, they go in a VCR right? <sigh> Also a couple weeks ago we were walking through a flea market and she asked "hey what are those?" pointing to a stack of 8 tracks. grumble.
  5. a day and a half to go. this is worse than christmas.
  6. Hope this hasnt been covered already. Will there be a bones III? and if answer is yes (please let the answer be yes) any idea as to when?
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