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  1. I noticed that CAV has two different scales. Which one is the current scale? The site says it is N-scale(1/148-1/160). Heavy Gear is 1/144, but I've also noticed not all games keep to the scale they say or even keep a uniform scale. Is that the same with CAV(/Heavy Gear)? The only Heavy Gear Infantry I have are the lizard riders, so it's kind of hard to tell for sure.
  2. I am looking for a small scale mech game to get into. Nobody plays such a game around me, so I'd just be building models until I can find someone to play with. I really just want to convert an army that matches my aesthetics. As far as mechs go, I like Heavy Gear's small spec op style mechs, just not a fan of the actual models. And I like hover tanks. The scale seems to be similar enough, right? I am planning on mixing and matching the vehicles from both sets and scratch building some mechs. Is there unit customization in CAV? Are there mechs of that scale already in the game? Also, what are the hull lengths on the banshee hover tank and both scales of chieftain hover tanks? An M1 Abrams is 50 - 55mm in 1/144 - 1/160 scale and I am looking for something of similar size.
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